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Behind the Codpeice By TristanHawthorne -- Report

Like any strip joint, the Nature Calls Strip Club has theme nights. Tonight's performance is Medieval themed, and the exotic dancers are wearing doublets and colorful tights. Of course, that was also the era of men wearing enormous codpeices while showing off their legs with the snug hosiery. Sounds like a good costume type when the main attraction is what's below the belt.

This, like the others in this setting, is a commission for Pepsi on FA/Murdoc on SoFurry featuring their characters Declan and Mack (both links extremely NSFW images fyi)

Contains: Size Difference, Muscles, Striptease, Horsecock, Flexing, the "you touch it, you get ate" rule, Exhibitionism, Cock Vore, One for Each Nut, Condoms, Anal Sex, Cum Digestion, and cumming clothes out into condoms.

I know not everyone has the income to commission me, but if you still want to support my writing, I have a Patreon that you can pledge to, or for one-time donations,you could always get me a Ko-Fi

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Posted by RubytheWitch20 1 year ago Report

I normally dont like male on male
But this even got me going ~