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Razda Von Scorgan By Heimko -- Report

This is a character/OC of mine called “Razda Von Scorgan”. He’s basically an OC for two universes, which you will see below. He’s based on Zilla from the Godzilla franchise, if that wasn’t obvious for the kaiju fans out there.

UNDERTALE-UNIVERSE: In this universe, Razda is not a kaiju, though he still weights 300 pounds. He’s a normal monster who’s soul is that of “PATIANCE”. He lives with the Necrofang Clan, whenever he’s not living with the other monsters in monster-City. He used to be a part of the Royal Guard, back when they were all still trapped underground, and while he did like Undyne as a person, he did not like her as a leader, since he felt that her teachings and leadership skills turned the guard into a group who’s mind sets could be summerized as “FIGHT NOW! TALK LATER!”, and he did not like that. In battle he’s a very tactical opponent, trying to sabotage or gain advantages whenever he can, which includes blinding said opponent by blowing salt in their eyes through his nostrells. Besides his claws, teeth and back spikes, he has two special attacks. The first being “Necromatic Breath” where he fires a beam of concentrated necro-magic at the opponent, both damaging and leaving them in a state of poison damage. The second special attack is “Banshee scream” which does no damage, but lowers the opponents moral and defence, there’s an upgraded version called “Howl of Terror” though that takes a few seconds to charge up and causes his spikes to glow. Besides that, he often comes across as a “logic over emotions” to most people, but how much of this is true he keeps to himself. Besides that he really likes books and ravens/crows. As well as starting debates, because he knows he’d win at least 9/10 of them.

GODZILLA-VERSE: Razda was one of the original Zilla’s offsprings that was able to survive, alongside Zilla Jr.. While he was not as powerful as his brother, he did have a stronger breath attack, as well as a few other attacks under his belt. His two extra eyes was caused by a genetic mutation at birth. However during a fight against Gigan and Megalon, he ultimately payed the price, alongside Mothra. Mothra would later on be reborn as MechaMothra, while King Caesar would try and bring Razda back to life through a ritual, but due to the time that had passed and the ritual being messed up, Razda was reborn as an undead instead of a living creature. Ironically, the turn to undeath sharpened his mind and began to study the arts of magic under the guidance of King Caesar and MechaMothra.

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