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Hotel Vivian By Karbo -- Report

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Well it looks like you room in Hotel Vivian is ready for you ! It's comfy, just a little damp but very warm ! And the hostess never got a complaint X3

It's funny but all those years and I realized I hardly ever drawn Vivian's insides o.o ( beside her mouth of course ), or any painted inside view for that matter so here goes ! Also don't mind the unrealistic lighting... as always in inside views you have to cheat otherwise you would pretty much end up with a completely black screen XD

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Posted by Rat566 12 days ago Report

nice place


Posted by Altimos 12 days ago Report

I can see myself staying there for a few days... How long is a typical stay in Hotel Vivian :3


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 12 days ago Report

Nice place nibba.


Posted by BlackAion2 12 days ago Report

"It's funny but all those years and I realized I hardly ever drawn Vivian's insides o.o ( beside her mouth of course )"

A good portion of your gallery is open mouths to be honest. No offense.


Posted by medar84th 12 days ago Report

I take it I won't have to book for much longer than a day? Amazing work.


Posted by GuysSeriouslyImFine 12 days ago Report

you're a vore legend


Posted by Birichino 12 days ago Report

I just noticed there aren't too many stomach colours in Felarya. But they all certainly look nice, even if they aren't canonically lit from within like that.
What's that she's already eaten? Some kind of seed?


Posted by CrystalKiller88 12 days ago Report

I could probably stay a few nights. Or weeks. I dunno, how long does it take to be digested into lamia hip fat?


Posted by FinniganFairyPants 12 days ago Report

Love the detail


Posted by hunter2045 12 days ago Report

Nice work.


Posted by hunter2045 12 days ago Report

Nice work.


Posted by viviansmeal 11 days ago Report

there have a "horn" inside, what's that?(๑ʘ∆ʘ๑)


Posted by Kasra 11 days ago Report

It's an absolutely gorgeous shot.

Insert Hotel California joke here.


Posted by Realmwars 11 days ago Report

I give this hotel 6 stars. Love to book another visit.


Posted by DMDracoMoondragon 11 days ago Report

I've always wanted to go inside her and see if she is just as beautiful as she is outside. Glad to see that is the case. Only makes me want to take that trip even more! ^^


Posted by linthia 11 days ago Report

Awesoooome <3 Though what is the horn shaped thing ? '^'


Posted by Cobbly 11 days ago Report

Great! So uh... how do we leave?


Posted by Zapor 11 days ago Report

It is a Felarya. Only from backdoor


Posted by Zapor 11 days ago Report

Painting insides? Pretty new (finally) stuff from uou.before you painted only maws and outdides. Looking good, but... Always been interested just see a insides in this way.

Look, actually, not bad, but so similar as your non-painted stomaches! Maybe should add more subsurface scattering? Or more hard and pointy speculares? Because anatomically a stomach walls a lot more slimy, and slimy speculars a more white and bright

Pretty good asids. Really make sense and need "yuck!" feelings. No, really i love a asid/saliva strings, and you drawed ut in right way.

But,i strongly recommend you a look on real endoscopy videos. Your style a legendary, but your knowledge a insides a pretty lame (i still remember how you missed a epiglottis and trachea all this ages, before cow comic (and some another trying, which still drawed a complete wrong). Stomach right there look good, but... Still need work under SSS, speculares and some forms. Real endoscopy vids must help

(And no, usually i hardly try avoid you and your existense, but right now i try .. changes.... Maybe)


Posted by pbazfull 11 days ago Report

Just curiosity: what did her eat before you? That piece of food over there doesn't look like human at all. Or was that supposed to be my room's blanket?


Posted by Philosoraptor 11 days ago Report

Very nice interior view of a stomach, without being overdone with a huge, unrealistic pool of acid as so many people falsely imagine. It looks like there is a large tooth or claw lying in the left front part of the stomach, which is a realistic touch, as many predators can dissolve complete skeletons but none can really dissolve keratin claws or tooth enamel, so items like these can remain in a stomach a long time if the pyloric sphincter leading to the small intestines is too narrow to allow objects this large to pass through which is also realistic. If that object really is a tooth or claw, it looks like it would have belonged to a dangerous creature so hope "Vivian" is an even more formidable creature capable of consuming that one. Thanks for sharing!


Posted by saitofang 11 days ago Report

now this seems like a nice vacation spot.


Posted by ryoukura 10 days ago Report

"You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave"