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Engulfed by, The Seat of Royalty By Septia -- Report

Leaving the comfort of the hive and sent out on a royal mission, the dubbed "royal throne" is intercepted on its way to canterlot, but a a spectre of nightly hunger in search of a midnight snack...

This story was a Donation commission for Chrono, under the Vivid Value donation tier, many thanks goes out to them.

This story is part of a Chronicle, independant stories in a series that is not updated continuously. When updates come, you will find a link here.
1st Story: Against, The seat of Royalty.
2nd Story: Within, The Seat of Royalty.
3rd Story: You are here.
4th Story: Descending, The Seat of Royalty.

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[Character Quote: "H-how m-much of that... actually happened? I mean, I hope nothing did, of course, of course... just a little bit..." -Chrono the Throne ]

[Quick guide:

Caught helpless, female pred ambushing and devouring male prey, same size oral vore, soft vore. Taunting, teasing the meal's fate, unwilling prey, sentient soft digestion.

After 1st: Realisation, shaking, arrival at the ultimate destination.

After 2nd: Epilogue: Gas, teasing, foreshadowing. ]


Cent: short term for centimetre.]

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Posted by JasmineAnderson 3 months ago Report

I love it! Keep going :))


Posted by whitpey 3 months ago Report

Will do.