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A Kiss On Your Neck By Scaylid00d -- Report

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Some girls fantasize about falling prey to a handsome vampire, and imagine being erotically seduced, dominated, lulled into surrender, before finally being granted that delicate bite to the neck. This seals their fate once and for all, relinquishing their body to the whims of their new Owner. Their own will and wants no longer a factor.

This girl had the same fantasy, it's just that she fell prey to a different sort of predator~ ❤

Lucky for her, she gets to enjoy a similar fate as to what she would have endured at the hands of her ideal captor. Like a vampire, the spider has bent her to its will, except in this case, both physically and in spirit. Its webbing wraps up more and more of her body, ever tighter with every wriggle, beckoning her to give in to its strength. No matter how much she protests, no amount of writhing, struggling or slurry of muffled yelps and screams will free her from these bonds. She has been inescapably placed under the spider's spell.

Pictured here, she has already exhausted herself, and offers no resistance to the spider's advances. It pushes her head aside, exposing her soft, sensitive neck. She knew what was coming in that moment. The skin from under her ear, all the way to her shoulder began to tingle and heat up ever so slightly, anticipating the inevitable bite. A sudden sting, followed by a sharp, maintained pain. A mild relief soon followed, as in this very moment, she can now feel the warm venom soak through her veins. Ever so slowly, this warm, deceptively soothing sensation permeates more and more of her body's flesh.

She knows what this is going to do to her eventually. Right now, she has chosen to make the most of her dire situation. The girl's instinct for self-preservation has been overcome, exhausted from her frantic writhing and pleading up to this moment. All she can do is relax herself, allow her body to go limp, and allow herself to react to every sensation that grants even the tiniest hint of pleasure.

... A wise move on her part. It's not often you get to be eaten by a spider, might as well savour the experience~ ... ❤

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Posted by SydneySchoop 1 year ago Report

Wow. Great story and art! also, great to see you posting again.


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago Report

Very nice. :D


Posted by Cookingart 1 year ago Report

I hope you make more, it's super nice!


Posted by xxxlover 1 year ago Report

I really love this one, besides vore I really do love this kind of mummification/spider webbing/ cocooning. It's kinda hard to find this kind of things. You should've making this really often, since you're really good at it but you do you.


Posted by Scaylid00d 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the kind compliment ^ u ^ There's so much vore that I like, it's tough to draw it all as regularly as I'd want. I like spidervore way too much to not draw again though ;)


Posted by driverarchitect 1 year ago Report

YES! Fantastic! You GET it. You're one of the precious few that do.

So many people who draw spider vore will draw flimsy little webs and almost never draw the eating. Or when they do, it's often stupid, with the spider distending their abdomen and swallowing prey whole.

But spiders WRAP their prey, to the point of complete helplessness. And then crucially, liquefy and drink them. That's the whole attraction. The prey trapped and not being able to do anything whilst the spider makes a meal out of them.

Absolutely make more! You're one of the few that understand why it works.


Posted by Scaylid00d 1 year ago Report

Thank you, glad you like this interpretation so much \:D/

Personally I've enjoyed spiders eating their cocooned prey whole too, though I agree that the aspect of helplessness should be clear. When the webs don't feel strong enough, just like in BDSM when the restraints look too easy to slip out of, it breaks that immersion to the prey's peril ❤


Posted by nomnomvore 1 year ago Report

I love spider vore, thanks! Very nice!


Posted by KuroWazaRMX 1 year ago Report

*reads description*
. . . . hoo boy. . .getting a little cramped in me shorts there. . .


Posted by Scaylid00d 1 year ago Report

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Posted by Griffon29 1 year ago Report

I love how she's soaking wet, all turned on by being bound and helpless.


Posted by Scaylid00d 1 year ago Report

Exactly, glad you also appreciate that she's enjoying herself~ (`▽´)