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Shlicgirl Krystal By Asaneman -- Report

“Krystal to Great Fox, reporting in. The mission was a success, and I'll be heading home after I log the events. Out.”

She closed the communications channel, then slid one sticky, blue hand across the side of her Arwing and into the cockpit. The dual A/V recorder, a rather recent addition to the team's equipment, hummed to life at her touch. Her arm slithered out and she tapped the “record” button, then slipped the device between her newly voluptuous breasts, careful to not suck the item down into her endlessly gooey chest. Who could say where it would end up otherwise? Maybe her juicy potbelly, still working away at absorbing the unabsorbed sludge being pumped into her slimy guts. Or perhaps her plump, expansive asscheeks, the apple of her superior's eye? Or…

She slowly humped the side of her ship, biting her slimy lip, moaning as the mere thought made her dripping cock shiver, forcing out another steamy trail of white wolf lava. Her hand flew to the freshly erect phallus, stroking and pumping the slick appendage, milking out another batch of thick cum. Almost hit the Arwing, too. Even after several rounds, enough of that arrogant, creamy beast remained to bloat her nuts to watermelon-size. Shame it wouldn’t all fit in her ship. Wouldn’t do to have her wingmates asking questions too early…

She licked her tarred lips, smiling. They’d all be getting answers very soon, anyway. Why spoil the surprise, like she nearly did for herself? Her sixth sense was definitely a burden at times. Krystal smirked, plunging a hand into her stacked chest to keep the recorder afloat, chills spreading throughout her homogenous body from the raw, unprecedented penetration. And to think, not too long ago, this was undesirable… how foolish she once was.

“Mission log: unknown system, unknown planet. I arrived on my own, the threat level deemed insufficient to deploy the whole team. I landed without incident, no sign of the malicious presence in sight, but I needed little time to track it down. What I found… was perhaps more alien than anything I’ve sensed before. Anything in Lylat, even the Aparoids… I was not expecting anything like this. A creature of pure slime, with the features of a cat, a dragon… it possessed perky, milky breasts in contradiction to the unseemly, frothing ballsac, already oozing its contents in apprehension of another victim.

“I could sense its malicious intent, even as I readied my blaster. It saw me land and waited for my arrival. I was not prepared. I only had the time to fire a single max charge shot before the slime creature, Iria, closed the gap.” Her cock quivered in delight, recalling the first sensual moment of contact. “Hot. Heavy. Strong. My blaster did little to slow her down. The chunk I blew off was instantly replaced from elsewhere on her body. She knocked my weapon aside and pinned my arms to my sides. Fear gripped me as I realized I lacked the physical prowess to escape. ‘No one told me a space fox would come to interrupt my fun,’ she cooed, ‘but what’s one more when I’m already on a hot streak, hm?’ Her body began melting around mine. The thin, gooey skin crept into the seams along my armor. My arms, my legs… my rear, my crotch… I’d never felt so violated. Then her mouth planted itself upon mine, and her slimy tongue forced its way inside. She wanted nothing short of full absorption, and I was at a loss of how to stop it.

“But she tried to make it enjoyable… indeed, her first course of action was forcing my armor plates off, all while working my mouth like a professional. I felt the slimy tendril slink into my throat, guttural moans making the slimecat shiver—a feeling I shamefully reciprocated. I was desperate. I had to buy time to think of an escape. Somehow my arms found her back, and I pulled myself against her, licking around her tongue and smothering my tongue in the unfamiliar slick substance. I thrust my hips forward as her meat began forming underneath my crotch plate. My legs buckled as I tried pounding her before she could reform her shaft and knot me. Yes… it felt good. She was an expert in overcoming her victims through pure pleasure…

“I wanted to scream in pain and ecstasy as the pressure under my armor forced it all off at once. Her body quickly swamped the exposed fur, shielding me from the abrupt chill. But then… it struck me. She was becoming less and less solid as the session went on. My hands sank into her body easily. The goopy tongue was melting in my mouth… some of it dripping down my throat, into my stomach. Her mind was similarly losing focus. Perhaps weak to her own methods?

“I saw my chance. I moved my hands up her back. One on her head. One on her shoulders. I waited, sweaty and panting, for another big break in her mental fortitude. Seconds later, it came. Literally. My loins screamed, enveloped in fire as we both hit our synced climax. Heavens, I wished to sink and succumb to this impeccable sex maniac, to feel this alien creature worm its way into every single orifice along my body. I very nearly submitted… but I knew I had my opening.

“My body moved on its own. Some primal desire for sustenance took over… before I could process anything, my mouth widened past anything I thought possible and engulfed her whole head! Melty tar flooded my entire world. But I didn’t stop there. She hadn’t quite caught on, so trapped was she in her own pleasured daze. The rest… is hazy. I felt the calls of sinful indulgence clawing at my mind. To do unto this alien as she wanted to do to me. Ingest her. Absorb her. Become nothing but liquid fat on my body. I struggled to rationalize the events in my head, all while I slowly freed myself from her thorough embrace. My prey was now actively struggling to escape, but oddly enough, she couldn’t entirely distance herself from the rampant lewd thoughts keeping her solidity consistent. Very interesting ideas she had in store for me, the most prevalent being her now-foiled plan to seal my fate by snaking her cock to my ass and plugging my anus to flood my bowels with dragon cum. Instead, that same magma bubbled out inside my mouth. At least that stuff had flavor… rich and hearty, a product of the repurposed musclehead.

“I slumped as I finished off the rest of her. I hadn’t realized how exhausted she got me. Even now, as she kicked and squirmed in my belly, I could not find any room for remorse or regret. I was exposed, nude, and vulnerable. Black stains kept my fur slick, and remnants inside my clit kept my femjuices slowly coming. But the threat… was effectively neutralized. And after I got her a little digested, I imagined I could lug myself back to my Arwing and get off this dangerous place. But… as I slept…”

Krystal paused, happy to be rid of that ignorant chapter of her life, for Iria had more gifts than a fun sexy romp. Her stomach did its job churning up the patron into a dense chyme while she slept her massive meal off. Her dreams were clouded by increasingly surreal ideas that the old Krystal never would have imagined. The thoughts and memories of the goo monster seeped into the fox’s mind, where she learned her victory was closer to a lucky break than an earnest win. She just finished with that dragon when Krystal arrived. Had she ample time to recover, Krystal had little doubt she’d be that “one more” in the streak.

“I awoke in a very curious state,” she continued, caressing her gooey gut. “My belly had shrunk a little, and I felt my intestinal tract bulging with all the sludge noisily processing. But most concerning was the stirring orgasm between my legs. At first, I was confused. I thought myself spent, sucked dry by my assailant. Yet this feeling was quite familiar, as if her wet, pulsing cock was still ramming itself with reckless abandon. Naturally, I used a hand to investigate, and just as I was about to finger myself… SHLOCK. Another intensive wave of ecstasy rocked my very core, as that very same meat from before erupted without warning. Thick, flexible, and very much my own. I watched in amazement as my cock oozed pre from the liquid balls that flopped out with it. Not only had I partially digested Iria, but I seemed to acquire her most striking trait as well!

“Not just her malehood, either. I noticed parts of my arms and legs were quite darkened, particularly my extremities, butt, and breasts. She’d gotten the last laugh in our altercation, appropriate for her parasitic nature. Everything came together… the sinful thoughts, the raw desires, the nascent memories… all left for me to absorb. My hands curiously cradled my stomach, sloshing the digesting contents around. I couldn’t help but smile. Was I to acquire her unique features for my own? Indeed, I felt a warm, tingly sensation spread across my body. So much in flux, in transition. I resigned myself to the apparent inevitability of this unexpected assimilation. Soon, I would become as her, a being of no fur or muscle, but a viscous, flexible goo fox, still with my telepathy powers.

“It was then that I felt another presence nearby. This one lacked the same sort of threat as Iria, whose mind still lingered in tatters within me. She was still trying her best to resist, poor thing. But I knew I had to carry on in her stead, as a reward for blessing me so richly. And how better to honor her selflessness than be trying out her newfound growth?”

She uttered a sinister chuckle, tracing circles around her stiffening shaft.

“‘Valerie,’ was this wolf’s name. I stood up and made my way toward her, while preparing for her consumption. I licked my transformed fingers and teased my cockslit. The gooey dong quickly grew erect. My slimy, trapped friend must have felt what was going on, as some gut gurgles reached my ears. I thanked her for what she did, assuring her that her abilities would go to great use… apparently she and this wolf at least knew of each other, and that they’d eventually have to confront the other anyway. No harm in expediting their meeting.

“I spent several minutes making my way over. It seemed that the more I absorbed of Iria, the faster the rest went. Almost like I needed my old intestines less and less as my body makeup grew more similar to hers. My saliva thickened into slime, my fingers softened into squishable tendrils, my feet left miniscule blue imprints as time went on… and I felt my mind losing its more pure state. Despite my powers, I could not keep Iria’s influence at bay. Perhaps before, I would have relented, for fear of losing myself entirely. But that was the old me. This new, improved Krystal knew better than to leave a mission half-assed.”

She paused again, then warmly sighed as she decided to reallocate her mass to fit her second prey. Her breasts shrank as the goo was pulled through her midriff on an express train to her rear. Soon, she had to grab the recorder as her cheeks swelled to lusciously curvy stature, almost as wide as her Arwing’s wing.

“This ‘Valerie’ was snoozing. I almost laughed at how expansive her asscheeks were, shoved into the air while she napped on her mushy belly. How careless of her to be out in the open like this. For a moment, I thought she might have some tiny creature napping inside. Not that it mattered. That just meant a dessert after this two-course meal. I made my way to her head, getting my shaft in position. ‘She’s not completely out,’ I thought to myself. I had to make this first thrust count.

“I’m not entirely sure how I bucked my hips with such force. Somehow, the degradation of my muscle mass, rapidly replaced by thick goop, only enhanced my physical prowess. Needless to say, my attack landed true. So true, in fact, that the form-fitting member easily slid around the mighty wolfess’ head, encasing it completely! I let out a sharp cry as the reality of the situation truly dawned on me. With this stretchiness, I couldn’t fail. I wouldn’t fail. Valerie didn’t take the rude awakening so well, but the abrupt musk of slimy femcock flooding her nostrils, of dark cum squirting at her head and into her mouth, sent her mind into a panic. She grabbed the ground and tried pushing herself away. I was impressed with her speed, with that massive ass of hers. But I just smiled and kept pace with her—right into the nearest tree.

“I still remember how the branches shook, the groan of the bark as her girth shook the foundation… and the SHLURK as the impact rebounded and funneled her in the exact opposite direction she wanted. She forced my on my hands and knees as her head splorted out my ballsac, her neck now occupying my meat. I certainly never thought I’d receive head from another female like this! From there, it was a simple matter of crawling forward with agonizing slowness. Unlike Iria, Valerie didn’t have any special powers to get her out of this jam. On one end, steamy ladynuts eager to get their first taste of fun. On the other, hundreds of pounds of wood clasped by the wolf’s fatty cheeks. My mind was ecstatic. This was the kind of power that came so close to overcoming her. Full control, not a single savior to be found.

SHLUCK. SLUUUUURP. SQUICK. It was a whirlwind of desire, a cascade of moans, groans, and vigorous pumping. I don’t think Valerie ever recovered from waking up or ramming the tree. Her resistance was erratic and disorganized. After her arms got lubed up and sucked in, she had no hope of escape. I needn’t worry about how rapidly my sac expanded, as body provided just enough goo to keep it from bursting. And once I pulled back, hoisted her meaty hips into the air, I knew my prize was secured. Of course, I fondled and groped her freshly padded ass while she sank. A freshly digested wolf like herself, whom went right up her butt! No wonder so much of that mass stuck around there. So soft, so plush, conforming to whatever hand shape I formed. The highest of highs, followed immediately by the lowest of lows: my big, fat balls. A pit where everything went out that came in, but—”

Beep. Beep. Beep. Krystal was brought out of her ruminations by the recorder. “…It’s full?” Krystal rolled her eyes. “I guess logs don’t usually go this long. Ah, well…”

She glanced at the way she came, which still bore the signs of Valerie’s contribution. One fun thing she gained from the white wolf was the ability to feel the cumgestion while she slept, exhausted from so much work in so short a time. All those imprints from her hands and legs, her head, how she thrashed and pushed against her slimy prison… all for naught, as the femcum quietly pooled around her, while the remainder of Iria was processed above her. Several hours of the double digestion, felt through a dreamlike state. All of Valerie's bulk and accomplishments, washed away in the rising tide of Krystal's ravenous sac, where the splashes only grew heavier, and the grinding, more indecent. A proud, confident wolf like her, reduced to little more than a warm afterglow? As the first real test of her abilities?

Krystal chuckled, thinking back at the mess she woke up to. So eager was Valerie to escape that she didn't wait for Krystal's permission, instead marking her displeasure in a much denser, creamy way. She only wished she had the presence of mind to try and measure the load jettisoned from her balls, instead of groggily nursing her cock to lengthen this abrupt eruption. That's when she first noticed the extreme change in her body. Everything for head to toe, breast to butt… all of it felt so very fluid. No discrete parts, just one long, interconnected mass, and could feel every inch, within or without—a point she discovered in the most pleasurable and painful way possible. By the sixth bucketload of wolf cum, she could barely keep her gooey self in one piece. A morbid part of her wanted to find out the consequences of letting her body break apart into a shapeless like of blue and white ooze, fully enslaved to the might of her minutes-long ejaculation… until she remembered how that same idea led to Iria's downfall. Suddenly, riding the orgasm out seemed less fun, with such a tantalizing alternative easily within reach.

But there was always a next time. Another upstart to eat, to digest into more slime or worthless femcum. She could think of three troublemakers who might make a good test run, should they start making trouble again. Maybe even her comrades on the Great Fox might do some volunteer work. Wouldn't want to go on a mission without understanding every single aspect of their teammate!

Krystal nodded to herself, cackling as she tossed the recorder inside the cockpit and slimed her way in, filling the cramped space to capacity with all the remaining wolf spunk trapped in her sac. “And I almost let Fox come down here instead of me… hah. But now…” She pressed her mass against the panels for the takeoff sequence. “Now I'll get to keep him all to myself…


Gift done for  Smuxray, featuring Krystal devouring his slimecat and wolfess characters and taking on the slimegirl's traits! Awesome write-up done by  PoncoCykes, thanks so much!

WIPs, with an edit where her balls are visible in the first panel:

Krystal © Nintendo
Iria, Valerie ©  Smuxray

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I missed seeing more beautiful Krystal pred stuff. Absolutely lovable work ^.^

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Her Crystal is a rare sight, but a welcome one.

Do you do Unbirth Asaneman? I can't recall off the top of my head.

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Absolutely stunning work! You win me over every time with those AMAZING organ shots. And the ending is perfect~

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