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Marcus usually hated the bus. On most days, he would of rather stayed home than ride this thing to go anywhere. But today was different. He didn’t mind the ride today. The 30 year old man had only his destination on his mind. That being to visit an old friend. An old friend Marcus had feelings for.
 The friend in question was a woman named Jodi. She and Marcus had gone to high school together. While nothing romantic ever sparked from their friendship, the man always had feelings for the girl. After high school, they would remain in contact off and on. Her going away to college while him flunking out of a local school. Marcus had a career of dead-ends. Even now living back at home with his mother.
 Jodi on the other hand excelled at her academics and became a licensed teacher. She had moved back to town after school and worked at the same High school the two had went to. She taught History at the school for a few years, until she met her husband. Marcus knew the man from school also. His name was Josh, and the men weren’t too friendly back in their youth.
 The two friends would still talk, Marcus even going to the couples wedding. The men made amends but he couldn’t bare to see people be happy and not himself. For the next few years they would then barely speak to one another. Both wrapped in their own private lives. Marcus with a string of bad relationships and Jodi happily married. He would notice one day on social media that she was expecting her first child.
 It was during this time, the woman had reached out to Marcus. It was casual talk maybe once every couple of months while the woman was bored at home. She had taken a sabbatical from work while pregnant. Josh made a ton of money at his job and even could do most of his work from home. The pair usually talked on days he wasn’t around. Marcus caught on to this and wondered if the flame was there in her heart also. The man couldn’t think of ruining a soon to be family and kept things casual.
 Jodi delivered a healthy baby boy a few months later. Marcus even visited her in the hospital and congratulated the couple on their child. Deep down though it did bother him. He felt this is the happiness that he deserved. Nothing had ever gone right for the man. Whatever good looks he had we’re gone. The man barely able to find a date compared to when he was younger. Marcus would always be flirting with girls in the halls in high school. He could get any girl he wanted. The man wished he would of done that with Jodi. Instead now alone with no hope of a happy ending.
 Over a year after that however, Marcus would soon be privy to some new hope. Jodi had messaged him one night asking if he could talk on the phone.She suspected that her husband had been cheating on her. Marcus was stunned. Jodi told him in detail of everything she suspected of her husband. And to make matters worse, she was pregnant with another child. She was only 3 months along and hadn’t told anyone the news. Jodi told Marcus that Josh was leaving for the next few days and wanted to see him in person tomorrow. She lived far out past the town near the country. Even though it would be a hassle for him, Marcus agreed.
 The bus finally stopped and Marcus still had some journey left. After about 2 miles of walking, he finally made it. Marcus knocked on her door. He was sweaty and trying his best to act natural. The man told himself not to think deeply into this, that she just needs a friend. Before he could gather his thoughts, the door opened. Marcus looked directly ahead at her beauty.
 Jodi had put on a few pounds of baby weight but still had her looks to her. The woman was only wearing a tank top, exposing her pale heavy breasts. Her long blonde hair draping down her shoulders as her big blue eyes locked on to his brown ones. Marcus tried not to stare as she invited him inside. He looked to his left to see her son watching tv in the living room in a playpen. The two went to the kitchen to talk.
 Over a cup of coffee she cried, and the man consulted the woman. She didn’t know what to do as she kept thinking about her children. She would rub her tiny bump every time she mentioned them. After about an hour, she had to feed her son. Marcus offered to leave the room but she told him to stay. He turned around as to try to show some modesty, but she called him out on it. The two laughed about it but to him it wasn’t causal. He was embarrassed that he may get an erection, but even that started to become a hassle for the man. Marcus watched as the woman exposed her left breast to feed her child.
 Jodi tried to continue the conversation as if everything was normal but Marcus had trouble focusing. Before too long, the child fell asleep. She invited him to follow her upstairs so she could lay her son down. The man followed her obviously. He couldn’t say no to anything she asked of him at this point. Marcus felt this might be his only chance to get closer to Jodi than ever. To maybe find happiness and love that he always wanted. A lifetime of no father, a lousy mother, shitty ex-girlfriends, and everything else might finally lead him to this moment.
 Jodi put the child in his crib and she turned around to look at Marcus. “Come” she told him grabbing his hand. His eyes widened and the girl raced with him out of the room and to her own. Once they were in, she closed the door. Jodi walked ever to Marcus. “ So, I couldn’t help but see you got a little nervous with my feeding there. I guess you wouldn’t like to see these again would you?” The woman says taking off her top. She had no bra underneath as her big breasts flopped out. Marcus was at a loss for words. This was it. He was finally going to be with Jodi. Before he could say anything she put her finger on his lips.
 “Don’t say anything. Just drink” she tells him moving Marcus’ head to her chest. The man latches on and starts to suck on her breasts. He digs his hands in ,more and more as milk flows down his throat. She smiles rubbing his head and she proceeds to unbutton his pants. Marcus doesn’t realize this however. The man is heavily dazed as his belly fills with her milk. To him it’s intoxicating as his mind wonders. If he had been aware though, he would of noticed some things were different.
 While Marcus was drinking from Jodi, his body was changing. After only 5 minutes of feeding, the man was already half is age. Looking more like the Marcus that Jodi knew from high school. The woman helping him out of his shirt as he went back to the other teet. She laid back and smiled as she watched him suckle on her. Marcus closed his eyes as she rocked his head back and forth and soon his body. By the time he finally realized it, Marcus had no teeth. The man looking up now at a bigger woman.
 “Is mommy’s new little baby all full” she said laughing at him. He looked at his now smaller arms and legs. Marcus wanted to talk but could only scream. He lost the ability to make words. His brain was still aware of most things, like how this wasn’t right, but couldn’t say it. Jodi laid the now 9 month infant down on the bed. He tossed and turned but couldn’t fully roll over. Marcus heard her talking to someone out in the hall. Only after a minute, he recognized the voice. The door opened again.
 “How you doing there little champ” says Josh as he walks into the room. The man was way more attractive than Marcus was about 20 minutes ago. With his rugged good looks, muscles, full head of hair, charm, and most of all, money. Josh had been the star football player at their high school. He used to sometimes bully Marcus, but it was nothing serious. Focusing more on academics than football, he landed a high paying job out of college. Reconnecting with Jodi after one day running into her at the store. Marcus hated him more for that. It had only been a few months since she had moved back when this happened, Marcus not working up the courage to ask her out.
 The couple leaned over and stared at the crying baby. “Look Marcus I’m sorry I tricked you. Josh isn’t having an affair and I’m not pregnant. This was the only way I could get you over here. You are too nice of a person sometimes. That’s why I want to give you a better chance.” Jodi says to him. “And I appreciate how you respected my wife Marcus, you never made any move at all over these years. “ Josh tells him. The infant man extremely confused cried more as he looked around the room. “ We are going to give you another chance Marcus, this time you will be happier” Jodi told him before Josh lifted him up.
 The woman moved to the bed as her husband carried the screaming Marcus. The baby thrashed around in his arms as he held it tight. Jodi got undressed and laid on the bed spread eagle. Her man moving closer with Marcus as he screamed louder. The couple hoping it didn’t wake their son. Josh starting to feed the man’s legs into his wife’s hungry pussy didn’t help. As more and more of him went in, the woman started to moan. The last thing Marcus saw was Josh’s face as Jodi climaxed and the rest of him slipped inside. The couple started to make out as Marcus curled up into the womb. He felt a sharp pinch in his stomach and soon realized he didn’t have to breathe.
 His mind started racing as he tried to figure out a way to escape. “Fresh start!” He kept saying to himself in his head but couldn’t quite make out what it meant. His memories started to slowly fade away. Jodi and Josh on the other hand started to make new ones. The man kissing his wives sore pussy with his head smashing up against Marcus. She moaned in pleasure once more as the man inside heard it all. Soon the couple started to have sex which was a roller coaster for the now child inside her. Marcus panicking as body was squished and moved around while the couple made love. Soon his home was flooded with what he knew was Josh’s cum. He cried in his mind as the sperm of his former enemy dug into his pores. It made Marcus tired as he drifted off to sleep.
 Jodi and Josh would spend the rest of the day together with their son. The family gathering around telling the little one that his sibling would be arriving in a few months. The child rubbing the belly, feeling Marcus as his age regressed more. Jodi’s body feeding off what parts of Marcus she wouldn’t need to energize herself and provide milk for her child. Josh also didn’t mind a drink of it now and then either. The milk wasn’t the cause of this, it was the coffee. Josh had a career in pharmaceuticals and had designed this drug in private. Jodi slipped it into the man’s coffee. The timing however would of convinced one otherwise though.
 Later that night the couple would have sex again. More of Josh’s DNA would sink into Marcus as he regressed more during the night. Jodi’s body had released one of her ovaries during the night to attach to Marcus. This sped things up as the couples genetics started to rewrite the previous ones. It would take a few more days of this before Marcus was no more. The man only being aware one more time while the couple made love when he himself was at 5 months. Feeling the rush of sperm once again flood his chamber to eat away at his being. His last thoughts being that wherever he was going, that he would Atleast be happy.
 After a week, the couple announced online that they were expecting a second child. A photo of her leaning back on Josh. Jodi’s little belly exposed, her husband’s hands caressing it. More of these would follow over the months as her pregnancy progressed. Josh loved to take them, always holding his wives belly. Knowing that he was cradling what remained of Marcus inside his wife. She cared more about Marcus than he did. Josh was doing this for her. But he could get some satisfaction though, knowing he bested a rival who wanted to fuck his wife.
 Jodi was more than happy to be pregnant again. She even went back to teaching some days during the week when one was needed. She planned after this baby to return full time. Jodi knew she needed to get her career back on track to be a good role model to her children. Especially when she found out she was having a daughter. She needed to show her that her mother was a strong woman. Jodi was happy that Josh’s sperm decided it was best for Marcus not to return as a male. Her husband was also, feeling a pride that he took away Marcus’ manhood.
 A few months later and it was delivery time. Marcus, well now Cassandra, was a lot easier going in than out. But after a while, Jodi delivered a healthy baby girl. She couldn’t be more happier then to hold her in her arms. Jodi looking down at the child smiling as she did before when it was her former friend.
Staring at her little blue eyes, stroking her soft light hair,Jodi loved what her body had done to Marcus. The man having let himself go became sad to even look at. Hearing from friends of hers who had dated him, he wasn’t the best in bed either. It was for the best that her and Josh’s genetics rewrote the kind soul he had. That spirit being better off in an adorable princess.
 After a day or so, the mother and daughter returned home as everyone welcome the new baby. She had tons of family who loved her very much, and was showered with many gifts. It was the love that Marcus always wanted, no one, even his own mom had cared he had gone missing. As Cassandra now, his soul would have a chance. If only she would ever know, but never would. The girl growing up with loving parents would never feel sadness on that level.
 Years and years would go by as the happy family reached their goals. Josh becoming a CEO at his job, making more money for his family. Jodi becoming a teacher again and eventually principal at the local high school. And she was glad she did also. Her son had become a terror throughout school and loved having an eye on him. She needed to steer him in the right directions. Once he go to high school, his act shaped up. As for her daughter, Cassandra grew into an amazing child. She excelled at school and sports and was good all around. The little girl being compassionate, happy, bubbly, and most of all gorgeous.
 By the time she reached high school, she was almost a spitting image of her mother at that age. Her attractive looks stopping all the boys. Jodi looking down the hall one day to see her daughter flirting with a boy by her locker. She smiled as it seemed maybe a bit of Marcus survived after all, only this time would be different. She watched as the boy grabbed her daughters butt and kiss her. The woman laughed to herself as she walked away. It might not be the restart Marcus wanted, but it would atlesst be a happy ending.
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A depressed lonely man finds his way into the life of an old High School crush.

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