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The ISwallowThingsToo livestream By BunnyWrites -- Report

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Chloe begins another livestream with 6" tall Isabel and a fellow tiny friend, they plan to see how much Chloe can "swallow" in her other holes...

This is a follow up to my previous ISwallowThings livestream story where Chloe swallowed Isabel, you can read it here (but it isn't necessary to read it first):

This sequel is based upon a series of fun suggestions by  JustSomePrey.

If you want your username added to the commenters in the text-chat sections, just comment here or PM me with what you'd like your namesake to say (or if you just want to replace an existing comment), and I'll edit it into the story. There are only so many slots available though, so be quick!

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Posted by Whereaminow27 8 days ago Report

This little series is a way lot better since finding out that she isn't evil and Isabel survived.


Posted by BunnyWrites 7 days ago Report

Thanks! Chloe kept Isabel in her stomach a little longer than was strictly necessary, but yeah she made sure to let her out before she was harmed. They're friends after all~


Posted by Chaos 8 days ago Report

I need this to be an ongoing series.

Maybe Chloe invite a whole bunch of six inch girls for her next stream and it becomes a contest to see how many she can swallow and keep in her stomach?


Posted by BunnyWrites 7 days ago Report

Oh I love that idea! I'd read one of PrinnyDood's stories recently with all the women slipping and sliding against each other in a pred's belly and really wanted to write my own version, I just hadn't thought up the right context. I really love this idea of it happening inside Chloe. Although it's a shame with the external perspective that we wouldn't get a perfect recollection of what happened inside, but the endoscope could certainly give a view of the packed interior~


Posted by Whereaminow27 7 days ago Report

Excellent Idea!


Posted by kailan 8 days ago Report

can be a competition in are stomach with the 2 last has to leave wins


Posted by BunnyWrites 7 days ago Report

Oh that could be fun, and it'd fit with vorefan69's username, if he rather likes the idea of the girls 69ing in Chloe's belly~


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 8 days ago Report

Id quite like it if chloe keeps her guests intact, but I didnt throw 5k shekels at her so who knows. either way, sequel was some nice lewds, really liking it


Posted by BunnyWrites 7 days ago Report

Thanks, really glad to hear you're enjoying it <3

I've had a few folk mention about enjoying the non-fatal element to this series, so I don't think the girls will be permanently digested, although perhaps left inside a little longer that is strictly necessary~


Posted by Groblek 7 days ago Report

Ooh, fun! I like this sequel, and Isabel’s return intact.

I’d enjoy seeing the private show - personally, I’d be inclined to think that kind of money would involve more than just a swallowing scene. (Or digestion, but personally, I like the idea of these two becoming recurring guest stars.)

Maybe start with what you outlined, but with the added condition that she has to keep Isabel and Sophia inside her until they make each other cum on camera. Then have them brought up and slid into Chloe’s pussy together. Maybe end with an extra donation for Chloe to trap them in there with a pair of panties and go out in public - with some sort of bonus for every picture she posts that shows her in a different public setting with the girls visibly trying to get out.


Posted by BunnyWrites 7 days ago Report

Oh damn, I'm not going to manage to get much work done today after hearing about that scenario. I so love the idea of Chloe going about campus with them inside her, with a livestream recording her interactions with others.

I think I might combine this with Chaos' idea, where we see Chloe going around campus, whispering to tinies, and if they nod, putting them into her purse. We don't know where it's going until Chloe returns to her bedroom, and proceeds to see how many of those (willing) tinies can squeeze into her stomach.


Posted by Groblek 7 days ago Report

Ooh, that does sound like a fun combination of ideas. I look forward to seeing whatever story comes out of it. :)


Posted by Eclipseneko51 6 days ago Report

I've really enjoyed this series so far, I like how Chloe will do almost anything the chat pays her to do, like in the first one where she had no interest in swallowing mr whiskers and isabell but then someone asked her to and paided her to do it and then she went through with it and I like how Chloe brought isabell and Sophia into it as a part of the stream and how it was isabell's idea.

Great work

(again excuse my lack of grammar)


Posted by BunnyWrites 6 days ago Report

Thank you for the kind feedback! And yeah it's been fun to have a more relaxed pred with Chloe, who is chill with anything but doesn't have the sadistic side that Elly does. But it makes you wonder just how far Chloe would go if offered enough~