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Day 18 - Aliom By The Saint of Ravens -- Report

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For Day 18 we have something special, a custom member of my alien race~ Similar to Koko: and Momo: <3

Basically, the species is an ascended form of space jelly fish, which used to be non sentient and kept as pets by a decadent late tier space faring race. As time went on, the jelly fish started eating their owners, who were too far lost to decadence and nihilism to care, and as they did so, the jelly fish gained features of their owner's biology as well as their intellect.

Being former jellyfish, they have no bones and are super squishy, as well as cool to the touch. They also consume things solely with their lower holes, and anal vore is their main way of consumption. Their tongues generate a very slick saliva that they tend to coat their meals with before stuffing them away, but they cannot actually taste with them. Instead, their anuses are exceedingly sensitive, and they tend to appreciate the texture of the things that go in... and slide back out of them.

Also, their bellies are clear, so they can show off those melting inside~

Other than that, they are a very friendly and cheerful race of space travelers. Inquisitive and curious... and always eager to stuff new friends up their butts. They miiiiiight be a bit fuzzy on the concept, but are generally too darn squishy and happy to get mad at. They tend towards the larger side. This specimen standing at around 10 ft tall.

If you'd like to adopt her, please claim her below~ Comment and have $30 to send, and she's yours. All I ask is to keep fidelity to at least the basics of the species when using her ^^

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Posted by SpoilerWarning 1 month ago Report

I would like to claim her.

The Saint of Ravens

Posted by The Saint of Ravens 1 month ago Report

And claimed ^^


Posted by Paraffine 1 month ago Report

She goes to a good home :)


Posted by ABrinson27 1 month ago Report

Claim pls


Posted by Apostolos 1 month ago Report

Dammit a cutie has been claimed


Posted by DrashaTheImmortal 1 month ago Report



Posted by Persona59523 1 month ago Report

12 more days. Then you finally complete your challenge. Also, they are a race so we can make our own oc based off the race. Go wild

The Saint of Ravens

Posted by The Saint of Ravens 1 month ago Report

Yep, this is officially the furthest I've made it on the challenge~ And as long as people make the characters properly to the specs of the race, I don't mind.


Posted by SeekGr 1 month ago Report

Voracious nipples!


Posted by deej1011 1 month ago Report

They sound like a pretty neat species :3


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 1 month ago Report

ok i like this race ^^