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Barbecue Discount By Scaylid00d -- Report

Orc-Meat is such a common commodity, it is essentially a staple amongst all the known realms. Orcs reproduce so plentifully, they practically breed in litters, which makes them a naturally efficient surplus meat.

However, making an Orc your prey is no easy task, owing to their incredible strength. This is why you don't ordinarily try breeding or keeping them like regular humanoid livestock. Despite this, take a stroll through any market, even in smaller outskirt towns. Chances are great that every pantry has a healthy stock of Orc. The better-skilled hunters, rogues and even bandits are always happy to help fill out the bounties with fresh catches.

Now, anyone can find and buy their own Orc-Meat, but it takes a skilled chef to craft such common and often (unfairly) denigrated meat into a filling, savoury joy. This is where Phallicia the half-sex Elf shines through brightest. She puts out bounties for all the cutest boy and girl-orcs in the surrounding forests and hills. Lucky for us, Phallicia's latest bounty netted her a generously-endowed catch!

Today, she's out near the entrance of her town, having fun showing off her latest prize. Look, her green-skinned slab of meat is still twitching on the spit! Is the orc-girl getting off to this~? That's part of Phallicia's delicate touch, she can impale you so gracefully, you'll hardly even feel it before her skewer's poking out your other side ❤ This Orcling will have plenty of time to enjoy the smell of her own juicy meat sizzling over the coals. Gosh, just one of those simmering breasts is enough to keep any beefy warrior fed for a day~

You're in luck, Phallicia set herself up on your route into town. You are greeted by this sight, and by such a generous bargain, too! Are you the kind of traveler to indulge in her deal, or, would you more readily wait your turn on her skewer~...? ❤

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

This proved to be a tough and challenging project. I didn't have so much trouble constructing it, but I went back and forth on the stylistic approach WAY too much >w>;

My original vision for this was a more simple monochrome drawing of mostly shaded lineart, featuring only tasteful highlights of red where expressly necessary. Somehow the red highlights never sat right, and leaving it all-grey, or tinted in one color made it appear too flat.

I scrapped this, and moved on to try a full-color approach instead, but against my better judgement. The reason I say this, is that I'm rarely satisfied with a colorized pic when I didn't plan on it from the start. Too much improvisation and experimentation takes place. Finally, I went for a "half-colorized" picture as you see here.

Coming back to this drawing a few times, I like it a lot better now. The orc-girl was meant to be the focus of the pic, and the detail I put into her luckily pulls this off. At the very least I feel I learned one or two key lessons here, but it cost a meaty load of time.

As a bonus, there's an alternative monochrome version available of this on my Pixiv submission here:
Maybe you like one over the other? c:

It's been a while since I did a cooking drawing, and overall it was a fun challenge. I think I'm finally developing a linework style I'm really comfortable with, and one that I'll be able to reliably use, to make more regular drawings in less time. Let's see!

Hope you like it! \^ , ^/

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Posted by Cookingart 1 year ago Report

Mm mm! Roast orc girl, wonder they can cook goblin girl? :9


Posted by LordStorm 1 year ago Report

Orc meat may be common, but that orc does have above average breast meat ;)


Posted by emikochan 1 year ago Report

oh gosh this is yummy, perfect :)


Posted by HornetSama 1 year ago Report

reminds me of something i once read in 4chan about a guy getting killer diarrhea after eating roasted orc


Posted by KuroNekoChan 1 year ago Report

orc meat is underrated but tasty


Posted by Ento 1 year ago Report

Very nice muscle meat~


Posted by KaiserDunk 1 year ago Report

That orc looks like she'll turn out succulent and delicious after roasting at a slow turn like that. Makes me think I might be next on the menu.


Posted by MarcDioceco 1 year ago Report

Good thing I'm not an orc =D


Posted by KaiserDunk 1 year ago Report

I get the feeling that the Elves don't care what species you are; if they find you then you're on that day's menu.


Posted by ehfinewhatever 1 year ago Report

So, they just cook without a flame?


Posted by d1982 1 year ago Report

You actually want coals, not a flame, when cooking out of doors.


Posted by Farian 1 year ago Report

Wow the way you have drawn those breasts with such an accurate, natural droop is amazing!


Posted by Farian 1 year ago Report

Wow the way you have drawn those breasts with such an accurate, natural droop is amazing!


Posted by shepard1707 1 year ago Report

Christ I want a dnd setting like this. ~X<3


Posted by d1982 1 year ago Report

I love this and I love the short stories that go along with your pictures! It's such a turn on that there is always the option to grab a plate or climb on a plate.


Posted by NachosIsNonSenSe 2 months ago Report

I love your artwork