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Zoe Noms U 2 By CakeInferno -- Report

Uploaded: 3 years ago

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Here's a new animation! Phew... this one has probably been the most elaborate thing I've ever animated here. I've already had some small snippets of Zoe talking in one of the more recent animations, but this new POV project was done after a lengthy script and has Zoe talking for almost the entire animation! The film was planned to be released quite a bit earlier, which has me admitting that I've underestimated the time that goes into hand-animating speech quite a bit. There was certainly the point where I considered drastically cutting down the script, but in the end I managed to pull through with the entire animation!


So far the feedback on Zoe babbling away has been pretty positive. I have to admit that I might still go back to smaller phrases in the future, mainly due to the amount of work that goes into animating these long sentences. Big thanks to  Hestia042 for lending Zoe her voice in this animation! Think this film would've never been possible without her, so make sure to send her some love!

Note that this is an extended version of the animation with a few additional scenes. I've been aware of the recent leak and always find it a little difficult to comment on these, safe for saying that it only adds more stress to an already swamped schedule and takes away a lot of the enjoyment of publicly releasing these animations. Since this is getting a little common, I'm preparing a few measurements for the future, which will likely result in copyright strikes. So there's a heads up for channels that have a lot of videos under their hood!

As always, fancier versions up to 4K/HDR available on Patreon:

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Posted by walkingbyself 3 years ago Report

Not sure if it was my computer. But a bit of an static near the end. Otherwise, this was an awesome video!


Posted by Sakie 3 years ago Report

I was wondering why it was on YouTube and not here or your furfinnity for the past few weeks. Sorry this keeps happening to you


Posted by TaciturnTiger 3 years ago Report

Oh wow, this is amazing stuff as always! And awesome to hear a lot more dialogue from Zoe, as done by the ever-awesome Hestia too. uwu


Posted by Wolfknight130 3 years ago Report

Sadly it just keeps buffering on MEGA. Hoping to see it later.


Posted by Sinikka 3 years ago Report

I have no idea what this video is like yet. Has anyone found a fix for Mega not loading?


Posted by deathknight 3 years ago Report

Zoeper girl is not a good name silly fox!


Posted by SexyWolfie6399 3 years ago Report

Is it too soon to assume this is part of trilogy or if there will be another sequel down the line?


Posted by rabidPsionic 3 years ago Report

Clearly, the prey doesn't like the name "Zoeper Girl".


Posted by OrcaVoreIsBestVore 3 years ago Report

Being eaten by such a cutie-patootie is one thing, but a name like that is where that prey draws the line. XD


Posted by Humbug 3 years ago Report

Jesus Christ, that lip sync. I can't imagine how hard that must've been to animate properly.

Also, thanks for bringing Hestia to my attention. I'd avoided doing voice stuff in my animations up to this point because of how awkward it would be to get someone outside of the community or not comfortable doing VA work to say stuff like this, but she's both talented AND into vore stuff, so she's on my radar as a hire now. :D


Posted by Arbon 3 years ago Report

Be sure to spread the word around, I first found her on some voice acting site and then later discovered she had an FA account. Does more than just vore, but she's rather good at it.


Posted by Humbug 3 years ago Report

Already doing so among my friends. :)


Posted by shea123 3 years ago Report

Wonder if the prey will. Show up. In Zoe vore u 3 :3 or if he will just be another victim


Posted by Rubiont-47 3 years ago Report

Thanks you for this animation! This is turned out very lovely and cute. Looks like this is safe vore and I am terrible happy with it


Posted by StaticBlue 3 years ago Report

Zoe is always so much fun X3


Posted by POPObro 3 years ago Report

epic video dude love the odd mario sound effects in there too lol


Posted by Thanatos2k 3 years ago Report

This is pretty good


Posted by Novalori 3 years ago Report

These are always so good, loving the internal shots and sounds, they still just make me want to see a full on digestion sequence ~ but like always, great work~

Big D

Posted by Big D 3 years ago Report


Big D

Posted by Big D 3 years ago Report

Welp, just finished watching this and Holy fuck is it amazing. both your work and Hestia's. I can confirm that there seems to be a wee bit of static near the end.


Posted by firefox01 3 years ago Report

I cannot believe you put in a marvel end credit scene in this! such a great touch!


Posted by LightSpeed 3 years ago Report

After I download it and try to play the video, all I get is a Black Screen, no picture.


Posted by MirceaKitsune 3 years ago Report

So wonderful and incredible once more. Thank you! I'm glad there exists someone in this world doing something so amazing in this genre.


Posted by Markules93 3 years ago Report

Looking forward to Zoe Noms U 3!


Posted by voraphile 3 years ago Report

Amazing work !

However, there are 3 things I dislike:
- the prey character is toonish and unrealistic.
- the prey is clothed.
- the prey is visibly female (which kinda breaks the POV aspect for male viewers :-P)


Posted by CrystalKiller88 3 years ago Report

I know I say this practically every time you upload a video, but THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU'VE EVER MADE! I LOVE hearing Zoe talk more and she sounds SO GOOD!


Posted by rbrdiesel 3 years ago Report

wonderful work as always <3


Posted by saitofang 3 years ago Report

that "cheeky little thing" always gets me. I love that you're supposed to stay down mentality of preds.


Posted by JackJackal 3 years ago Report



Posted by largerarge 3 years ago Report

i don't know how someone has got this on youtube weeks before you shown us this. still, great work as always


Posted by JesseClark9 3 years ago Report

Dude, I'm becoming a Patron real soon, believe that >w>


Posted by Darjus 3 years ago Report

A scorpion quote for a fox :P


Posted by Eliwood 3 years ago Report

The yoshi sound effects are too perfect.


Posted by mrme2000 3 years ago Report


I've been ignoring it on pornhub for so long now....


Posted by TunaCans 3 years ago Report

Ive seen no leak sir, and Zoe seems more like a real person after seeing this. Thank you for all of your hard work


Posted by Kasra 3 years ago Report

Absolutely amazing work! The facial details are astoundingly good, right down to that "curious" lip bite.

And I'm sorry people keep uploading your work. Maybe the strikes will knock some sense into them.


Posted by Gtsvore18 3 years ago Report

Dude, this was definitely the best one yet! The way you were able to animate her mouth moving when she talked with Hestia's voice and her facial expression, just phenomenal! I also loved that sorta MCU reference at the end! One question though now that Hestia is done with voice acting who are you going to use to voice Zoe now?


Posted by AlimentaryArtist 3 years ago Report

So sorry to hear about your content being leaked. I hate that for you. AS always though, great work!


Posted by Birichino 3 years ago Report

It's interesting having such a vocal Zoe, but you did great work with it. Lip-syncing can't be easy, though, so it's fair if you want to scale that back.

And it's COMPLETELY fair to copyright strike people posting your content without your consent. I'm sorry that's happening to you.


Posted by Bright 3 years ago Report

That kick at the end, love it!


Posted by Optica 3 years ago Report

Fun fact: you can use BBCode in comments to get links working.

For example:

Anyways, this entire POV is fantastic! ❤


Posted by CakeInferno 3 years ago Report

Sadly the link command didn't work. But it worked with url! (:


Posted by VorishFoxie 3 years ago Report

absolutely amazing and wonderful work as always! the voice acting was adorable~ just lovely ^^


Posted by frostiey 3 years ago Report

That was awesome dude and well worth the wait.


Posted by JamKat 3 years ago Report

WOW 0//.//0 This is come incredible work!

Holy cow, great animation Cake!
Also, wonderful voice Hestia! <3


Posted by somedude601 3 years ago Report

You're a legend my friend.


Posted by wolfSnack 3 years ago Report

As incredible as always! Thank you for your awesome work~


Posted by atak 3 years ago Report

Holy crap this is an awesome, and amazing animation. Such a gorgeous mouth, and such a wonderful bit of teasing and toying around she got into. Made things just amazing and so enticing. Definitely makes me want to be a small figure around her! Love this piece to bits and can't wait to see more!


Posted by The_Prof 3 years ago Report

I don't know what's more painful for the prey... the acid or Zoe's naming


Posted by Ratchet 2 years ago Report

I pretty sure i heard a german fire truck in the background at the beginning of the animation or am i mistaken?


Posted by TheDragonBoy 1 year ago Report

I don't know how I haven't made this comment before now. But I think this might be my single favorite piece of vore media in existence. Thank you for posting such amazing work. I always look forward to everything new you put out.


Posted by Wirvla 1 year ago Report

Im sure im not the first to ask this, and the awnser is pobably somwhere and i just missed it... But have you ever considered making a VR animation? just curious about your thoughts on things like that.