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Mahiru Koizumi sat on her bed, she looked at her camera and sighed. She hasn't taken a great photo in 3 weeks and is becoming depressed. Her door then bursted open and her friend Hiyoko pulling in Peko by her arm ran in.
 "Mahiru we have come to cure you of sadness" screamed Hiyoko
 Mahiru smiled flattered her friends thought they knew why she was sad.
 "Girls I appreciate the gesture but you don't understand" said Mahiru
 Hiyoko narrowed her eyes and looked Peko, she shrugged and then slapped Mahiru.
 "What was that for" yelled Mahiru
 "You need to take a great picture and we have the solution" said Hiyoko
 Mahiru lifted an eyebrow intrigued on what she was going on about. Mahiru was 21 with dark red hair almost to her soldiers, she was skinny and small but very thoughtful. Hiyoko was 20 but very short with long blonde hair and Peko was 24 with long white hair, glasses and thick in the right places.
 "What is this solution you speak of" asked Mahiru
 Hiyoko was about to go off saying everything but Peko stopped her and did it a little more formally.
 "We thought if you were to to eat us and then digest us the waste you let out with our bones could make a great picture." said Peko
 Hiyoko pouted wanting to say it herself. Mahiru looked back and forth at the 2 girls and bursted out laughing.
 "Eat you I mean come on are you serious" said Mahiru
 Peko and Hiyoko frowned at at their friend and were very serious.
 "Oh god you want me to actually eat you, um you will die you know that right" said Mahiru
 "Yes but the sexual experience is supposed to be unimaginable so we could care less" said Peko
 "I mean if that's what you want and you are right a picture of a pile of you guys would be cute and really good" said Mahiru
 The soon snacks smiled at each other and giggled.
 "Well if I'm eating you clothes off I don't want indigestion" said Mahiru
 Peko and Hiyoko started to make out with each other and got each other nude. Mahiru was a little surprised but she didn't mind, the girls soon were nude and sweaty from the heat of their bodies. Mahiru looked at both girls and decided to eat Hiyoko first. Mahiru pointed at Hiyoko and she happily walked up the sexy red head. Mahiru was alot taller so she looked her in the eyes and Mahiru looked back. Mahiru licked her lips and grasped onto Hiyokos arms. Her mouth watering in anticipation slowly opened up and unhinged so the girl could be eaten. Hiyoko saw the wiggly tongue and wanted it to rub her so bad. Mahiru used her strength and lifted her up and Hiyoko slowly was eaten alive. Mahiru's throat started expand out as Hiyoko filled it up. Hiyoko moaned and giggled to the muscles rubbing her body and squeezing her. Peko watched and couldn't stand not touching herself. She started to masturbate as Mahiru got to the small girls legs. Hiyoko's thighs were eaten and Mahiru's belly started to get bigger. Mahiru put a hand on her expanding stomach and slurped Hiyoko all the way down. She slid down the gullet and happily balled up in Mahiru's stomach.
 "You tasted good but not very filling" said Mahiru
 Her belly moved and gurgled. Peko went up to it and rubbed her hand against it feeling the girl inside.
*Gurgle blorp*
Peko mostly heard it groan but the muffled moans were noticeable.
 "Alright my turn baby" said Peko
 Mahiru opened her mouth and Peko shoved her head inside. This made Mahiru swallow instantly and Peko's face nicely bulged out. Peko moaned as Mahiru grabbed Peko's ass and squeezed it. Mahiru gulped in Peko's tits and rubbed her tongue across them. Hiyoko struggled in the stomach moaning and waited for Peko to join her. Peko's ass entered the maw and was quickly swallowed down. Mahiru tilted her head back and the legs fell right into her. A final gulp sealed the day and Peko balled up with Hiyoko.
 "Wow you guys were filling I think pictures are due" said Mahiru
Mahiru smiled and grabbed her instant camera. She laid down in a sexy pose and took pics of her big belly, it jostled around and hand prints bulged from it.
*Slosh gurgle*
Peko and Hiyoko kissed and fingered each other. They moaned and the stomach pushed against them. Acids were all over them burning them but they only felt pleasure. Mahiru yawned and passed out, in a few hours the girls would be mush. The girls started to slow down and become tired.
 "Hiyoko I think her stomach is really getting to me" said Peko
 "Yeah I know what you mean, I feel really soft" said Hiyoko
 The girls stopped moving and waited for the inveitable. Hiyoko passed out as the acid reached Peko's tits, Peko watched her friend melt and finally passed herself. Mahiru's belly became round and lost all human shape of the girls. They sloshed around and soon ended up in the intestines. Mahiru's belly shrank down and her tits grew to double ds. 3 hours later Mahiru opened her eyes and looked around. She sat up and couldn't see over her tits. She almost screamed but she moved them out of the way to see a pudgy belly. She felt great until a smelly fart came out. Mahiru quickly set up plastic on the ground and squatted down. Wet shit fell from her ass and piled up, bones and hair that she couldn't digest were mixed in and made it like art. 2 digested skulls rained from her ass and stopped the pile. She wiped and bro her camera. Mahiru took several pictures of her shit and her depression was over.
 "Oh thanks girls you are the best" said Mahiru
 She cleaned up and put her shit in a garbage bag and threw in the dumpster. Mahiru sat in her room and hung up her new pictures knowing her friend are with her forever.
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A request that took a while for Teakay

Art by kajin

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love your work