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Draco's Mermaid Snack By SmaxTheDestroyer -- Report

Hey All! I need to stop Using Puyo-Puyo vids as background noise when I write. This is just a quickie idea that just came to me when I saw Draco wearing a Bikini in Puyo Puyo Sun. Hope you all enjoy!
Puyo-Puyo and all characters therein are (C) Sega I think

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Posted by xvx17 1 year ago Report

good story, I liked that a dragon girl ate a mermaid, but I waited ercuta and more begging by the mermaid. something like: draco lifted the mermaid over his mouth.
"Please do not eat me" said the mermaid with tears in her eyes. Something like that


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 1 year ago Report

There might have been more begging but I wrote the dialogue between them based mostly on the mermaids character in the games, and her character is forever afraid of being eaten since mermaid flesh is supposed to bestow eternal life.
What’s more I started off by writing the first paragraph, then I wrote the disposal to the end. The rest of it was me filling in the gap is between the start and the finish. So writing more pleasing didn’t occur to me.

Thanks for the comment though, I’ll keep in mind more teasing/pleading in the future.