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Party Wipe By VividLucidity -- Report

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For Thith the goblin, her life is lived at the very bottom of the chain. She's not even a Level One opponent, she's just a footstool to other, more powerful goblins. She's the weakest one of the bunch. But when a group of heroes come to vanquish her goblin clan, and try to kill her last, she discovers an artefact with a useful ability. An ability to knock the heroes down in strength, while also increasing her own...


Another commission from PITA, with vore appearing in this tale. A little bit of a long piece with lots of vore and some other size related shenanigans.

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Posted by WizardLizard 1 year ago Report

Might just be that I’m on mobile, but I’m only seeing about a page’s worth of text. It’s stopping at the sixth paragraph, directly after the wizard espouses her hatred of goblins.


Posted by VividLucidity 1 year ago Report

I suggest downloading the PDF and read it there.


Posted by Prancer 6 months ago Report

Wow this was SO GOOD.


Posted by VividLucidity 6 months ago Report

Why thank you!