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Birthday Gift 7/7 By FoolyFox -- Report

Woooo! I'm so happy I could post this. I stayed up super late to finish this because I'm certain I wouldn't have had the time if my work weak started again.

I didn't know if I wanted to post this a while ago but now I'm ready. This took me a whole year to post. It was suppose to be my birthday gift to myself last year but now I managed to finish it at least before my birthday this year. >\w/<

Sayke belongs to:  Chrysaor

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Posted by StormyGem 2 years ago Report

Poor girl. Can see how sad she is, even when just a pile of bones. Oh well


Posted by G0DF1RE 2 years ago Report

i agree all she wanted was to be a Mum i guess the Danger noodle was just too rude for his own good
(( i know it's a commissioned comic and it's a good comic i'm just sharing my opinion ))


Posted by Blondie709 2 years ago Report

That was quite the comic. Fem Fooly is quite cute, in her various forms throughout this little comic


Posted by DanzoLegend 2 years ago Report

Snek wins! Flawless victory x3 wonderful work man.


Posted by asdaf 2 years ago Report

Your birthday gift to yourself was being impregnated, killed and your skull crushed to pieces?
...that's an awesome gift! O: I want one!!
I kid but this one was cool and I'm enjoying the transition to color!


Posted by Kaheiyattsu 2 years ago Report



Posted by Chrysaor 2 years ago Report

One very rare time That reptile gets the nice role of the tormentor, such an honor to me ~!


Posted by MamaPatty 2 years ago Report

Mmf, crushing a pretty little skull, makes a mama shiver and squirm thinking about it~ Looks like a pudgy and satisfied serpent, honey! And a cream stuffed kitsune got a perfect preyish end~ Hope you have a wonderful night Fooly! <3


Posted by moonlightshy 2 years ago Report

wonder were the fox is. all i see is a fat snake


Posted by baltocore 2 years ago Report



Posted by Suibelly 2 years ago Report

Wonderful sequence!