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The Pidgeys chirped as they sat perched up in the trees above the well worn dirt path that led through the scattered woods. The day was not as young as it once was, but the calm breeze the morning had brought was maintained throughout the sunny afternoon, a blessing in disguise for the two women jogging, especially the one practically forming her own rainy ecosystem. Although both the girls were breathing heavily, only one of them was full on panting, gasping out comments of clear exhaustion every other moment.
“P… Please, I need to take a breath!” Hilda sputtered, spit flying out of her mouth and running down her greasy chin, as she shuffled her jiggling thighs forward, kicking up clouds of dust as she barely managed to get her purple and black sneakers off the ground. It was clear that the obese girl couldn’t take much more of the, what was to her, strainious work out of Gods. Her brown tank top and khaki shorts were now a darker (and moister) shade of tan due to just how much bodily liquids were being shed into it.
Rosa gritting her teeth in annoyance, shutting her eyes tightly shut for a second picturing all the nasty things she wanted to do to the pig that had fallen back behind her a few paces ago, stopping and losing all the moment she had built up over the last fifteen minutes of moving and warm ups. “Again?! Seriously Hilda?! Last time it nearly took you half an hour to get ready to walk a quarter of a mile! Don’t you WANT to lose the fat on your ass?!” Rosa fumed as she spun herself around to look at her whale of an exercise partner.
Hilda had placed her hands deep into the rolls of stomach, trying to maintain a semblance of balance, and support herself, while she gasped for oxygen to finally enter into her bloated body. Hilda’s flabby knees shook, her chest rising up and down more than Rosa’s was. Beads of condensation sped down Hilda’s forehead, her eyes verging on something close to tears as she took in a particularly husky gasp.
Rosa just stared at Hilda in mild disgust, her face cringing, as she had the unpleasant misfortune of witnessing every trickle of sweat roll down every inch of lard the excuse of a trainer called a “body”. “Can’t we… Can’t we just take a breather?” Hilda tried her best to lift her head up to look her friend in the eyes, but her gut had already started to weigh her down, and she just straight up lacked the energy to even raise her head.
“You’re kidding me, right?” Rosa said, complete disbelief in her voice as she laid her hands on her shapely hips, her barely contained hips jumping up in down in agitated excitement. “No!” Rosa snapped, not meaning to sound entirely as harsh as she did, not because she cared about Hilda’s feelings, but more so due to the fact that she knew damn well that if she upset Hilda, she wouldn’t hear the end of it.
“Look, if you can make it the rest of the way without another complaint… I will buy you lunch…” Rosa muttered through a face of pure frustration, knowing that if she bribed the glutton with food, that they might be able to finish the run before the both of them had to be at whatever previous commitments they had set up. “R-Really?” Hilda said, another round of huffs and puffs as she finally managed to lift her head just enough to look at her friend, her necks stretching a bit to give the appearance of a slightly more normally sized neck.
“...Yes… Really…” Rosa said, but deep down, she was smiling like the Devil who might have just taken a fresh soul. Yes, she was going to keep her promise to Hilda, but what little the grossly corpulent female didn’t realize, is that Rosa was planning on getting Hilda a nice, fresh, healthy salad. With the promise of food, Hilda shot up at an abnormal speed for someone her size, determination filling her eyes as she slowly started to get moving. “Are you fucking serious?” Rosa shouted to herself in her mind as she saw how motivated the girl she had been pushing on all morning had just become.
Although Rosa was deeply frustrated, at least the two of them were finally moving yet again, although, with how much time they had wasted arguing, the cool breeze no longer was that, instead, it had morphed into the hot sun beating down on the two of them as they made their way through the path. “Come on Hilda, I know that all that inertia is slowing you down, but seriously, keep up!” Rosa snapped at Hilda, who kept falling behind every few seconds, before just barely catching back up. “S-Shut… Up!...” Was all Hilda could wheeze out.
Both girls bodies slapped and bounced around, but for completely different reasons. Rosa was fairly fit, with a decently toned chest, a fine ass that had formed after years of exercising and eating right, and a wonderful pair of breasts, that Hilda eyed jealously… Well, truth be told, Hilda was envious of all of Rosa’s assets, constantly eyeing her up anytime she would get in front of her beady view.
Hilda on the other hand was the poster trainer for obesity and hedonism. Ever since she made it big in the training league of her own, she just stopped caring, and in return, her body did too, ballooning up to a size no one in the few hundred mile radius had gazed upon. In fact, most new trainers didn’t come to her gym to battle her, but instead came on dares from their friends to look at her tallow looking body… Some guys and girls came for “other” reasons. Either way, she was equally the most visited trainer, and the easiest one to beat. Mainly because Hilda just didn’t care. Although, that didn’t stop the occasional trainer from going missing… Eh, nothing great was going to come of them anyway.
Another, what seemed like hours to Hilda, but in reality was only ten minutes had past, and both the girls smiled at the glowing neon sign of the restaurant just down the hill from where they stood, for much different reasons naturally. While Rosa was still going at the same speed her stride had been, Hilda surprisingly has started to speed up, her body flapping and jiggling more than Rosa’s meaty breasts were themselves. After Hilda overtook the jogging Rosa, Rosa started to get a nice faceful of slobber and sweat flying back her dripping off and out of Hilda’s body and mouth, Rosa grimacing, finally happy that the jog was nearly over.
After a few moments, both girls were sitting down on one of the restaurants bench’s outside, Rosa taking a nice sip of water from her bottle, wiping the sweat off her brow, as Hilda was gasping for air, her upper gut and chest smooshing into the table, was almost bending the seat that was holding her, a soft creaking sound was crying out like a dying creature begging for release.
“See Hilda? That was a good run!” Rosa remarked with a deep breath, her face a rosy tint of red as she took another gulp of water. “Th-That was not fun at all!” Hilda panted out in a lazy sort of pain, her tongue lolling out of her mouth like a pignite. Although Rosa was trying to stay in good spirits now, her annoyance was coming back. But before she could utter a foul response, she quickly got up from her seat, a fake smile forming on her face. “Hey, I am gonna get us lunch, alright?” Hilda also shot herself up, a blank wide expression of hunger on her face. “Oh! Please get me a double large please! With extra cheese and bacon!” Hilda said, foamenting at the mouth, a waterfall of drool pooling out.
“Haha, sure, I can see!” Rosa lied through gritted teeth, her annoyance at the fat fuck growing more and more, especially since they had been doing these “jogs” for almost a week now, and somehow the dumb bitch had been gaining more weight than she could have possibly lost. “Okay…” A deep breath was taken in before Hilda continued “Please be quick, my tummy is really hungry!” As if on cue, a loud bubbly gurgle groaned out angrily.
Rosa made her way inside the fast food place and was greeted by a girl in a bright red and yellow uniform, who promptly took her order. “Two salads please. No dressing or toppings of any kind” Rosa said, and paid the women, who quickly brought her two brown paper bags emblazoned with the places logo. Rosa paid, and picked up her bags, heading back out the door.
Hilda was grumbling about how long Rosa was taking, even though from the time Rosa had left and was now returning had only been four and a half minutes, if even that. “Is that my food!” Hilda shouted excitedly over to the approaching silhouette of Rosa, who scrunched her face at being addressed publicly by Hilda, a few other girls looking their way and giggling. Rosa sprinted back over, and handed over Hilda’s meal. “Yes yes, eat up so we can get home already!”
Hila’s eyes were filled with excitement, but immediately shifted over to a near teary eyed state as she pulled out the plastic salad container, her lips trembling. Rosa just smiled, and opened up her own contained, about to dig in before she saw that tears were starting to run down Hilda’s face. “Oh come on, this is good for you, you want to lose weight, right?” Rosa said, taking a nice bite of her salad. “W-What even is this? Is this the stuff that I have them take off my burgers?” Hilda blubbered quietly, poking it with her own fork.
“It’s a salad Hilda, and it’s good, try it. I eat them all the time, and look at me! You are what you eat they say!” Rosa laughed at her own bad joke and took another bite, while Hilda just watched her, sniffling and eyeing Rosa’s chest and body, licking her lips without really thinking about what she was doing.
“No, I don’t think I am gonna eat this…” Hilda said, blankly, shoving the fresh salad over into the dusty ground, Rosa’s face burning bright red in fury as she saw the seven Pokedollar meal just be wasted. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR YOU FAT BITCH?!” Rosa screamed, not caring if anyone looked at her, she was pissed. “That’s fucking it, I am done with your sorry ass, you can exercise on your own, but you’re gonna have to pay-” But Rosa was cut off with a wet “Umfff”.
While Rosa’s eyes were shut while she shouted, she didn’t see the mountain of girl creakily climb over the table, and get right in front of her face. In fact, it was impressive that Rosa’s rage was so fiery, that she couldn’t even smell Hilda’s disgusting body odor. Completely oblivious, Rosa paid the price as her attractive face was now in the horridly gassy smelling mouth of Hilda, who was licking all over the women’s sweat coated face.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Rosa shrieked as best as she could, trying to avoid getting any mouthfuls of vile saliva or food that might have been for some unGodly reason stuck in Hilda’s mouth. “Hilda! Please!” Rosa spat, but she was forced to stop as her face suddenly lurched forward, shoving Rosa’s head into the beginning of Hilda’s throat, Hilda’s uvula rubbing all over the top of Rosa’s forehead.
Hilda had let the hunger overtake her, like she had before in the past with certain trainers, but this time, Rosa had so much more flavor. Hilda wasn’t sure if it was the sweat, the fear, or whatever, but Rosa tasted amazing. And with all the assets Rosa had, Hilda was happy with all the meat for on display that she was gonna get to devour.
Hilda reached her hands forward, and grabbed the thick slab of ass fat that belonged to Rosa, Rosa in return squealing as she felt her bum get felt up by greasy, wet hands. Hilda started shoveling inch after inch of her friend-turned-meal into her greedy maw. Rosa tried to struggle, but her body was just too tired after the run they had just been on, so her thick thighs and legs just limply lifted here and there, her arms weakly punching into the unmovable breast lard of Hilda.
“Mmmmmmm~” Hilda moaned, feeling her pussy start to tingle. This was probably the biggest meal she had ever had, not to mention the tastiest most likely as well. She didn’t really care about the fact that she was devouring and damning her friend to a painful slow death in her gut the fitness bitch should have gotten her a burger if she didn’t want her own ass to become a filling fast food snack. Hilda was finally up to Rosa’s breast, and Hilda lapped at the erect pepperoni like nipples that had shaken loose from Rosa’s bra.
A sweet splash of something hit Hilda’s tongue, and she smiled to herself at the sweet gulp she got along with the next part of Rosa she pulled into herself, Rosa slowly and painfully travelling down Hilda’s throat. Rosa’s face was pinned painfully in Hilda’s long tube, but thankfully had enough room that none of her face got damaged… Yet.
Sadly, Hilda didn’t really get to enjoy Rosa’s toned chest outside of getting a few good laps in, just letting it slip on in, wanting to get to the good stuff: Rosa’s incredibly fat, and delicious (in more ways than one) booty. Rosa however was finally nearing the end of the first part of her decent, as her face was finally pushed through a tight ring, her nose being assaulted by the rankest smells she could even imagine, in the dark, deafening prison known only as Hilda’s gut.
Finally, after another swallow, Hilda was teething on Rosa’s fine rump, as she pulled down Rosa’s sweatpants, she slid her tongue down her meals ass crack, enjoying the shivering sensation she forced Rosa to endure, and the taste of her meals salted “pork”. Rosa quivered and pleaded for Hilda to stop molesting her body like this, but the next moment she tried to complain, her head was unceremoniously dunked right into the vat of stomach bile.
Rosa’s face was held in for a few moments, her gasping and struggling to get her face out of the soupy liquid that tasted like rancid meat and flat soda, her eyes open and burning as she struggled for even the slightest bit of oxygen. Hilda was feeling the fine squishy flesh, but her hunger overtook her lust, and she simply swallowed up Rosa’s lower half quickly, wanting to finally have a full sensation going on in her gut, and not just half of Rosa inside her.
Rosa was just about to pass out from lack of oxygen, her eyes burning bright red as they started to go still, but the moment she thought she would escape this, she was splashed right out of the acids, with her body looping her around so her head was above the rising liquids, and her bottomless bum was in it, her cunt already starting to tingle moments after touching the foaming liquids.
“Hilda… Please… I’ll huh, I’ll get you that burger, I will get you anything off the menu you want, just please… Let me out?” Rosa was choking out, trying to plead with the monster of gluttony that just devoured her, but even if Hilda could hear her through the layers of fat, Hilda’s response would still ring true: the only response that would make any sense honestly, a loud, long, meaty and gassy belch. A literal noxious cloud of translucent green escape from Hilda’s mouth, making her chins jiggle, and stomach tense up. Which was bad news for Rosa.
“PLEASE! HILDA! THIS HURTS!” Rosa screamed as her legs and knees where painfully pressed into her chest, and the stomach juices sloshed up into her face. Hilda just climbed down onto the grassy ground, and laid down, rubbing her flabby stomach and licking her lips, thinking about all the burgers she could buy with Rosa’s gym earnings in a few hours. “I think I am just gonna rest up for a bit… Rosa, if you can hear me, I think I am gonna like you better as pudge~”
Rosa couldn’t hear Hilda’s lazy insult, and definitely was not anywhere close to a happy place like Hilda was, as she felt her legs slowly start to stop itching, and for a horrid coppery smell to start stinking the place up. Little did she realize until it was too late, that her legs had completely dissolved off, only fragments and chunks of sickly red flesh were clinging onto the red and white bone, as they floated around like a chicken flavored broth.
Rosa didn’t even want to scream, as she knew that it would force her to inhale the smell of her own slow death, but that didn’t mean she actually had control over her reflexes, as she let out a blood curdling yell. “Please please OH BEINGS ABOVE PLEASE!” Rosa said, trying to scrape the inside of Hilda’s stomach apart, but this only resulted with her fingers falling off due to the acid that had been eating at them, even the gunk on her face from when she had first entered was devouring her flesh like a horrid bodily parasite. That’s truly what Hilda was: a parasite that was only good for consuming things lesser than herself.
Rosa’s begging eventually turned to gurgles as her chest and fatty bust melted into cholesterol “I… I hope I clog your arteries and kill your… Fat… Ass-” Rosa sputtered one last time, before her half dissolved face sunk deep into the now thick, stew like gunk that was her flesh and half digested bones. But Hilda was fast asleep, and the grinding of her stomach and the stomach fat itself was just too thick and noisy for even the slightest sound from Rosa to escape.
After a good few hours, a group of young trainers came up to the now, at this point, even fatter Hilda, whose entire body could barely be contained by the clothes that she had been wearing, with her entire body weighing over six hundred or so pounds. The young trainers giggled and laughed at the girl they called “A ‘Snorlax’” as Hilda started to stir, and looked at them, as they all looked at her wide eyed, not expecting her to wake up so soon. Hilda tried her best to sit up, finally coming to it. She just stared at the people surrounding her, then, let out a guttural emission of gas, as a broiled piece of Rosa’s wardrobe flew out and hit one of them in the face.
Once they realized that it was a piece of gore and bile covered clothing, they all screamed and ran away out of fear, Hilda just staring at them blankly, before turning her attention to the nearby fast food stop. Hilda struggled to get up, but finally managed to, grabbed Rosa’s wallet, and waddled her way over slowly to the burger joint. Rosa’s few remains sloshing and mushing around. The girl who had served Rosa screamed, and quickly just put whatever order she could to please the feminine creature of greed in front of her, and quickly kicked Hilda out. Hilda not caring in the slightest as she carried her drink and meal outside.
Hilda could have filled the ocean with how much she was sweating, as she took a messy bite from her burg and a sip from her cola. “Goodness… I don’t think I am cut out for this exercise thing at all…” She sighed, letting out a gross belch, ejecting another part of Rosa’s clothing. This time it was her moist, completely destroyed dealers hat. Hilda just licked her lips, blew another small bit of gas out, then started to walk home, completely forgetting about the meal she had just had, enjoying the new one she would soon also forget about.
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Hilda & Rose: Part 1 (Hilda's Diet Plan) By radmann -- Report

So this story was done up for my wonderful friend  maniacalfork for a series of pics he did on the Pokegirls Hilda and rose (that can be found here and the alternative follow up here

Hopefully you all enjoy it lots, and don't worry, the second alt ending will be coming soon! So those who want to see Rosa become fat won't be disappointed!

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