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Echidna Wars DX is Haaard! By Scaylid00d -- Report

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Some prey are skilled at evading would-be preds. They have a knack for keeping themselves undigested. Others... not so much ❤

Maybe some time in a naga's tummy will improve poor Sachiho's dodging abilities~...

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Drawn for practicing my approach to lighting :D The background is taken entirely from the game Echidna Wars DX, and modified only slightly. The aim was to place a character of my own into the scene, and make her fit in with the background as closely as possible.

This exercise proved simple enough for now. All the in-game characters are brightly lit. The next time I practice lighting will be with more shadow and a discernible light-source. I'm working up to reliably being able to highlight features on a character's body without lineart.

Eventually I also want to mess around with pixel-art, but I know that's a skillset all on its own! 0w0

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Posted by mirrormind101 1 year ago Report

I know the game but not the name!

Hey that rimed!


Posted by frans7 1 year ago Report

Echidna Wars DX (AKA Milia Wars). As long as memory serves me well.


Posted by mirrormind101 1 year ago Report

Ah right. Thanks ^^


Posted by MotherOfMonsters 1 year ago Report

Sachiho was an excellent choice for this. You did well putting the pieces together. <3


Posted by thecommenter86 1 year ago Report

is it possible to do an internal image of this?? Looks amazing


Posted by xblurp 1 year ago Report

Love this game, love the pic.


Posted by Acen 1 year ago Report

Looks amazing,
always good to see more Echidna Wars DX art


Posted by BloodKnight 1 year ago Report

Echinda Wars is a great game, would love to see more of your work in this ;P


Posted by frans7 1 year ago Report

Legendary game meets legendary artist. Thank you!


Posted by Vorelover101 1 year ago Report

I love this game so so much >w<


Posted by Altimos 1 year ago Report

Hahaha.... PERFECT!!! <3 <3 <3


Posted by unknownincognitoguy 1 year ago Report

Damn, this is hot


Posted by Griffon29 1 year ago Report

Echidna Wars DX vore is sexy as hell, and Lamia vore is always a plus. All those nice strong coils...


Posted by jaebomber 1 year ago Report

I like this it’s good


Posted by Zepdek 1 year ago Report

I actually got the game because of this art. It's really good!


Posted by linthia 1 year ago Report

Love the tail bulge here~!


Posted by Sohip 1 year ago Report

This is my favorite vore game! I bought both games to support the game developer. Would love to see more draws like this but maybe with more internal please? :D


Posted by golly88 1 year ago Report

If it isn't too much trouble, could you tell me where I could get this game?


Posted by GeneralUrist 1 year ago Report

Oh wow, rare to see fanart of this game. Cool!


Posted by Daduke 1 year ago Report

I always thought they were doing unbirth in Milk is Wars but I like this interpretation more :D


Posted by essedess 1 year ago Report

That game is great, I just wish it didn't have that startup thing that forces you to use it to start up the game.
If I understand it right it makes sure you actually bought the game by connecting back to the dlsite...maybe?