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Jade was a 22 year old girl, she was 6 feet tall and very athletic. Jade walked in to her gym with a green tank top and pink booty shorts. The men always looked when she walked by and she knew that, her shorts made her butt look big and her boobs were smaller as well. Her skin body made many people jealous of her especially of the girl across the room. Across the room sitting on a bench breathing for dear life was Sandra, she was short and chubby, not fat but a lot bigger then other girls. She had a round belly and fat thighs, her boobs are big but she tried putting the effort to make her self like Jade. She hated Jade, they went to high school together and she made fun of her and Sandra always wanted her figure. Sandra wasn't fat because she ate too much it was more of what she ate, she enjoyed eating people whole which made her bigger. When she ate people her stomach killed them so she had to hide the bones she shit out, Sandra wanted to eat Jade but something else came to mind. After 2 hours of working out Jade was sweating and shining in the light, she decided that she did enough that day. Jade wiped her forehead and left the gym, she walked to the gym which took 5 minutes so she started to go back to her place. Trailing her from behind was the chubby Sandra. Jade called her boyfriend Will
 "Hey are you home" asked Jade
 "No I'm at the store need anything" asked Will
 "I need you home so you can dick me down, I'm just feeling horny and I want to do a new thing" said Jade biting her lip
 "Ooo sounds kinky I will be there soon love you" said Will
 "Love you too bye" said Jade
 Jade licked her lips and then jogged to her apartment. Sandra still behind get sighed and try jogging after her, they reached the building and Jade went to her room. Sandra saw Jade inside and then went over to the door. Sandra knocked on the door and heard Jade walk over. The door opened up and Jade saw Sandra.
 "Can I help you" asked Jade
 "No but your day might get a little worse" said Sandra
 Jade was gone say something until Sandra pushed her to the ground and punched her in the face. Sandra closed the door behind her and took the groaning Jade to the couch. Sandra stripped naked and then stripped Jade nude. Sandra loved Jade's body and wanted it but knew it would never happen.
 "For all the torment and jealousy you made me have you will be my belly slave for life" said Sandra
 Jade didn't want to say anything but this was her turn on. She couldn't let Sandra know she liked though, it might result in unintended consequences.
 "Rub my belly Jade" said Sandra
 Sandra got on her knees and started to pretend cry. She rubbed Sandra's flabby belly and heard groans from inside. Jade started to get wet and drip from her pussy. She squeezed her legs so Sandra wouldn't notice but she was loving it Sandra grabbed Jade's head and pushed it into her belly. Jade heard the gurgles and sloshing inside and didn't want to move. Jade heard the door open and Will walked in, he dropped the food for the sight. Sandra pushed Jade off her and stood up, she didn't know what to do.
 "What the fuck get away from her you pig" said Will
 Will rushed her and Sandra did what she had to. She opened her mouth and Will slipped in Jade's pussy juices and fell into Sandra's mouth. Jade put her hands to her mouth seeing her boyfriend getting eaten alive. She wanted to do that tonight but this might be better for her. Sandra gulped and pushed Will down her gullet even more. Jade started to masturbate and moan watching Will slowly go down Sandra. Sandra ate him pretty quickly and slurped his legs down like noodles. He curled up in Sandra's stomach and started to kick and struggle. Sandra noticed Jade and couldn't believe it.
 "Oh my god this your turn on, well this is gonna be fun" said Sandra
 "Im sorry but I will submit myself to be your belly slave just don't eat me" said Jade
 "Alright then, come rub my belly as I reduce your boyfriend to bones" said Sandra
 "Oh god please shit his bones out in front of me" said Jade
 Sandra giggled and Jade crawled over to Sandra, she grasped the belly and felt Will move around. His screaming face pushed agaisnt the walls and Jade pushed him back in
Sandra burped in Jade's face and she inhaled it all. Jade stopped rubbing and put her ear to the belly
*Mmmmmpphhhhhh GROAN SLOSH GURGLE*
Jade bit her lip and wanted Will to digest faster.
 "Hey if you stop again then up my belly button you go, lets taste it shall we" said Sandra
 Sandra pushed Jade into her navel and after a second Jade started to get inside the stomach. She saw Will melting and wanted it happen faster but she didn't want his fate. Sandra pulled Jade out who was covered in stomach acid.
 "Don't stop or it will your bones in a garbage can" said Sandra
 Jade went back to rubbing Sandra's tummy and large crack came from inside. The belly started to smooth out and Jade knew what was next. Sandra's belly shrank down a lot smaller and Will went to her ass and thighs. Sandra pushed the willing Jade off and pulled her pants down in front of her. She squatted down in front of Jade and squeezed. Jade licked her lips and soon bones started to come out of Sandra's ass. They were brown and corroded, Jade started to masturbate to Will's bones hitting the ground. No shit was on them but Jade was okay with that. Sandra shit out Will's skull and Jade picked it up and gave it a kiss. Sandra laid on the couch and slept. Jade slept on the ground and awaited for her master to wake, she wanted to feel and touch her so bad. She wanted Sandra to eat more people and shit their bones out like Will, only time will tell though if that happens. Jade was ready for anything.
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