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Rottytops a zombie who could talk and walk like any other person walked through a small town. Her giant green breasts jiggled and flopped around with each step, her ass which many human women and men went to was huge and made everyone stare. Rottytops enjoyed eating people but not tearing them up, she likes them whole. Finally she found a bar, Rottytops went inside and many women and 1 man were there, she smiled and studied the room. Rottyops went to where the man was at the counter.
 "Hey sailor you come here often" asked Rottytops
 The man looked at her and smiled.
 "Everyday, I'm Sawyer" said the man
 Rottytops shook his hand and bit her lip. He had brown hair and was very muscular. The sexy bartender gave Sawyer a shot and Rottytops a gallon of beer. Sawyer looked surprised and laughed.
 "Watch this" said Rottytops
 Rottytops took her gallon of beer and chugged it all down with Sawyer looking in disbelief. Rottytops flat belly turned into a round beer belly after she was done. Rottytops set get glass down and looked Sawyer up and down.
She burped and got drunk enough to do anything she wanted.
 "Come on Sawyer lets have fun in the bathroom." said Rottytops
 She grabbed Sawyer and both went to the bathroom and picked a stall. Rottytops got nude and Sawyer was staring at her huge jugs. She turned around and bent her ass toward Sawyer.
 "Eat my ass Sawyer" said Rottytops
 He quickly got down and started to eat her ass. She moaned and grabbed the back of his head. Then all of sudden she pushed at his head and went inside her ass. She moaned and grabbed onto the toilet. Rottytops used her ass muscles and started to suck Sawyer inside her. Rottytops got a lot of pleasure of eating people with her anus. He grasped onto Rottytops booty cheeks but the rectum was stronger and pulled him half way in within seconds.
 "Oh yeah get in there already" said Rottytops
 His legs wiggled in the air as they slowly went inside. The asshole shut when his toes got inside and he made his way through her intestines to her stomach. Still naked Rottytops sat on the toilet with an enlarged gut moving around.
Sawyer punched and kicked the slimy walls. Beer and stomach acid sloshed around and on him. Rottytops didn't bother getting dressed and went back into the bar where many people were watching her.
 "Oh yeah forgot you were here, I guess I can have seconds" said Rottytops
 All 10 women including the bartender rushed Rottytops. Rottytops opened her mouth wide and 2 women slipped and fell into her maw. The others tried to get her down but she was to strong. The 2 women slid down Rottytops gullet and fell into the stomach with Sawyer. A girl went behind Rottytops and she sat on the girl. The women screamed as she was sucked up the ass and went through the intestines to fill Rottytops some more. The bartender was on a chair watching now as 2 women were under the gurgley belly and the other 2 were being sat on as well.
 "Well girls time to be apart of me" said Rottytops to her already eaten people
 Rottytops stroked her belly and felt the 4 people inside struggle to not die. While 4 were stuck and the bartender watched and started to finger herself. The other 2 women just left. Rottytops licked her lips and grabbed one of the girls she had and gulped her down adding 5 to her belly. The sexy bartender with green hair and big breasts grabbed the other girl stuck under the belly and to Rottytops surprise the Bartender ate the girl.
 "It looked hot and fun but I am stuffed now" said The Bartender
Both girls burped and giggled. Rottytops let the other girls go and chatted with the bartender while digesting her prey.
*Glorp slosh blorp*
The movement inside Rottytops have stopped and cracks were getting a little louder. Her green belly became smooth with skull imprints pushing her belly walls. The bartenders girl was in perfect shape but long gone, her air ran out and she was only meat now. Rottytops moaned as the 5 people melted into her tits and became fat.
 "The effects are amazing you will see" said Rottytops
 Rottytops farted and went to the bathroom. Logs of shit fell out of her, bones and hair mixed in with the shit came as well. The bartender heard the plopping sounds of the patrons and knew she was next to let hers out. Her belly was now smooth and the girl was all soupy. Rottytops shit 5 skulls out and flushed the toilet. While she walked out the Bartender came in with a pot belly and bigger breasts. Rottytops put her ear to the door and heard her grunt and fart. Finally Rottytops bit her lips to the moans and splashs of shit in the toilet. This went on for 10 minutes while Rottytops touched herself and finally a flush. The bartender came out and hugged Rottytops.
 "That was amazing, I want to do it again" said the bartender
 "Then come with me" said Rottytops
 The 2 girls went off to eat more people and eat more people they did
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The Bar By Coolwoman -- Report

Request for 2littlebigcreepers

Art by umkma

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Posted by 2littlebigcreepers 6 months ago Report

Nice! But I'm thankful zombies dont exist. Fantasy yes, real life no.


Posted by Coolwoman 6 months ago Report

Im glad you liked it


Posted by 2littlebigcreepers 6 months ago Report

*puts thumbs up here*


Posted by Civilbarbarian 6 months ago Report

Good stuff as usual, keep up the good work