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It was a lovely autumn afternoon. The sky clear and leaves falling in preparation for the long cold winter. Chad would have done anything to be outside practicing with the rest of his football team. But his failing grades threatened his scholarship and so he was forced to stay in and study.
“A-Are you sure about thi-? Oh.”
Which was being made very difficult by his roommate.
“Ya, just give me your hands aaaand~” Shulk, glorp.
Chad had one ear covered with his hand while the other violently twiddled his pencil. It was a futile battle to comprehend the various mathematical noises with all the loud talking and disgusting noises going on behind him.
“Will you two be quiet!” Chad shouted, turning around to give the pair a nasty glare and instantly regretting it. His eyes fell upon his roommate, a white snow-leopard, bent over his lab partner, a pangolin, with arms in his dick up to the elbow. The unusual scaled back of his lab partner was on full display curving his legs that cupped around the feline’s rump…
Really it didn’t matter what either of the two were, as compared to what they were doing, it was irrelevant. Chad had never wanted to see another man naked, let alone two men with one shoving their arms down the other’s dick! Spinning around, Chad set his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes, as if he could erase the image from his brain.
“Sorry Chad…” came the reply from his roommate, Brian. “I thought you would be at practice tonigh- eep!” The startled squeak coming from the shulk of his shoulders being pulled right to the pulsating tip.
“Whatever” Chad growled, standing up and snapping his book closed. He made his way to the door, being certain not to look at them again. “Have the room faggots.” And with that he stepped out, slamming the door hard behind him.
“Urgh, finally.” Egor the pangolin sighed as the door closed, placing his hand on top of Brian’s head and pushing his snout into his dick. Head suddenly consumed, the feline began to thrash about, trying to pull himself free, yet held firm in the strong grip of armoured thighs. At first, Egor tried to ignore his partner’s struggles and obvious desire to get free, after having put this off for so long already. But his pitiful whining eventually caused him to ease up.
Brian pulled his head out and after a deep breath of fresh air, exclaimed through a pre-coated muzzle: “I have an idea!”
Chad returned to the dorm late that night, both because his study session in the library had been particularly unproductive, but also fearing what might be awaiting him back there. With a sigh of relief he entered into the empty dorm room. Hopefully he could get some peace and quiet without thinking about the disgusting squelches from the next bed over.
A bright burst of light woke Chad from his slumber. Brian and Egor were standing over him. In delicate white paws, Brian was holding a camera, holding it over his face and snapping from different angles. But Egor was much too close, right on top of him in fact! Chad shouted and lashed out, finding his wrists were bound and held close to the bed bars. “Mhmmmha!” Was all he got through the gag. A loud squelch filled the room when Chad tried to turn away.
...and suddenly it clicked in Chad’s head. With how Egor was positioned above him, the sliminess around his feet. Chad refused to look down.
“Get a shot of his backside too!” Egor instructed Brian, twisting Chad so his rear was on display. The feline eagerly clicked the camera, taking dozens of pictures, his barbed dick bobbing in front of him, flicking tiny flecks of clear seed onto Chad’s carefully groomed fur. A vicious glare over the shoulder was the only retort Chad could give, rendered pointless as Brian got a close-up shot of his face. All his squirming and kicking was for naught, with no leverage and nothing but slick walls around his feet. Egor hefting Chad’s rump to slip the lip of his dick up under him, Slipping over his stumpy little tail with ease.
The consumption of his waist sent a spike of panic up through Chad. Has his abdomen was quickly swallowed he started to lock up till he felt the rope tied around his wrists grow tight. Struck by realisation Chad set about using that rope to pull himself out of the dick with just his arms. Any lesser man would have failed but Chad’s massives muscles won out over the hunger of Egor’s dick and with a louch squelch pulled him back to his waist.
“Holy crap!” Exclaimed Egor. “Brain push him in. Hurry!” Brain tossed the camera away and rushed to Chads head. Placing his hands on Chad’s shoulders the little cat boy shoved him down with all his might. Egor also grabbed onto the Jock’s sides and pulled him down and clenched his dick far harder then the laxidasical pace he had been going at. It was still a massive struggle but slowly the ground Chad had suddenly taken back where consumed again by the dick. Chad feeling his arms giving out and that he had not made any more ground made one last desperate move. Letting go of the rope he dive down to grab Brian.
Chad’s fingers roughly dug into Brains skin but his fur slipped out of Chad’s grasp has the two’s combined efforts to stuff him sent him shooting down the dick suddenly after he let go. A choked “NOOOOOOO-” was the last thing head from chad before his head was consumed by pangolin dick. All the rest of his angry profanities where muffled beyond recognition by the now jock shaped bulge in Egor’s nuts. The only thing missing was the Jocks arms which where still heald from about the elbow from the dick by the cord that was wrapped around them. Despite this the two let out a breath of relief, breathing heavy after their exertion.
“I told you we should of drugged the lug head” complained Brain laying on the bed and staring at the groping hands still outside of Egor.
“He’s in isn’t he? Besides this next part would be so much harder if he wasn’t being such a willing particapent”. Egor stuck out his tongue and wiggled his butt over the thrashing form of the jock within his sac. “Now hurry and loosen the rope, I don’t think I’ll last much longer.” Eagor made a choked groan has a small glob of cum oozes from his tip.
Brain was quick to oblige. Losseing the cord bound to chads wrists, so eagor’s dick could finally consume the last of him. Once he was fully within the pangolins sac Egor resecured the cord and hurried to ready the ring they had prepared earlier, has Eagor was really moaning out now that Chad was more free to move. The cock ring had been secured around the cord by a bit of tape that was easy to remove and glide it over Eagor’s firm dick. Once at the base it shrunk securing it in place. Eagor cummed on the spot with a sigh of relief. Their where several spurts of cum of too the side do to the rope leaving his dick, several of which splattered onto Brains face. Brain wiped the cum off his face with a deep blush and licked it off his fingers. Eagor heard his purring and with a grin asked “Like it?” When Brain nodded blush growing deeper, Egor reached over grabbed his head and pushed his check into the side of his check into his dick that had cum dribbling down it. “Good because you have to drain me dry”.
It was several hours of awkward sucking, and licking with several porn breaks before Eagor said they were finally done. Brain suspects they went on far longer than was necessary has it didn’t take nearly that long for Eagor to run out of cum. The exhausted cat flopped onto the Pangolins large sac. Chad was still doing his best to hurt Brain but it was little more than a massage through to flesh that separated them. Brain loved the feeling. Purring and taunting the jock about his current fate. Looking up Eagor was adding various liquids into his dick with a sering, the whole point of their project. Brain couldn’t really be bothered to think about it right now. All that mattered was that he was no longer the subject of their experiment.
brian awoke to find that his pleasantly lumby and squirming bed had turned into a very soft very squishy bag. The idea was strange to him. Pressing his hand into the surface he found little resistance. Going further he pressed deep into eagor’s bloated sac but still found nothing solid, just the thick goopy nut butter. With a faint chuckle the slightly delirious snow leopard began to need the bloated sac back and forth, taking great pleasure in toying with what was once the rude jock he so despised. Suddenly the sac flesh lunged out at him with grasping hand like protrusions. Brian syoweld has he jumped back accidentally sending himself off the bed and, crasinghing to the floor. Eagor rose with a large Yawn calmly wiping away the sleep from his eyes and looking at the cat quizzically. “What’s the fuss about Brian” Brain couldn’t bring himself to speack and simply pointed a quizering paw at the bulges in his sac, that now took the blurry shape of a face along with the two paws. Eagor looked down for a bit before smiling and pressing his own hand into the bulge of the face, and jiggle it about causing all the shapes to disappear. “Hmmm yes the subject has dissolved quit nicely,”
Now he could stand and properly feel over his sac that still proceeded to wiggle on it’s own. “Yep completely soft, hehehe” Eagor’s chuckle was deep and sinister, sending a chill down Brian’s spine. “It worked! All that was Chad has been rendered down to this malleable cum. Now for the final component!” Eagor whipped around on Brian with his hard member so fast that Brain flinched back fearful he was still going to end up down that spire. But Eagor did not approach but instead spread open his dick to him and shout “to test how malleable he is! Brain! Cum in my dick and add your DNA to the mix!”
Brain was stopped in his cowering to look back at the bulky Pangolin and blink. Eyes quickly darting from his nearly manic face to his dick whole spread open for him to the very energetic if soft bulges of his bloated sac. It was too much for the not fully awake Snow leopard’s brain who could only muster a confused “what?”
Eagor was confused as well by Brain’s lack of action, and his brain quickly settled on the snow leopards flacid dick has the problem. “Ah yes I see you need a bit of help first this morning”. Quickly he strood over to Brian. Brien still not certain what was going on tried to scoot away from eagor but just wound up in the corner of the room. The Pangolin was also unexpectedly strong and easily brushed aside his protests to lean his head down to Bien’s dick extend his long tongue out to poke into Brien’s sheath. Brain’s whole body went stiff, quickly losing control has the tongue snaked all over his sheath, sensually rubbing along his soft spines, and quickly getting him erect. Once fully erect Eagor wrapped his whole tongue around the shaft and pulled his own mouth down around it. His long muzzle fit over it like a glove. Without moving his head he sucked over, and wiggled his whole tongue over it. Eagor pulled off when Brien was at the edge of orgasum who let out a pleading yowl. But Eagor’s mouth was quickly replaced with dick that slipped over and clapped down on Brien’s shaft with a deep hunger. The dick pulsed, suckaling on Brien’s shaft only a few times before he could take no more and cum the hardest he had ever cum.
Not even his sight could function in the deep lust haze that Brien had been left in after that incredible orgasum. The only thing he was aware of was the pleasure tingling in every one of his extremities and the rapid breathing has he lungs desperately tried to catch up. Then there was something being forced into his mouth and a liquid pouring down his throat before he could react. He jerked away coughing “what the hell was that!” Brien shouted.
“Just a little mixture to ensure you can keep up that performance for a while. I will do everything possible to ensure a success so we’ll be extracting far more DNA out of you by tonight”. Eagor’s dick clamped down hard on Brien’s semi flaccid shaft has the warmth quickly spreading out from his gut reached his dick and caused it to quickly harden. Brien gulped fearful of what he was about to be in for.
“Are we done yet” Biren asked desperately while laying on the floor, Eagor kneeled over him who’s dick was stick suckling on his dick like a starving beast.
Eagor looked away from the book he was reading down at the Snow Leopard briefly before checking his phone. “Six hours. Should be good enough. '' Brian stood up pulling his dick up off of Brien in the process. “I feel we were getting to the end of what you could provide even with my booster anyway.
It was a great relief to Briens who’s breathing quickly became regular, while his dick quickly retreated back into his shaft after being released from that hungry beast. Left lying on the floor for the weakness in his limbs Brien looked up at Eagor standing in front of and staring out the window in confusion. Between heavy breaths he asked. “Is that all?”
Letting out a deep “hmmm” eagor stroked his long muzzle while looking at the people going by on the path below. “We shouldn’t get to complicated on the first experiment however a little something extra will really spice things up.” He patted his sac which got a bit of an angry bounce back though Chad was far more subdued now. “Of course that’s it!” Eagor’s eyes had spotted a busty fox jogging along the path outside and how many of the other student’s turned to watch the bewitching vixen pass by. “A Fox! Of course. Brien, go and fetch a todd and bring him here immediately!” When Eagor did not hear the door open immediately he turned around irritated “well what’s the hold up!?”
Brien weakly lifted one of his arms just a foot off the floor. “I can’t really move right now. Why don’t you do it?”
Eagor blinked. “Ah very well, you shall have till tonight to fetch us a todd. And well I currently violat the campuses decency rules so I won’t be going outside for a while. Eagor sloshed his sac around for a bit for emphasis.
One fox drained dry and a week later their project was ready. Chained to the floor with her hands and feet bound Chad had no choice but to take the group of old professors examining her. They were not gentle either, poking a groping her new body excitedly without remorse. The fact she was surrounded by pictures of her old glorious body wonderful old body made it extra humiliating, especially since half of them featured her half way down that asswholes cock. After being consumed the broth of chemicals she shocked in had broken her body down into a primal soup, that still managed to hold her soul. The pangolins own DNA had been expunged earlier, her’s had been wiped away in the breakdown process, to be replaced by a mixture of Snow Leopard and fox DNA. Although the result had in this case been mostly random Eagor explained how certain hormonal additives ensured that she had become fully female.
What was once a 6foot hulk of a man was now a short meek helpless girl. Her overall Colloer was black on her back and grey belly, though her black back had strands of silver that grew mor prominent towards the middle of her back. She also bore the distinctive black spots of a snow leopard though they were barely visible on her black back. Chad’s great size and physick had been stolen. Unavoidable loss in the conversion process, has Eagor had but it, but no doubt some of that mass had also been taken to fill out her now voluptuous ass and bosom, that the professors took great joy in. A bountiful bosom that was augmented by an equally bountiful chest floof that was indicative of luscious thick fur all over her body that made this room unbearably hot despite her nakedness, and which was truly luxurious to run one's fingers through has the professors where quick to confirm. Her tail was bushy and bore the overall shape of a foxes though it had the length and strength of a cat’s. Not use to a long tail at all it constantly flicked about has the professors pawed at it. She couldn’t even ask these jackasses to be gentle or, call for help has that Pangolin explained during the presentation, on the pieces he added to the mixture prevented her voice box from reforming making her completely mute.
Off to the side the two cohortes looked on with satisfaction. A fabulous score was gurentied for their final project with the unabashed excitement in their professors. Afterwords Eagor handed the leash of their subject to Brien. “Here, do whatever you want with her I don’t want the trouble. Besides i know this is personal for you.”
Brien took the leash from Eagor, extremely thankful but not sure how to express it to the odd man. Eagor didn’t give him the time to think about it before he just turned around and walked away. Brien instead turned to his former tormentor, and tightening his grip on her leash and pulled her head up from the floor to look him in the eye. With a menacing grin he said “lets head back to our room. Eagor was helping me test out a few of my own body mods, and I'm eager to try them out.”
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Been stuck on this for a long time. I'm still not really happy with it, and it's not been fully edited, but by now I just want to put this story behind me.

A more bizarre story meant to explore some of the alternatives to digestion.

If anything in this story really catches your fancy go and poke  LittleRover He tends to get distracted.

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