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Kira hunts the hunter pg.2 By dyltron9000 -- Report

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This is the second page of my new project from the artist Reia on Twitter.

We're continuing the theme of Nintendo girls as victims.

I hope you enjoy!

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Posted by Thelegend27 5 months ago Report

That's really good


Posted by dyltron9000 5 months ago Report

Thank you! I'm very happy with it too


Posted by yEeTbOi 5 months ago Report

The suit looks much better on her .w.


Posted by dyltron9000 5 months ago Report

While I love Kira in her lingerie, I definitely don't disagree with you.


Posted by ErRynArya 5 months ago Report

Samus makes such a cute cum stain~


Posted by dyltron9000 5 months ago Report

Only way Samus would look better is as a creamy filling for a certain horny angel ;)


Posted by ErRynArya 5 months ago Report

You realize that if you filled my wife, with my birthday being tomorrow, I would be under compelled obligation to devour her. Right? ;P But I personally think it would be hotter for Kira to just splatter both my horny ass wife and a certain woof instead after using their bodies to empty all that samus-turned-cum into~


Posted by dyltron9000 5 months ago Report

I have the solution! Kira turns rune into a Samus filled twinki, then cock vored her, and turns a certain wolf into a Samus and rune filled cream pie, and then cock vores her and splatters what's left of the three all over place.

And that kids, is how art is made


Posted by ErRynArya 5 months ago Report

It's ingenious! Truly the perfect solution to this problem *and* she helps keep two wives United even in death x3 Such a thoughtful demoness~


Posted by PerkyPyra 2 months ago Report

Since this is non-canon, I have a very silly idea for why the Nintendo girls are getting devoured like this.

"Kira" is the project name of a very potent virus built by a very angry developer who lost their job with Nintendo after a disagreement. Angered by this, he decides to test his virus by sending it into the Nintendo games to destroy the popular females as some kind of revenge. She was a young loli at first because she was freshly programmed. So the first test was the dumbest Nintendo girl, who wouldn't be much of a risk in taking down. After Pyra's destruction tho, Kira began to absorb power from the meal and is steadily growing more intelligent and free thinking.

Pyra had been just buisness, which is why she was a single efficient panel comission, but Kira enjoyed herself while disposing of Camilla and savoured the process. And with Samus here, she had the free will and desire to obtain new clothing from her hunt and trying to find new pleasures in her kills.

Nintendo's games are being returned as leading ladies are removed, breaking the code of the games and angering customers. If Kira's vengeful hunger continues, they'll be out of buisness and this anonymous creator of the virtual Kira will succeed.

Is really stupid but just something I came up with after this series really inspired me cuz I love it so very much! I know you never imagined seeing your character used this way, with that first Pyra picture being a mistake and all. But that mistake led to my favourite vore pic of all time and I'm really happy it exists! ♡ Thank you!


Posted by awakener 2 months ago Report

I just read that and I kinda wish it was canon. That sounds like a wonderful idea to string all these panels together.