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Dragon Cock Snack 3 By 4lphaBravo -- Report

After a good few minutes of intense digestion, Maylee felt herself break apart and grow softer inside of that sack, the growing rising pool of semen overtaking more and more of her body as she begins to lose consciousness, cum entering her ass, pussy, mouth, ears, nose, you name it, it entered it. The caustic reproductive semen breaking her down from the inside out softly. Those balls that were once carrying a distorted humanoid bulge finally begun to smooth out as it nothing ever seemed to be in there in the first place. Then with one final squish and squeeze coming along with the assistance of Michelle stroking her cock... she finally busted forth from her urethra as those balls clenched with an intense motive to release all that built up pleasure in one explosive orgasm that caused all that semen to come spurting forth out in huge ropes and globs of what was once Maylee thrashing inside. A once functioning human being forever snuffed out of existence and left all over the ground, wall, or whatever it may be to be simply soaked up and to be left smelling up the place and left behind for history to simply forget it all~.


Thank you to
for drawing this amazing piece, definentely will commission again in the future, trust me, it is worth the wait!

EDIT: The human girl is my OC, while the dragoness is a friend's OC of mine, a genderbent version of themselves named Michelle!

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Posted by SaoYuuki 10 months ago Report

Damn, I would've made a good condom~


Posted by moonlightshy 10 months ago Report

your making a mess, whose gonna clean it now?