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"Sarah & Danica" Pg. 28 By Starcrossing -- Report

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The story of Sarah & Danica's early days, and the exploration of Sarah's vore abilities.

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Posted by extreme0089 1 year ago Report

*Slip* oh crap xD


Posted by Xaxtern 1 year ago Report

If she was worried about pushing a zucchini out... I can't imagine how she'll feel in the next few pages.


Posted by Starcrossing 1 year ago Report

She's got the hair clip on, I think she'll be okay. :)


Posted by LS95 1 year ago Report

Oh god, I hope she doesn't fling the clip off this time. D:


Posted by maxpayne98 1 year ago Report

*loses clip after Dani is completely engulfed * cx


Posted by perra95 1 year ago Report

Oh, yes finally. Been looking forward to this. I hope Dani enjoys this as much as she does later


Posted by Starcrossing 1 year ago Report

Dani was happy to play along up to this point, I guess we'll see how things go from here!


Posted by perra95 1 year ago Report

Will be looking forward to see the next pages in this


Posted by Bellyl0ver 1 year ago Report

Here we go.


Posted by Novaprime 1 year ago Report

And then she digested her new girlfriend, the end!


Posted by Kaboomer 1 year ago Report

with her hair clip on
she cab manage who to digest


Posted by walkingbyself 1 year ago Report

Well if the giant veggie and dildo didn't do it for hitting that spot. Hopefully Danica does. XD

Also damn, that's one way to find out you can take your friend into your ass! I hope they both come out alright from this little incident.


Posted by Starcrossing 1 year ago Report

Dani is definitely a bit bigger than a zucchini. Hopefully that's enough to satisfy Sarah. :)


Posted by Hijii 1 year ago Report

I absolutely love that finally tag. Well deserved, too. I'm always really excited to read more.


Posted by OhSevenTen 1 year ago Report

It's happening!!


Posted by JMSMP17 1 year ago Report

Woops it slipped


Posted by dragonboomer 1 year ago Report

I hope Dani doesn't get digested. Hoping that she gets into being in Sarah's stomach. Other than that, nice!


Posted by Lucccamon 1 year ago Report

I love you and everything about your work, thank god you exist... FINALLY!!!


Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Ooh, she's deep in there! 0w0


Posted by mirrormind101 1 year ago Report

Gwagh!.....I mean (Ehem) good...good comic page.


Posted by RandomSpectator 1 year ago Report

Tour of Sarah’s large intestines in 3... 2... 1... and the tour of Sarah's large intestines has begun at last!


Posted by Hereforvore 1 year ago Report



Posted by nnn4463 1 year ago Report

The moment you've all been waiting for


Posted by Afunlittlegetaway 1 year ago Report

How much time do you spend on facial characteristics? All of your characters faces say a million words!


Posted by kkrazdwinz 1 year ago Report

that "FINALLY!" tag lmao


Posted by RiderKick78 1 year ago Report

Now her head is so far up that as she's fishing for chocolate bars.


Posted by M1A1prro 1 year ago Report



Posted by Nemyon 1 year ago Report

Ooouhhh Yeeeeaaa, i waited for so long for it to happen *watch whole scene*


Posted by threk 1 year ago Report

She's more than happy to indulge Star with this after getting used to it, but I can't imagine that Dani would be all too calm or pleased with being bodily shoved up someone's ass with no warning when she didn't previously even know it was even possible, or what Star may have planned for her...


Posted by SydneySchoop 1 year ago Report

I fell bad for you both, you idn't know what was going on!


Posted by Morphy 1 year ago Report

So that's where I lost my keys! *rimshot*

For all those worrying about it; I seriously doubt anyone's gonna get digested in the shower. This is supposed to be the "early days" with both of them in the title. It would be really awkward to lose Danica right off the bat.

More likely Danica's going to be doing the slip & slide in Sarah's belly as she goes intestinal spelunking (whether she wants to or not!). Meanwhile, Sarah will get in lots of Kegel exercising as she squishes her girlfriend back and forth. Luckily they're in the shower so they can clean up later... assuming Sarah lets her girlfriend out before all the hot water is used up. Hah!


Posted by deleted034nsf8 1 year ago Report

Sarah: Well I'm gonna readjust myself in the wet slippery shower and hopefully not slip. *slip* Whoopsie Daisies!~~~

(Nice work, Star)


Posted by maxpayne98 1 year ago Report

Soups happy to see this day :)


Posted by AGuyWithBigHair 1 year ago Report

Can't wait to see how this first vore experience plays out


Posted by Ezio45 1 year ago Report

bring to life character is so fukin awsome


Posted by ChickenNugget 1 year ago Report

i really wanna see the next page. love it so far


Posted by ChickenNugget 1 year ago Report

this is like the 6th time ive checked for page 29