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Fun and games with a full stomach By BunnyWrites -- Report

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With her 6" tall roommate Amy safely settled in her stomach, Elly takes the 4 college guys back to her bedroom to enjoy her complete dominance over her food and add to Amy's cum-bath.

This is a sequel to my last story (, although it isn't necessary to read it first. TLDR: Elly tricked her tiny friend Amy into being eaten, and performed a blowjob on Julian (Amy's crush) to push Amy deeper into her throat and finally swallow her. This story was inspired by a really wonderful PM suggestion from  Tyslan03. If you like my story, I'd highly recommend checking out his Two Fairies story for some similar content (

There's another part to this story coming in a few days: Lucas (another tiny) is offered the chance to contribute to Amy's cum-bath, but Elly has plans for another "accident" so he can meet Amy in person, and perhaps have some fun with her~

Any feedback or suggestions on where the story might lead next or other scenarios are welcome <3

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Posted by Jakar 1 year ago Report

I feel like what's missing is the prey's reaction to the vore and the humiliation of the cum-bath. First part didn't give Amy much chance to react as it was an 'accident' and this one focused on Ellie. A cycle of the predator teasing her prey about what's happening, hearing her prey's begging and dismay of the situation...which only leads to further teasing could really hammer home the humiliation aspect that I'm already loving in this story.

As for suggestions, I'd hope that Lucas could serve as contrast to Amy in regard to the cum-play. Whilst both wouldn't want to be eaten, Amy could start to enjoy that part of it at least whereas Lucas is adamantly opposed to the idea of sharing his last moments surrounded by and repeatedly drenched in semen from above. Ellie could tease him about it and Amy could try and comfort him.

Keep up the good work and I hope after this story, this theme makes a reappearance in your work. I started liking this facet of vore, like two months ago or something and was disappointed to find there really wasn't much of it...and cock-vore takes it in the wrong direction for me...literally. :P


Posted by BunnyWrites 1 year ago Report

Yeah in hindsight I'd have loved a few more paragraphs last story covering Amy's reaction to being swallowed and later covered in cum. There is more of her POV coming in the next part, I wanted this segment to mostly focus on just Elly to make it flow a little better.

Also yes, I planned for Lucas to not too happy about this situation and take it out a little on Amy. Dunking her head in the pooled cum while having his way with her. Amy's going to learn that there are tiers of dominance even within her new prey rank.

Haha yeah I know what you mean with cock vore, I've never quite managed to get into it.


Posted by French_snack 1 year ago Report

Not quite so much my thing, with some of the explicit sexual elements and... humiliation via bodily functions, but Elly's domineering pleasure is nicely written!


Posted by BunnyWrites 1 year ago Report

Ah yeah sorry, I should have known that it wouldn't be quite to your tastes from the general light level of sexual content in your stories. Thanks for the feedback though!


Posted by TheMouthsOfBabes 1 year ago Report

Absolutely LOVE this story. Love the idea of a pred having sex with someone while the prey sits in their stomach. It's simply not done enough, I think, so seeing it here, and seeing it done well, is awesome!


Posted by BunnyWrites 1 year ago Report

Thanks, glad you like it <3

And yeah pred sex needs to be a thing more often. I find it difficult to fit into a single story as the vore itself takes up a substantial portion of the story and then I don't feel like building up a second arc with the post-vore sex, but it works well with an immediate sequel. I might do that more often with other stories~