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Daenerys Targaryen the mother of dragons snuck into the castle of The Lannisters to beat them once and for all. She wore a blue silk dress as she hid from guards and maids. She approached a door, her white hair in her face as she heard slapping noises. Daenerys peaked through the door hole to see what was happening. Jamie and Cersei Lannister were having some hardcore sex. Daenerys was a little disgusted at first but she started to horny as she watched more. Cersei moaned as Jamie cummed inside her.
 "That felt good" said Jamie
 He took his dick out and cum fell from her pussy
 "Oh Jamie are children will be perfect" said Cersei
 Jamie took his cock out and walked to the bathroom. Cersei laid on her breasts rubbing her stomach. Daenerys looked through just stunned and horny. Daenery's belly grumbled, finally she was hungry enough. Cersei continued to rub her stomach eyes closed as Daenerys crawled in to the room staying out of sight from Cersei. Daenerys had to deal with Jamie first so she crawled passed Ceresi into the bathroom. Jamie was very tall with blonde hair, he had his back turned Daenery's. When she was 100% out of sight of Cersei she stood up and crept behind Jamie. He was shaking his dick after a piss and he didn't suspect a thing. He felt cold hands on his shoulder and was about to speak before Daenerys shut him up with her mouth. She engulfed his head and wanted to taste him. He yelled for Cersei but she was in her fantasy land of perfect children. Daenerys tasted all she wanted and swallowed his head. She turned him around so it was easier to bend him to her will. His screaming face imprinted in her throat and then went behind her breasts as she got his broad shoulders in her mouth. Daenerys flinched at the taste as it really wasn't that good, so much sweat. She carried on though gulping his shoulders down and to his hard nipples. The taste got worse the more she ate him but she had a mission. Jamie was swinging his arms and legs trying to injure the assailant. Daenerys put a stop to that by grabbing his arms and pinning them to his size. Loud gulps almost alerted Cersei but she just assumed he was thirsty. Daenerys got to his abs and finally the lingering taste of sweat wasn't present. Daenerys enjoyed the feeling of Jamie going down her gullet and to Jamie he was packed like a sardine in the tight tube. His head entered Daenerys stomach, he looked around and saw a green pool at the bottom. His head had more room but the stomach still grew out to fit him. Daenerys tilted her head back and swallowed his dick down. Jamie was more and more crammed in the mother of dragons belly. He slowly balled up and felt less and less air touch his legs. Soon only the thing he felt was wet and squishy. Daenerys felt him slide into her stomach, it grew in her hands. The vague shape of him shifted and moved. A belch was coming up her throat and Daenerys tried to hold it back but couldn't.
Daenerys put a hand to her mouth in shock of how loud it was. Cersei finally noticed something was wrong
 "Jamie are you alright" said Cersei
 Nothing came from the bathroom and Daenerys stood as still as possible. Cersei worried got up and went to the bathroom. Her eyes widened when she saw the giant gut Daenerys had
 "What the fuck, is that Jamie" said Cersei
 Cersei was pointing at the face imprint of the stomach.
 "Yes Cersei and I'm guessing you can guess who's next" said Daenerys
 Cersei figured it out pretty fast and turned around to run. Daenerys waddled over to Cersei catching up quickly. Daenerys grabbed Cersei by her shoulders and pulled Cersei toward her gaping maw. Cersei screamed and was then silent as Daenerys swallowed her head down. Cersei was a lot slimmer then Jamie so getting her shoulder in was easy. Cersei's small breasts slipped into her mouth and was swallowed easily. Cersei screamed as she slid down the wet tube. Daenerys liked her taste a lot more then Jamie's. Jamie was pushing against the walls of Daenerys stomach unknown to him acid was coating his body faster eating away at him. Daenerys was half way done with Cersei now, her booty shaking as her legs moved around. Daenerys grabbed them and straightened them out so they were easy to eat. The legs practically swallowed them selves they went down do fast. Jamie was pleasantly greeted with Cersei balling up next to him screaming as well.
A loud belch rung her ears but finally Daenerys had the twins in her stomach. The 2 decided to push and kick the walls aiding digestion along faster. The acid kept pooling up more and more as they smacked the walls.
*glorp churn gurgle*
Her belly was noisy and heavy so Daenerys laid on the bed. She rubbed it feeling her meals faces and hands bulge. A slight squish here and there to check their progress as food. Jamie gave up and was horny again. He slipped his dick in Cersi's ass and pounded it making acid fly every where. Cersi decided it was fine and the 2 fucked as the the belly acid pooled up more. Daenerys lifted her blue dress and used the closet thing to a dildo to pleasure herself. The hilt of sword without the blade worked fine. Daenerys shoved it up her pussy numerous times as the 2 in her belly fucked. Cersi's tits bounced and she moaned to the massive cock in her ass.
 "Oh digest already" said Daenerys
 Her calling was answered. The acid tired the two very burned individuals down and they passed out. The acid took a hold of them and the skin peeled like carrots. Their bones snapped killing them and their limbs floated off. They were melted to inrecgonizable slush sloshing around. The great Lannisters were nothing more then mere food for a Targaryen. The remains of the 2 entered her intestines where they were converted to nutrients, fat on Daenerys tits and soon to be shit. Her belly now soft and small Daenerys stood up and went to the bathroom. A royal toilet stood there waiting. A gassy fart made her smile and sit. Another loud fart sounded as the first log came out. Her asshole making a sexy noise as it opened to shit the 2 out making her horny. The smooth shit was warm and steamy. It smelt great and horrible all at the same time. 2 skulls mixed in with her shit but her asshole opened and a 3 foot log covered the 2 skulls forever. Daenerys wiped up and left the feces for someone else to find
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Posted by xvx17 10 days ago Report

your stories are very good, you have considered leaving the font of the miniature


Posted by Coolwoman 10 days ago Report

Whats the miniature font


Posted by xvx17 9 days ago Report

I mean the image on the cover (leave the link)


Posted by Coolwoman 8 days ago Report

Yeah I have but it makes people click and its easier for me to know the character for later times


Posted by Civilbarbarian 7 days ago Report

I think they're asking to leave a link of the image so we can get a full size of it.