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IKKO (Default Form) By Badfurson -- Report

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Pertinent Information (TBA as necessary):

-The Black Sand Incident: An amorphous entity composed of a corrosive sand-like substance. Isle, along with several others, investigated a derelict space station and encountered it. It absorbed the majority of the crew and the station-as well as killing Isle. Isle was later reconstituted by a combination of both the DUSK as well as an 'artifact' he'd acquired beforehand. His body, however, remained empty until it somehow resuscitated itself under the control of a grouping of crutch personality traits he'd developed after various traumas. These shards congealed into a functioning mind, and named themselves IKKO.

-While IKKO was only first able to physically manifest itself after the departure of Isle's consciousness-it actually came into existence many years beforehand, as an adopted personality created to be a coping mechanism whilst Isle's damaged mind retreated to protect itself. Having come into being in a hostile, foreign environment, IKKO knows little of right and wrong, and often fails to correctly ascertain the wants and needs of others. It believes that if something makes it happy, others must enjoy it as well. This mentality has lead to many unfortunate accidents, most notably in cases in which IKKO cannot parse the victim's facial expressions.

-Can cherrypick, assimilate and mimic certain somatic traits and abilities; Shapeshifting into duplicates, copying physical magick abilities, and constantly modifying their form. However, extensive modification and overuse of stolen abilities will destabilize them and lead to Ikko transforming into their monstrous chimera state for an indiscernible period of time...



For the first-ish time, here to see, is the true form I inhabit here on the internet as well as a few other places. Obviously the design incorporates a version of the outfit you are no doubt familiar with by now-but aside from that, it also greatly resembles my own person. I would say the only obvious visual differences between myself and IKKO is the pallor skin tone, and their amazing thighs. Mine aren't that great... yet.

Drawn near perfectly to my design by  Thorstone, someone whom I'm hoping to make myself a return customer of, the next time they open for commissions again.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Spookems boyo


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Less intentionally frightening, more devastatingly clueless...


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Either way he's got a wonderful butt :p


Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 1 year ago Report

Nice butt


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Glad it's finally been drawn for you to admire it.


Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 1 year ago Report

heh, it's a very nice sexy butt