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Elvish Snack (Vore Comm) By Okioppai -- Report

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Basic colour commission for @Franckthehuman

Full res pics available on patreon at the end of each month :


Its about vore patreons and comic patreon accounts.

Ill be very honest, im not a fan of making comics as commissions outside of close friends, but i keep being asked about the "Ahris hungry adventure" comic, over and over and ill be frank...its damn annoying now.

Its a commissioner funded project and i dont really plan on pushing more of it out myself as im not super into it at this point. It was fun when i did it but so much time has passed id rather make a new one completely. One could say it kick started the old popularity of this account.

Ive seen a bunch of vore artists do patreon for comics, do you think it would be worth me doing it and using is as a base for vore comics, Ive seen some of those accounts with like $5000+ a month, its damn insane...

It would mean i have financial motivation to draw them as well as it means i can do supporter voted comics and rely on patreons to guide the stories and what characters are in which comic. Not only this but it would mean i could also upload more vore work here again, though some would be previews i would also do singular vore pinups voted by patreons probably, as more patreons come in i would draw more and more.

What do you guys think? Any advice on this matter is appreciated.

Kind regards.

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Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 1 year ago Report

Looks good personally i dont like bulges but others do


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Quite a big snack


Posted by Rorschach93 1 year ago Report

I think if you genuinely enjoy/stand doing the vore comics then doing a vore patreon might be a great idea.

I've noticed that with these successful patreon accounts volume means a lot to people. Getting a good number of comics, pictures, etc out to people per month will definitely keep them coming. And often it isn't even fan driven content, sometimes it's just ideas you yourself think of and create.

I've seen some accounts where they do a lot of single pictures, bigbig, or they'll do 6-9 comic pages a month, Natsumemetalsonic. So either works.

I support Natsumemetalsonic on patreon and the one thing that keeps me there is the fact I get a sketch of 2 characters every month (they're all over my account lol). So incentive like that can help, I've noticed with your patreon you give a 1 character reward which is great but I'd love 2+ characters even if that meant they were only sketches.

Just my 2 cents, I think your work is fantastic and will succeed wherever.


Posted by Yidra 1 year ago Report


About the patreon, I'm not sure myself, I guess, you should make it if you manage to get money from it, but specially if that motivates you. Don't make it if later you will feel pressure to do things you don't want to.
The only thing I would ask, if it's not a bother and only if it is possible, is that you don't put all of your art behind patreon "paywall"
Not that you should make everything public or anything. I just think that there is some artists that only publish a small preview, or in case of comics just the cover and nothing more. I guess I feel like they are blueballing people in order to get money. Wich is not a bad thing by itself.
At least that's what I would do if I had a patreon. Somethings private for patreons, others exclusive like for a month for patrons and somethings public.
But that's just my opinion, obviously you can think otherwise. At the end you should do whatever makes you happy.