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Haruto closed the door to his house behind him, shoving his house keys in his pocket. He and his girlfriend Hisone had been granted a weeklong leave, which was just as well because Haruto was absolutely exhausted from fixing an issue with one of Masotan's engine exhaust nozzles that kept burning the poor dragon's feet, on his birthday, no less. "Hisone? I'm home! Hisone?" Haruto called out for his girlfriend, but received no answer. As he walked further into his living room, he noticed something: a large white box in the middle of the floor, big enough to fit one or two people. He approached the box, then squatted down to get a better look at the tag attached to it; "To: The Birthday Boy! From: Yours truly!" was what the tag read. Suddenly, the top of the box burst wide open, showering the room in a flurry of packing peanuts and confetti, and when the dust settled, there was Hisone, sitting in the box, clad in her skin-tight flightsuit and blowing a party horn. "Happy birthday, babe!" she exclaimed to her boyfriend.
 Haruto looked at his lover and smiled. "Look at you, making a mess for me to clean up, on my special day." Hisone giggled a little at her boyfriend's sarcastic response, then replied with "And we're gonna make an even bigger mess!" before tugging on his shirt, causing him to fall into the box on top of her. Embracing each other tightly, they began to kiss passionately. About a minute into their session of love, Haruto started caressing and squeezing Hisone's breasts, much to her delight. "A little too early for that, don't you think?" she teasingly asked him. "It's my special day, remember?" he smugly replied. "We haven't even gotten to the cake yet, silly!" she told him, as she sat up, rummaged through the pile of packing peanuts, and pulled out a container with a single slice of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. "I made sure to get your favorite" she said, before handing him a plastic fork. "Well gee, thank you", Haruto said before kissing her on the cheek, then began to drive his fork into the cake before Hisone said "Hey, can I ask you a favor?" "Anything, babe." "Can you...let me feel your neck when you swallow?" Haruto became confused by his girlfriend's odd request, but said "Sure, babe." Hisone then put her hand on Haruto's neck, being able to feel the cake traveling down to his stomach whenever he took a bite, blushing madly from pleasure in the process. When he was finished, Haruto gestured for Hisone to step back as he let out an abnormally loud belch, which made her a little horny.
 "What's that look for?" Haruto inquired, seeing that Hisone was quite obviously turned on by his burp. "Well..." she started, "ever since we've started dating, I've always wanted to ask you something. Can me?" she asked, her face bright red from embarrassment. Haruto was confused. "You mean you out?" Hisone shoved her boyfriend's chest for having such a dirty mind. "No, me. Swallow me whole, and then I'd relax in your stomach. Would you do that for me?" Haruto blushed at another one of Hisone's odd requests, pondering it for several seconds before finally saying "I don't know if it'll even be possible, but I'll try anything for you." "Thanks, Haruto, I love you", Hisone replied, before donning her oxygen helmet. Haruto put both of his hands on her shoulders and asked "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this? I don't want to hurt you." "I'll be fine. This suit will protect me. And you're not gonna be able to change my mind anyways." Haruto nodded slowly, then opened his mouth, starting on Hisone's head. To both of their shock and amazement, Haruto's jaw was able to stretch wide enough to engulf Hisone's entire head. He then took his first, wet gulp, signifying the beginning of Hisone's journey into her boyfriend's stomach. He found this process to be surprisingly easy, getting her entire upper torso into his mouth and then his gullet with thirty seconds, his tongue licking over Hisone's breasts, causing her to moan in pleasure from within. Another gulp and he could feel his girlfriend's head and shoulders entering his stomach, a feeling that was starting to turn him on.
 As more of Hisone continued to enter his waiting belly, he came to her crotch, which he could feel was starting to become moist; he swallowed quickly for both of their sakes (they were both still virgins). After overcoming her thighs and butt, which he took the liberty of massaging, he finally came to her slender legs, which he slurped up like noodles. With a final, huge gulp, he sent them down with the rest of his meal, and burped loudly once all of Hisone was inside his stomach.
 Hisone found herself curled up in her boyfriend's gurgling, sloshing stomach and covered in chewed-up chocolate cake. She was overwhelmed and paralyzed with ecstasy, with Haruto's warm, soft, wet stomach walls kneading and massaging her body from all sides. "How do you like it in there, babe?" Haruto asked her, before letting out a loud belch once again, something that was turning Hisone on even further. Hisone started squirming around in his belly until she found a comfortable position, then she smiled, and replied with "A little cramped, but it's very soft and stretchy in here. You also have a huge appetite for someone so thin", she added. Haruto blushed a little at this last remark. "Th-thank you, Hisone", he said, stuttering from the amount of pleasure he was getting from having her in his stomach. He reached with one hand around his bulging gut, and, feeling her butt, squeezed it, causing Hisone to yelp, as she was not expecting to be groped while inside her boyfriend. "I don't want this day to end, Haruto. Can inside you for a few more days?" Hisone asked, starting to shed tears of joy from being so close to her boyfriend. "Of course. If you really want to, you can stay as long as you want, Hisone", Haruto replied, "but how am I gonna get you out afterwards?" Hisone thought about this, then started giggling. "If all else fails, I can always take the emergency exit", she said. Haruto's face turned bright red from his girlfriend's quip. "Happy birthday, Haruto", she said, then hugged the inside of his stomach. "I love you." Haruto couldn't help but smile at Hisone's birthday gift to him, and started to rub his belly lovingly. "I love you too, Hisone."
 "Are you masturbating in there, babe?" Haruto asked Hisone with a blush and a smirk, feeling a pumping movement within him. "C-c'mon, Haru! I-I'm just g-getting c-c-cum-COMfortaAHHHHH!" Hisone wailed in pleasure, having climaxed from fingering herself, the orgasm leaving her motionless for a few moments.
 Haruto stretched his arms out and laid down on his bed, clad only in underwear. He could tell Hisone was getting sleepy as well. "Go on, rest for me, will ya?" he teasingly asked her. "I can't, Haru. Your stomach is just so awesome." Haruto then drank a glass of warm milk to make him and his girlfriend fall asleep, the warm liquid pouring down Hisone's back when it entered his gut, causing her to coo softly in pleasure. "Tell you what: if you go to sleep now, I'll let you stuff me until my belly becomes a little pudgy whenever I let you out. Does that sound good to you, Hisone?" Hisone let out a huge yawn, then conceded and smiled. "Alright, just for your special day", she said, before lying down in his stomach and falling asleep, with Haruto following suit. 
 Hisone woke up next to Masotan, dazed, finding herself inside Lord Mitatsu once again. Only...something was different. Strewn about her were chunks of metal and lifeless bodies. Facing her was a tall being, clad in dark robes and a mask, the only obvious facial features being the blank, soulless eyes of a demon. Hisone tried to run, but the being had already caught up to her, engulfing her in its own blackness. Haruto woke up from his slumber to find Hisone thrashing around in his gut from a dream. The movements kept building up pressure within him, and there came a point where he could not contain it any longer. "BUUUUUUURRRRAAAP!" Haruto released possibly the largest amount of gas he had ever let out. "You're welcome", he said to Hisone, prodding his belly before falling back asleep. Hisone then awoke from her nightmare, relieved to find that she was still safe inside her boyfriend's gurgling insides.
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Haruto's Wonderful Birthday By tykylo -- Report

This is it. My very first vore fanfic that I wrote back in January. Not my best work, honestly, but I figured I'd post it here, to serve as kind of an origin story I guess lol.

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