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Little Diplomat teaser 1 By Yorel -- Report

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Having the task of dealing with outside threats in a large town can prove to be quite troublesome. Even more if one lives in a fantasy world, with magical powers and strong personalities which I totally didn’t rip-off from anime and cartoon obviously. Even more when the inner walls themselves hide problems and problematic people. Even more if what the -YEAH WE KNOW IT’S OBVIOUS THERE ARE DANGEROUS PREDS WHO CAN EAT PEOPLE DUH!! PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS YOREL, THIS IS EKAS >_<…

Soldiers and Diplomats. In the big city of Illica, both of them (should) ensure the safety of people. The former uses the surefire way. The people are what makes the town, and any danger to the cultural diversity of Illica has to vanish in a blink of eye. However, the outsiders are, too, responsible for the traditional riches of the city; They also have their lives, their morals, a handful of stardards and life experiences where their actions are, in a way, justifi-*thud*

-Or they are just unidimensional, typical fiction troupes who every inch of action taken converges, somehow, into some kind of sexual desire. -whilst opening a door you didn’t even know was here(here where?)barges in a white haired. Shirtless, the man translates his physical being into the sofa(what sofa?) , emerging himself into some slumber business.

And the latter includes this dude who just interrupted us. The task of a diplomat is hard, and only a few manages to pull it of effectively and constantly: find a way to end the threat without eliminating its host. An alternative way of reaching the objective, hence the difficulty of the job. In fact, only a few are known to be competent diplomats, but somehow he finds his way around. Want to find how? Huh? It might not be as obvious as you think…(or it is, idk).

But, in case you stay, let me warn you: it’s this guy’s -*points finger at sleeping dude*- daily life you are going to read about. Are you sure you want to stay? The door is right there(…just stop, this writing style has no shame).

Little Diplomat is a little project of mine where I try to partake in the world of storytelling and VORE OR WHY ELSE WOULD I BE HERE DUH. For now, the project won’t have a fixed upload schedule, since I’m both studying and working(and living by myself), and LD is more of a stress-relief for me. Nonetheless, the idea for the project is to mostly be composed by one-pagers or smaller chapters, while I gradually make 15+pages chapters dealing with the main thing of the story itself(the “diplomacy” with the hungry/lustful outsiders the main protagonist works with).

This “universe” represents my first time doing vore art(although this teaser is not a vore art and you've already failed with us Yorel you stupid dumb fire yourself from here). I am by no means an great artist nor a great writer, and starting in Eka’s community art gallery with an “”ambitious”” project like this probably shows my lack of maturity with art(hence the “Coming Soon” in the teaser, since I might not be able to handle my workload + LD). And my english ‘s kinda…improvised.

Oh but Yorel, why are you oh so eager about this LITTLE (ok I'm out) project of yours when you have already so much to do and, mainly, apparently loves to deprecate the F out of yourself and your ideas?

- I have always wanted to do comic stories and drawing/painting in general. Let's say that I'm not having the most wholesome time in my life. Hell, just the amount of fun I had doing this teasers makes dedicating time for them worth it.

-Also, let's say I'm not one of the bestest speakers of english out there. Doing these """pieces of art"""(here he goes again) is a great opportunity-and excuse-to go and study the language. Not only for vocabulary and grammar, but also the maneirisms in the oral languange and the several accents out there(which are required in crafting a good comic).

At least two more teasers are going to be uploaded sometime between today and the day after tomorrow, so stay tuned! I mean, should you stay tuned for it? Probably not, but why not? It's not like you are gonna die from seeing them... right?
PS: on teaser 3 I will talk a little bit more about the fetishes involved in LD. Just want to point out that I don’t plan on doing male preds, so if its your (only) gig, sorry.

PS.2: Well, apparently I don't even know how to write a functional text at all. I just saw a bunch of incomplete sentences in the middle of my description. Well, at least I'm more prepared to not make the same kind of mistake in the future.

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Posted by Ignoreme79 5 months ago Report

I'm looking forward to this. loving the teasers.