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Center of The Sanctuary of Shadow and Darknes By Heimko -- Report

The Sanctuary of Shadow and Darkness is well hidden, as it should be. Inside lies many traps, gravity defying objects and shapes, mazes and monsters hidden in every shadowy corner, with the guardian, Skotádi Dorchadas, watching from the shadows.

At the center of the sanctuary, you'll find the Mask of Shadows floating above its pillar, unlike other mask which was locked inside the pillar, surrounded by a cloak of darkness, watching whoever enters with a malovent glare, almost as if it's alive, ploting, planing, scheming.

Behind the pillar and slightly besides it, is two huge stone tablets which depicts two other people. On the left, is a servant of The Leptys, the Elemental King Temelo Aingel, the leader of the shadow and darkness elemental. He also has dominian over some of the nightmares, not all of them, but some. He is neither benevolent or malevolent, and rarely interacts with the physical world unless he's either ordered to by The Leptys or if he feels like he has too.

The portrait to the right, showcases a member of the People of Prhys, other vise known as "prhyssians". This woman, is Laoch the Fairy, the prhyssian who bore the titel as "The Fairy" before Ly, who back than was known as Lysandra before shortening her name, got the titel. In prhyssian culture, a person's rank was often shown by how big their "mane" was. Ly is a unique exception to this rule, mostly due to living moving to The Glade as well where things was a bit different, if she had stayed on the Island of Prhys, she'd have grown a "mane" that would be equaly as big. Laoch was mostly focused on shadow magic and got pretty good at it, enough for her image to end up in The Sanctuary of Shadow and Darkness. Most people in The Glade doesn't really like shadow magic or trust it, some even having the whole "good magic evil magic" mindset. The People or Prhys was a bit more open when it comes to these type of magics, hence why it was also where the ratio of meeting shadow wizards, necromancers, pyromancers and so on was a bit more common then most places. Laoch wasn't evil, despite her scary appearence. She was however known to like to mess with people, especially since she was taller then the average prhyssian. Some people would also describe her a bit as a "pervert with a heart of gold". She was close friends with both Ly and Morgan, Morgan being Ly's older sister. What exactly happened to her is unknown, the only clue was a note that stated that she wanted to have Ly as her successor.

Trivia: "Laoch" means "Hero, Champion and Warrior" in gaelic.

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