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Dragon Cock Snack 2 By 4lphaBravo -- Report

The final bits of Maylee were no longer present to the outside world anymore, the strange of hair being the final piece as they were slurped up like long strands of noodles. Travelling down that throbbing cum-tube, the musky tight hot cum riddled slimy insides drained her mind of any sort of reason and panic, only the thoughts of overpowering bliss coursing through her already broken mind. Before finally her body was forced to curl up inside those swollen balls, where she is now subjected to that caustic voracious semen, feeling that tingling sensation followed by numbing on various parts of her body, the audible sounds of digestion and churning sounding off as it replaced the moans and groans of their contents within thrashing and squirming all about.


Thank you to
for drawing this amazing piece, definentely will commission again in the future, trust me, it is worth the wait!

EDIT: The human girl is my OC, while the dragoness is a friend's OC of mine, a genderbent version of themselves named Michelle!

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Posted by Onepiecelover 5 months ago Report

yep very hot now dick inside a vagina pls hehe ^^ nice one is this dragon girl a oc from you ?


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 5 months ago Report

I shall be watching this with great interest.


Posted by moonlightshy 5 months ago Report