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Genetics Class By BIGBIG -- Report

I thought it would be a fun thing to use one of my teacher crushes
from my earlier school years, so I tried to depict her in a slightly modified way.

Once again, a PTG (Predator Technology Genetics) world scene from a class of genetics.
These students study so they can make better genetic improvements on the serum that
makes some wealthy and influential women grow bigger, taller, stronger, and hungrier
so they can gobble them down easier — such irony.

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Posted by BellyLamp 6 months ago Report

Love the concept, framing, and the perception of weight!


Posted by TheDarkStar 6 months ago Report

Man, your teacher was hot.


Posted by Apostolos 6 months ago Report

I’m assuming they’re cloned daily in order to keep the class selections fully available


Posted by recoome5555 6 months ago Report

Are the 6 victims based off anyone like the teacher is?


Posted by BIGBIG 6 months ago Report

No, not really.


Posted by UnknownAlias 6 months ago Report

Wow! You've been working on this Jill's Mom sequel project for a looong time! it must be a long one. My anticipation is trough the roof!


Posted by JohnnyF102 6 months ago Report



Posted by JohnnyF102 6 months ago Report

Like legit one of the hottest teachers yo


Posted by AfraArt 6 months ago Report

Looks less like a school and more like a testing lab facility. Seems like they're all test rats in an experiment. Great Stuff BB! <3


Posted by ifdre 6 months ago Report

So, the teacher is actually going to digest the students, right? The teacher threw away their clothes.


Posted by Grixper 6 months ago Report

She’s not a monster! She recycled the clothes, not threw them away, sheesh.


Posted by Grixper 6 months ago Report

Lowkey hope some of those prey get used as preds later


Posted by ShumaGorath 6 months ago Report

Damn your teacher must have been sexy as hell, lucky.


Posted by BIGBIG 6 months ago Report

She still is ;D


Posted by whatisthissheet 6 months ago Report

Wish we could have seen more of the thumbnail girl, even in other roles, but such is vore. lol.


Posted by Rhaegaldragon 5 months ago Report

Ooooh lovely!

Vore boy

Posted by Vore boy 5 months ago Report

Awesome ^.^ I hope we see Miss. Anderson again. Her design is awesome!


Posted by Deska 5 months ago Report

Your PTG setting might be one of my absolute favorites! Heres hoping to see more of this classroom stuff! :D


Posted by plaguetyranno 5 months ago Report

For some reason, I'm most impressed with the attention to detail in the background!


Posted by DestroyMEinstead 2 months ago Report

I would love to see Gwen Palmer and the thumbnail girl in some future work! Out of curiosity have you ever considered doing some work that's closer to same size, more normalized proportions? Instead of gargantuan press with massive tits?