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Mikasa Ackerman turned 19 today, it was February 10th and she hasn't really celebrated her birthday in a long time. Mikasa has been so busy with titans she didn't know what she wanted to do. Mikasa laid on her bed and started to think about it, it was her birthday and she maybe find something good to eat. Mikasa got up and started to look around the place she was for some food, she couldn't find anything suitable. Her belly rumbled, she was getting really hungry now and didn't know what to do. Mikasa went back to her room and sat in her bed feeling very hungry. Her door knob twisted and Mikasa looked at the door to see Sasha Braus walk in. Sasha was very attractive, her pretty face and hair was easily the best thing about her but Mikasa couldn't help but look her up and down. She had a pretty flat chest but a round ass. Mikasa wanted that ass, she was the opposite with a big chest and a flat ass.
 "Hey Mikasa I just came to say happy birthday" said Sasha
 Mikasa smiled, finally someone noticed or even acknowledged her birthday.
 "Thanks Sasha, do you have any food I'm starving" said Mikasa
 "I wish I did, I'm so hungry some of the people walking around looked tasty" said Sasha
 Sasha laughed at her own joke for a minute but that got Mikasa thinking. Mikasa looked over at Sasha, she was pretty skinny and wouldn't be to hard to subdue, she also looked very tasty. Mikasa licked her lips, she wanted to know how a whole person would feel in her belly. Sasha stopped laughing and saw Mikasa staring her down.
 "Mikasa are you okay, you look like you want to eat me or something with your hungry eyes" said Sasha
 "Somehthing like that" said Mikasa
 Sasha frowned and rolled her eyes
 "Alright I will leave you here and find some food" said Sasha
 "Its okay I think I already found some" said Mikasa
 Mikasa jumped up from her bed and tackled Sasha to the ground,Mikasa sat on Sasha pinned her arms down. Sasha couldn't move and tried to kick but it wasn't working.
 "Mikasa get off of me what are you doing" said Sasha
 "Im having dinner now shut up since food doesn't talk" said Mikasa
 Sasha didn't like what she said but really didn't like it when Mikasa opened her mouth wider then she has ever seen. Mikasa lowered herself toward Sasha's face and Sasha just yelled for help. Sasha barely said anything before her face was encased in the mouth. Mikasa got her lips and fit Sasha's whole head in her mouth, her cheeks bulged out a wiggled a little. Mikasa sucked on Sasha's head and licked her face. Sasha shook her face hoping the slimy tongue would stop touching her but that didn't work. Sasha could see the throat relaxing to fit her inside. A loud gulp echoed in her ears and Sasha's head went down the tube. Sasha screamed when she went down, the feeling of the throat muscles grasping at her face disgusted her.
 "Mikasa stop this please, its gross and unprofessional" said Sasha
 Mikasa couldn't understand a thing Sasha said but didn't care much to find out. Mikasa felt her throat and all she felt was the face of Sasha. Mikasa swallowed and reached to the point of Sasha's flat chest. Mikasa slipped the small boobs in her mouth and reached her tongue in between the white shirt. Sasha yelped and kinda moaned but didn't like what Mikasa was doing with her nipples.
 "Mikasa stop just spit me out this is weird" said Sasha
 Mikasa swallowed her breasts down and slowly ate up Sasha's belly. Mikasa liked the taste of Sasha's belly but the clothes she was wearing weren't that great. Mikasa unbuttoned Sasha's pants and pulled them off, she then slipped Sasha's panties off threw those away. Mikasa had to eat the shirt and bra but that was okay. Sasha yelped as Mikasa slapped her ass. Sasha was pushed into a chamber that smelt horrible. Sasha knew this was Mikasa's stomach, she heard it groan and felt the walls push out to fit her head. Mikasa lifted Sasha's legs into the air and practically let them slid into her. Slowly Sasha's ass became wet and her followed suit. Sasha got more and more balled up in Mikasa's stomach. She felt her ankles enter the mouth and finally her feet, nothing else was outside of Mikasa. Mikasa swallowed one last time and with one finger traced the last of Sasha to her stomach. Sasha was in a complete fetal position inside and hated it. Digestive acids were already ripping her clothes and she really didn't want to be naked. Mikasa sat on the floor and started to feel her belly. She felt Sasha move around a little and was enjoying it quite a bit.
 "Sasha you struggle more it feels good" said Mikasa
 Sasha couldnt hear Mikasa over the gurgles but Sasha did start to squirm. She pushed the walls and kicked at them hopeing they would break open. Sadly it didnt seem to work out for Sasha, all that did was make her tired. Her shirt melted away and so Sasha took her bra off. Mikasa felt something come up her throat.
Mikasa burped and out came a wet and acid filled bra. Mikasa giggled as she picked it up.
 "Thanks for the present Sasha" said Mikasa
 Sasha went into a fury of punches and kicks but failed to realize it was making digestion faster. She started to feel a lot more tired and finally she looked down to she the stomach acid was already half way up her body.
Mikasa burped again and now the air was harder to breathe for Sasha. She was heavily breathing and pushing the walls weakly. Sasha couldn't feel her legs and the rest of her body just burned.
 "Mik..Mikasa please.. let me..out" said Sasha weakly
Another burp and all the air was gone. Sasha passed out and the stomach had its way with her. The walls crushed her soft body and the acid submerged her. The curves on the outside slowly went smooth. Mikasa pushed against her belly and cracks would come out.
*Slosh gurgle*
The noises that came from her belly made Mikasa smile knowing Sasha was nothing but soup. This went on for an hour before the stomach's groans became louder then ever. Mikasa moaned and pushed against her belly. The mushy remains of Sasha were pushed into the intestines and made into fat and nutrients. Mikasa's flat ass turned into a fat ass. Mikasa squeezed her new butt and laughed.
 "Best birthday ever, thanks Sasha" said Mikasa
 Mikasa spanked herself which made a fart come out. Mikasa had to shit badly and the bathroom was to far away. She scanned the room and found a bucket. Mikasa quickly became nude and squatted over the bucket. Instantly shit poured into the bucket. Mikasa moaned and sighed in relief. Bones and hair came with the shit, fat logs splashed and filled the bucket. They were all soft and creamy and smelt horrible. Sasha's skull came out and was covered in shit. Mikasa shit on the skull and buried it to where it couldnt be seen. After 10 minutes of shitting Sasha out Mikasa finally stopped. She wiped using the bra she burped up and threw it over the shit.
 "What to do with this bucket, time to think" said Mikasa
 Mikasa then went on her bed and slept her ideas away
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Attack On Vore By Coolwoman -- Report

Another request for Arbus 1

Art by Jacksonyoyo

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Posted by Civilbarbarian 2 months ago Report

This one is pretty good, nice work


Posted by Coolwoman 2 months ago Report

Thank You!


Posted by Arbus1 2 months ago Report

Amazing story I love it!