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Divine Intervention By pzu -- Report

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Someday I'll write a story that doesn't end with disposal.
Here's some OC's that I have been thinking up. I love ancient Egyptian themes.
Hopefully I didn't miss any typos this time.
I also drew a few pictures for this story, but don't feel like adding them here. Add me on Discord if you want 'em:
wo (pzu)#9192
Finished April 15 2019

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Posted by techtician 3 months ago Report

Nah disposal is good


Posted by pzu 3 months ago Report

I would like to round out my writing style a bit, though :p


Posted by techtician 3 months ago Report

Ok you do you i just like the disposal stuff


Posted by pzu 3 months ago Report

Yeah, disposal ia good. Been meaning to try weight gain and the like lately, to be honest.


Posted by Dragónmacro 3 months ago Report

Part 2?
Yes, please


Posted by pzu 3 months ago Report

Not currently planned, but maybe


Posted by Philosoraptor 3 months ago Report

Well written story all around. Great writing with plenty of description and the vore aspects better than average. The shrinking made it possible for a feline to realistically swallow the human whole and alive, unlike the absurdity of same size vore we see in so many stories. The digestion was well done and many mammalian carnivores can dissolve the bones of small prey, though clothing, jewelry , etc would pass through the body intact. More description could have mentioned the human's hair, nails and teeth that would not have dissolved either, and if the rest of the dump were other humans, if their souls were aware of their fate as well. No mammal can digest their prey in an hour, an 'overnight stay' would have been more convincing especially given that it takes time for bones to dissolve even if they were small. It was nice not having to read of her defecating an intact, thin, fragile human skull with the rest of the much thicker bones dissolving like we see so often in vore stories. There is certainly no need to apologize for the scat ending, that is really the only plausible ending for a realistic story, because that's just the way digestive systems work. I doubt I would have even read it if there was no disposal tag, or if it was about humans swallowing other humans which is the worst. The ancient Egyptian setting was a nice addition and a lot of potential with that. Think abut one with Ammut the Devourer, that would be a great character for a good vore story. Thanks for sharing!


Posted by pzu 3 months ago Report

No problem! I appreciate the criticisms and complements alike.
Unfortunately, I think you'd find many of my stories not to suit your taste if you don't like human and human lol
Also I will look up Ammut, now you've got me curious


Posted by Cobbly 3 months ago Report

What about cock vore or smtn?


Posted by pzu 3 months ago Report

I've been warming up to it lately, but not yet. Maybe soon.