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Another Adventure... Again. By Heimko -- Report

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This is a story featuring my OC Sariel Isda, as well as Twitchysticth's OCs; Odina and Lilisheb. This was originally a birthday gift for Twitchysticth, but i got a bit away from it for a long time, but here it is finally. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it. Also the art in the thumbnail was drawn by Twitchystitch, the character on the left being from a commission i made.

*EDIT*: Finally i got the thumbnail to work! The thumbnail is made by Twitchystitch btw.

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Posted by Base54 1 year ago Report

You mass published the same story over and over again. Not sure if this was a mistake or what.


Posted by Heimko 1 year ago Report

That was a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. Man that was a bit awkward.
Btw, there keeps coming an error whenever i try to put in a thumbnail, do you know what might be causing this?


Posted by Base54 1 year ago Report

No I don't, I've never used thumbnails because I can't draw for the life of me and I don't want to ask to use somebody else's work because it feels a bit disingenuous to me, especially if it wasn't something I payed for.


Posted by Heimko 1 year ago Report

Ah okay. Thanks anyway.


Posted by Base54 1 year ago Report

You're welcome.


Posted by twitchystitch 1 year ago Report

Heckuva good write, and it was well worth the time you needed to do it!

You pretty much got Odina DEAD ON, as well as my other OCs; I like the relationship you did with her and Sariel, too! Some details, like her absorbing someone after getting gulped, is a cute idea I think should be canon for her.

The big epic fights throughout, especially the finale, is EXACTLY the kind of tone and awesome adventure I always want to strike in my stories! It is particularly the precise tone, and focus, that I want in my AUs.

Interesting origin for Ranamon, here!

If i was to integrate this, as a whole, into my official canon for my AUs, the big change I would think would be needed would be to make the Minecraft game a regular world or perhaps demi-plane, inhabited by beings of immense strength akin to what people figure out Minecraftians would be like, with Null and company as digital entities. Specifically, some kind of avatar of nothingness that is in some way linked to the catacylsm of ancient days, and great powers of nothingness/oblivian (perhaps inspired by the Excrucians of Nobilis?) Otherwise, all of this is totally in line with my stories!

I'm honestly curious how the heck Herobrine knows about the Task Force, given that it is so secretive and layered in mystery that NO ONE knows about it unless they're members! There's some interesting story material there, if you want to explore that sometime.


Posted by Heimko 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the comment. Though there was a detail i'm surprised you didn't point out with Null. Can you guess what that is?