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One Big Clustergut (+Story) By Zagine -- Report

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The last commission I was able to get from SolitaryScribbles before they closed up shop for good. So needless to say, I needed to add something special with it. So please enjoy this dumb short story:

The sound of panted breath fills the microphone, nothing more can be heard, except that of someone clearly running. There is a moment of silence, and then a voice is heard.

“Log Date: 9-73-1...This is Peridot facet-2f5l cut-5xg. This log was originally going to be about Lapis and I finally harvesting those ‘tomatoes’ we planted, but something has come up. Not long ago, Steven came to us and warned us about the Crystal Gem Amethyst. He told us that she has apparently given in to her more gluttonous tendencies...this was no real shock as I once saw the quartz devour an entire tractor tire on a dare...that she made to herself. However Steven further informed us that this lead to her actually devouring both the Garnet and the Pearl! Worse yet, she was coming for us next! I, as the leader, kept calm, began forming a plan and totally didn’t start panicking, but then from the warp-pad, she arrived. Just from the look of her, I could tell it was all true, Amethyst was massive. Once a member of a ‘shortie squad’ she now towered above us all, larger than any Quartz I’d ever seen in both length and width. Her belly was certainly the most large feature about her, like a huge purple blimp that roared to be filled...I may be letting my Kindergartner instincts be getting the better of me…”

There is a pause as Peridot clears her throat.

“Amethyst would make some remarks that proved she wanted both Lapis and I to end up inside of her enormous gut, which I did not let bother me, as I needed to plan a way to subdue her. That was when Lapis sprung into action, using her powers to send a torrent of water at her, pushing her back. Lapis is so loyal, she knew my plan before I even had to say it! While it seemed to be working at first, soon Amethyst would be moving forward towards us. With an open maw, she was actually drinking all the water Lapis was sending at her. I don’t know what Lapis was thinking, that was such a dumb plan for her to have. Tsk tsk. What came next was extra unfortunate; Lapis kept trying to push her back, but Amethyst kept gulping down the water, her stomach getting larger and larger, it was a wonder how she hadn’t popped! But then she brought out her whip, and with a single flick she ensnared Lapis. A single tug, and she was pulled into Amethyst’s open mouth. I had a front row seat to the same action that had defeated the Garnet and Pearl, as Lapis was quickly devoured by her…”

There was a moment of silence as Peridot collected herself
“Amethyst licked her lips, let out a crass belch, and made joke I didn’t get but felt was in rather poor taste. Poor Lapis didn’t even make a bulge in her enormous belly. Knowing how packed full of water and how heavy she was, I made a tactical retreat to the barn. Now I have plenty of time to come up with plan of attack before she gets here!”

“Hey Peri~”


“Did you spend all this time monologuing? That’s so like you P-dot, now get out here! I want my key lime pie for dessert!”

“Ok new plan...Metal powers! DIE! DIE! DIE!”

After Peridot’s scream there is the sound of metallic items being sent flying, large structures zooming through the air and crashing into Amethyst. Ending in what sounds like a truck crashing into her, followed by the sounds of a horn.

“...I...I did it? I DID IT! Nyahaha! Take that you blubbery, fat, mountain, clod! I, the great and powerful Peridot, am a meal for no gem!”
Amidst her cheering, there is the sound of Peridot’s small feet kicking at the giant metal pile that covered Amethyst...before it all begins creeking and falling over, the heavy sound of Amethyst’s feet bringing her back up right.


“That’s it? Well, all this fighting’s made me hungry, and you wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry…”

“This is Peridot facet-2f5l cut-5xg...signing off.”

Suddenly the recorder picks up the sounds of a chomp, heavy gulping, long moan signifying the enjoyment of flavor, a big swallow, a splash, and then cutting off with the muffled sound of a deep:


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Posted by thicceater 1 year ago Report

Hehe we could always use more big ol Amethyst <3


Posted by cycloneshadow 1 year ago Report

I would love to lay on her big belly.