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Special Favour By Zira -- Report

Uploaded: 9 months ago

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Zira borrows Grey to help her scratch a particular itch, but she isn't making him do it for free, She's at least treating him to some rare mecranord honey.

Grey the genet belongs to this lame-o  greykrow

See ya fellas!! Remeber to always play with you food... wait that isn't right. Oh well.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 9 months ago Report

Such a naughty gal~


Posted by Royal_Starlord 9 months ago Report



Posted by CaptainMoke 9 months ago Report

But if they go deeper, it may just turn into a constant loop with no escape!

Lots of loveliness~


Posted by TastyTales 9 months ago Report

Love this so much, the expressions are great! Also loving all the tail play here.


Posted by GregTheGrimm 9 months ago Report

Just plain amazing <3


Posted by Speciesunkn0wn 9 months ago Report

Ooooh. I love this~ Looks like fun too!


Posted by PegaSUS 9 months ago Report

That tail does all kinds of pleasant curls and swirls.

Then added to the right curves and expressions? This hits a whole bunch of buttons! Always adore how you combo body language (especially on panel 3) with these faces. <3

Prey type here, but thanks for the PSA as usual, anyways!


Posted by Zira 9 months ago Report

Yuuuusss I love hitting buttons
Thanks man!!


Posted by F1reDem0n 9 months ago Report

Not often you do UB artwork Zira, but really loving this!

Who wouldn't want to share a such a experience with you? ^///^


Posted by Zira 9 months ago Report

Yeee. I love UB ao glad to finally do some


Posted by F1reDem0n 9 months ago Report

You do? Really?
You should do more of this sort of artwork. ^_^
I adore it and this one was really cute and tender for what it is. <3


Posted by Thejynxedlynx 9 months ago Report

You are probs one of my fav artists <3


Posted by Zira 9 months ago Report

Oh Wow, Thanks man!! this made me really happy to read.


Posted by JamKat 9 months ago Report



Posted by JessicaVoire 9 months ago Report

Lovely friendly vore~


Posted by ArcaneSigil 8 months ago Report

If Zira ever needs another helper to scratch an itch, I have several dragons she can have fun with. A few of them she can even keep.