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Vore Diary Entry No.1: Harvey By Erysichthon -- Report

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I am still alive, worry not petals. And yes I am undecided if that's for better or worse lmao, I think this is one of the longest entries I've done thus far, judging from my finger cramps lol but I finally got around to finishing it ^-^ I thought I'd tap into a semi-undisturbed demographic by having a chubby (overweight you could say) prey and athletic Pred. I like these types of contrasts, I think you see it more often than most but there seems to not be a lot of M/M, human/human vore coming through so allow me to lead the charge! I might have some feederism between these two as well, just a thought but if you're all game for that drop down a comment pls <3
And also never fear, I have made a document detailing all the current future characters I have in mind xD so there'll be getting their folders soon, keep an eye out you might be able to deduce what type of Pred/Prey there'll be from their initials te he he (~*3*)~
Honestly I must admit I did struggle writing this one as my phone itself has decided to fall apart as well and onscreen keyboards for computers are fucking useless for a fast typer like me. But I got a few kind words and compliments through "shouts" I think they're called lmfao which really gave me the boost I needed to get this one finished. Y'all honestly really play into the "Fabulous audience" from my userpage ;) thanks a bunch ^^
That said, if you haven't already read Harvey's entry, wow. Thank you for the courtesy ;3; if you have? I hoped you enjoyed :D why suffer without providing people with joy and masturbation material xD.
And ohh, little thing before I fuck off for a few weeks writing more entries, I might have the story focused bits (which are usually at the start) as "previews" so when I send out the whole thing you can skip over to that last paragraph or whatnot to get straight to the juicy parts @[email protected]
If you're wondering "is that all said and done?" Yep it is hahaha :p if ya really enjoyed it how's about you drop me a cheeky comment ;)

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