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[Commission] Botton of The Food Chain By YoukaiChan -- Report

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Commissioned by: KazSnackerton

Battles between Poke-Demis can be brutal. Especially when smaller ones, like Zi, face off against more seasoned - and more intimidating - opponents.
The Shinx had a trick up his sleeve - a new experimental battle item that may cut him down to size, but would make his evasive maneuvers outrun his Charizard opponent!
Unfortunetly, things go south very, very quickly...and Zi soon faces a most crushing defeat.

First commission done! Featuring Kaz's Shinx OC Zi and my Zard boy Carbon!

I really enjoyed drawing this one - Carbon is in need of some good ol' fashioned vore love of the soft kind and Zi was the perfect specimen to feed to him~


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Posted by Thejynxedlynx 10 months ago Report


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Posted by d3fn932bdeleted 10 months ago Report

Wonderful as always, Gen!!

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Posted by Kasra 10 months ago Report

...Think it would help to take him to a Pokecenter?

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Posted by HallaDeck 10 months ago Report

A boosted 3 Exp
That is the biggest insult of this entire comic, dieing to digestion? Nah. Being insulted before that death? Nah. Being only worth 3 Exp when the enemies exp is being BOOSTED is the biggest insult to that Shinx

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Posted by SleepyFighter 10 months ago Report

Fuck. That mouth of his looks so inviting.

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Posted by NaskiTheShark 10 months ago Report

I can't help but kinda feel bad for Zi, mainly cause he kinda had no chance, also, I swear that Carbon has a thing against Electric types

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Posted by Zeepher150 10 months ago Report

Totally perfect!

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Posted by lovemelikeyoudo210 10 months ago Report

I love this so much! Big bad boy preds, why he gotta pick on the small fry :'( I take comfort in knowing that at least he got to be inside a real badass Pokemon!

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