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citrus x2 combo By Cerulesta -- Report

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good news! despite eating way too much in the midst of his despair, zenitsu found a girl that actually likes him and wants to date him after all!


its citrine

... he might be in over his head a little bit. :'> she just thinks he's so cute when he's all stuffed like that, and he's a desperate little babey so he doesn't wanna upset her by saying no, but he's starting to panic...

i wonder what might happen next >v>;; it's a real mystery! aaaa i'm sorry please forgive my sinful hand for oc x canon ships, it's shameful i know but i wanna give this poor boy the love he craves ;__; even if it's... kinda unorthodox. lol.

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Posted by CocoaTheRabbit 6 months ago Report

Ghhh, I love this?


Posted by KinoTheCat 6 months ago Report

This looks great, and I love your comment of "Hurray he found someone who likes him. Woops its Citrine!" xD Poor things.


Posted by Korokage 6 months ago Report

Hmmm. Yes good. This good boy needs TLC. And maybe some "citrus" in his diet~? ;3c


Posted by Cerulesta 6 months ago Report

yES HE REALLY DOES ;_; he's a sweet puff... he needs to be loved and held and cared for... and fed, because i'm a weird pervert, lol. he should definitely eat more lemons >v>;;


Posted by Belloc 6 months ago Report


That belly grip is an amazing detail. Seriously great work, Ceru!


Posted by Cerulesta 6 months ago Report

thank you! @[email protected] i uh... really like drawing hands smushing into guts... it shows off how soft they are and that's one of my favorite things. <3


Posted by Belloc 6 months ago Report

It's one of the best little details when a pred is fat, especially when it shows how soft and pliable the flesh is.


Posted by The_Prof 6 months ago Report

well let's hope we don't get a flavor of orange Yandere on our hands. Dunno if Zenitsu could handle that level of aggression


Posted by SVWriter 6 months ago Report

Hmm... I wonder if he'd react with panic or enthusiasm... Both feel within is character...

You've really made Zenitsu look adorable with your style!


Posted by gnostechnician 6 months ago Report

Never apologize for OC x canon ships, they give me life. Especially for Citrine, both of them deserve some love! Even if it goes a bit... pear-shaped, sometimes.