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Ouroboros' Overeating Bonanza By StygianRook -- Report

Here's Ouroboros from Girls' Frontline resting on top of her soft, squishy belly filled with the semi-digested remains of a ton of girls she ate in her last midnight mission. Hope her new power-up lets our beloved snek digest all that snack fast enough so she can make room for our commander here, who appears to be late to the party. Or are they?

Considering the turn of events that happened in the last mission of Cube+, Ouroboros would make for a nice predator, and a scenario like this would technically be possible given the technology (hurray for giving the snek actual snek powers). Guess nobody will be bullying the snek for a while this way.

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Posted by SomeGuyHere 7 months ago Report

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff :ok_hand:
Ouroboros getting some revenge and a meal at the same time, no more snek bully allowed. Only snek curves soon.

Love how smug and in charge she is, very good!


Posted by Andrea9779 7 months ago Report

Yes, nice work. I'm digging a lot the dialogue. Looking forward to see more from you


Posted by BananaMelons 7 months ago Report

Yes I'd like to be dessert


Posted by universius 7 months ago Report

Your dialogue and coloring are quite distinct, looking forward to seeing more of you in the community


Posted by algog8 7 months ago Report

Shes insatiable


Posted by StygianRook 7 months ago Report

maximum snek snak


Posted by MugenNoSaga 7 months ago Report

Best SF girl hands down!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


Posted by Despacito20 7 months ago Report

Mire like Voreoboros ha


Posted by Makazawa 6 months ago Report

Following with architect