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Pretty Pony Pellet By doomfister -- Report

Twilight milled about at the train station lost in a good book, the mare having nothing better to do as she waited for a connecting train. The drab red brick structure offering very little to distract Twilights active mind, leaving her to flick through the pages of her book at a slow pace as she waited for her train to arrive. Twilight’s belly rumbling causing the unicorn to curse herself, as Pinkie’s cupcakes would have tided her over If she had not inhaled them on the first train ride. Without her friends who had seen her off, Twilight was left with hunger pangs and thankfully a good book, that she was digesting as she breathed in the musky smell of a well-aged antique classic.

The writing so vivid, the lapping of water upon the ships creaking hull, the cackle of seagulls, the smell of brine, the whole situation of this obsessive hunt for the mighty white whale unfurling behind her eyes in such a way that could only be achieved by a well-honed literary work. The unicorn getting lost in the story, and it was only the whistle of the train and the calling of the platform guard that managed to snap Twilight out of her lucid imagination, and she groggily stumbled onto the train, the purple pony not moving her violet eyes from the page for an instant as she found a nice window seat and continued her journey from the perspective of a salty sea captain on a quest of obsession. The train leaving the station and chugging along to the backdrop of a yellow and green painting as the engine pulled the carriages across miles of open scenic countryside. If Twilight had been more observant, she would have realised the sun was setting in the wrong direction for the journey she had meticulously planned, the train heading west instead of the planned east for her intended destination of Trottingham.
Unfortunately, the Unicorn was too distracted by the juicy details of her story that this nuanced observation escaped her, and she remained blissfully unaware of her mistake until the train was coming to a stop at the last station on the line.

Closing her book and returning it in her day bag, albeit only after ironing out a dozen or so crinkled dog-eared leaves from a previous reader's more brutish slog through the story, Twilight expected to see her chaperone from the Trottingham historical archives, but instead was met with a cold and desolate station. The place looking rather decrepit as a single flickering lamppost cast an off-yellow light upon what amounted to little more than a raised platform at the side of the track, as not even a roof offered shelter from the cold night wind that had seemed to have picked up with her arrival.

Looking left and right for someone to ask for assistance like a lost loiterer, Twilight found little other than a deserted shed that seemed to serve as a ticket office and a single dirt track that meandered with the contours of the land to a ramshackle town a short distance away. The glow of oil lamps creating a haze as the shadows of asymmetrical buildings gave a surrealist impression of the dwellings as if they had been drawn by an impressionist. A small sign sitting a few paces from the platform, giving a name to the impoverished place, “Mud,” which was a name so creative it had to have been chosen by a griffon.

This assessment was proven correct when Twilight wandered into the local public house after a short nocturnal stroll and found it empty baring a few griffons who were clearly in the cups. The barkeep looking more than a little disinterested as he cleaned a glass with a grotty rag that seemed to make the pint cup dirtier than when he started.

This crystal polishing came to an end when Twilight encroached on the bar, and the grimey griffon turned to face the equine interloper. The look of disdain on the avian's face was enough to sour milk, as he pursed his beak into a bitter sneer as if he had bitten into a lemon as he saw the beaming unicorn approaching him. The small mare looking somewhat lost as she gave a cheery smile and pulled herself onto a barstool built for a creature with an average build a head taller than the diminutive pony.

“Booze or board?” the barkeep asked bluntly, the assertiveness came as a shock to Twilight as he had forgotten how direct griffons could be.

“One glass of water please, and how much is a room?” asked Twilight, trying not to think about the fact the room would probably be a bed bug reserve, making the mare grateful she knew a spell to repel the vampiric varmints. The situation was not ideal, but thankfully the purple unicorn had brought bits with her for buying some souvenirs, and a warm room was infinitely better than roughing it on the platform under a pile of newspaper.

“2 silver starlings for the room, 1 copper crow for the water,” replied the griffon, the way he pronounced the “C’s” almost like a growl as if he was getting territorial. The currency not familiar to Twilight taking her aback as it meant she was further from home then she had first thought. The sound of running water filling the silence that had crept in as the griffon filled the glass, he had just been cleaning with water expecting at least the pittance transaction.

“Do you take bits?” asked Twilight skittishly, as that was the only coinage she had.

“pony bits…” he said as if pondering it, as Twilight flashed him a nervous smile hoping he would say yes

“, Pony bits are no good out here, I need something more real,” shut down the griffon, as he placed the glass down on the ringed countertop, not even bothering with one of the mouldy looking coasters that looked like stale biscuits.

“I don’t have anything else….” Stammered Twilight as she bordered on breaking down as she had been banking on the tavern taking her coin, and the sudden revelation was enough to put some of her uniform mane hairs out of place. The grimy griffon not looking the least bit sympathetic, as his claw reached out to return the slightly cloudy water to his possession, as he had no time for moochers. Twilight’s mind racing as the well-laid plans turned to shambles in the cold quagmire of reality, leaving the normally articulate unicorn lost for words.

“I will pay for the little ladies drink Gauge,” came a masculine voice over Twilight’s shoulder, the sound of a coin being tossed dinging in the air before it landed with a clang on the countertop where it reverberated for a moment like a bell.

“Always the mare’s man,” said the bartender, the eyeroll tangible in his words as his hand came down on the coin and he gave it a quick inspection to make sure it wasn’t counterfeit, before he relinquished his not so delectable looking water. The unseen knight in shining armour stepping to Twilight’s flank and taking the beverage and offering it to the grateful mare, as the unexpected charity was very much appreciated as its winded back in the meticulous mare’s psyche from going off the deep end.

The well-groomed griffon turning confidently to the smaller mare, well locking his golden peepers with her mauve irises that seemed to look into her soul in the way that only a griffon’s eagle eyes could. His hand swilling the glass slightly before he handed it to Twilight, who accepted it with a twinkle of her horn and a lavender sparkle of her magic.

“Thank you…” said Twilight, as she took a sip of the beverage, and was greatful it didn’t trigger her gag reflex like some swampy hard water. The cold liquid washing over her tongue in a refreshing wave and it made her all the more indebted to the unexpected generosity.

“Gavin,” said the griffon with a grin, as he put out a claw to shake, his talons neatly preened unlike his more dosser like compatriots.

“Twilight Sparkle,” returned the unicorn as she accepted the hoof shake, his nails scraping her frog as if he was tickling them. From there small talk developed as Twilight outlined her longwinded explanation for her failed expedition to Trottingham, and this might have continued if suddenly the unicorn did not suddenly begin to feel rather faint. her heather face going pale, as a daze began to creep over her eyes and the urge to pass out surfaced in her intellectual brain. At first, Twilight wrote it off as the disgusting hygiene at the pub giving her some kind of food poisoning, as her sheltered nativity was unable to comprehend somepony doing something malicious to a pony’s drink, leaving her gullible enough for her to fall right into the trap that was even now throttling her higher functions. The nature of this sickness didn’t matter though as Twilight’s newfound friend was always happy to help.

Gavin keying into the unicorns sudden slurring of words and flashing a friendly smile offered Twilight the option to stay the night at his home, which the mare was all too willing to accept as she was feeling rather ill to her stomach. From there it was a blur, a few hoof steps out the front door, and then she was falling the last registering sensation being her face impacting the dusty dirt as darkness washed over her vision like a dark cloud covering the moon.


Twilight groggily awoke with a stinging headache, as if someone was probing her brain with a hot poker. Her vision shaking as her pupils tried to settle but instead continued to overshoot leaving her unable to focus on anything as she lay prostrate on the floor. Even with her head ringing like a bell, Twilight could make out an outline leering over her that seemed to be staring down on her like a vulture would a carcass.

“Wakey, wakey,” came a familiar voice, the words like nails on a chalkboard as they raked over Twilight's brain like a drunken dredger. The statement causing Twilight to cringe, the motion of the recoil restrained as she felt her legs restrained, as she became aware of a sodden stimulation running up to around her gaskins. The damp warmth covering her back legs up to the cutiemarks the first thing she noticed, the feeling not unlike she had wet the bed like when she was a filly. But with bigger issues on her mind, like her restrained captivity Twilight glossed over this and inquisitive as ever asked a question as she came to.

“….Gavin….. Where am I?” groaned Twilight feeling very much hungover, as her eyes finally decided to focus allowing her to see the griffon in a floaty clarity as he kneeled Infront of her, so they were eye to eye. Twilight grimacing as she tried to cradle her head, but she found that just like her hindlegs her forelegs remained bunched up in some form of restrictive bondage, keeping her subdued and prostate with the rough floorboards. His calm breath coasting over Twilight’s muzzle as she let out much more haggard gasps for breaths, as he looked into her eyes as if savouring one last look of her pretty face.

“My home, I escorted you here when you began to feel sickly, like you requested,” he replied casually, the words sounding more like a wolf than a kind sheepdog, and it further stirred the feeling of unrest in Twilight’s stomach. a humid warmth on her frogs surfacing in her mind as her sluggish state began to warm up and her brain took stock on her biological functions. A hot wind periodically coursing over the small of her back, becoming detectable, as it danced over her curves and dissipated at her petite shoulders, the gusts of hot air causing her ears to flutter in aggravated flicks. Twilight ignoring the irritating wind, saying nothing and instead began fighting her defrosting intellect, so that she could attempt to manifest a spell, as she knew no good could come with her helplessly bundled up like a bouquet of flowers in the grasp of a no longer friendly friend.

“How cute,” said Gavin suddenly, as he saw Twilight’s brow crumple up as she tried to summon purple lightning to perhaps perturb the griffon, she now knew only had malicious intents. The pitiful resistance causing Gavin to smile as he just placed a hand on the mare’s cheek, as if to soothe her, the cold nature of it only sent daggers of dread into the unicorns now thundering heart. The unwanted contact of his palm causing Twilight to recoil slightly as the razor-sharp talons came a bit too close to her soft eye for comfort, the griffon simply smirking at the scared terror of this prey animal that had so willingly trusted its natural predator.
“My misses will love that spunk when you two get more intimate, but currently she is a bit too preoccupied to talk, though I am sure she would be more than willing to accommodate you in the meantime,” conversed Gavin as he continued to caress the now not so rosy cheek of his unwilling guest. Twilight was not listening, as she continued to concentrate, but she was getting nothing, her horn failing to start and remaining nothing more than a decorative fixture on her forehead. An eye-rolling grunt coming from behind Twilight that resonated over her legs in an alien manner, the sound causing Gavin to chuckle, but even at the strange sensation, the mare was too fixated on her magic to acknowledge the guttural jiggle that had just caressed her lower legs.

Twilight straining before suddenly getting rudely snapped out of her frantic focus by an abrupt jolting compression below her plump buttocks. The lurching contraction causing her irises to taper in shock, as the pervading wetness crept over the soft slabs of fatty flesh, forcing them flat as a sharp edge glided over the adipose domes like a straight razor. The inertia of the motion as she was flung forward enough to reinvigorate Twilight’s worming as she was forced from the floor and suddenly upright as whatever had struck her carried her upwards like a breaching whale.

Looking down Twilight had a kick to the head of a revelation as she realised what had groaned. The Pony losing her train of thought with a gasp as she was up to her waist in the throat of a chestnut brown hen griffon who seemed to smile around her body politely at the reveal that she had been casually devouring the unicorn who had been distracted by her mate. Gavin’s words having more meaning now, as Twilight suddenly realised, she meant to devour her, and it was enough to sober up the unicorn in a heartbeat. The small quirks making sense and now she was wide awake she began to scream, her wails loud and carrying, as she pleaded for someone to save her from these psychotic birds who intended to eat her like a sandwich.

There was no peristaltic tug, Twilight instead just slowly sinking down for a gravity-assisted feeding no different than a seagull might shovel down a mackerel. The well-read pony knowing this facet of avian morphology, but with the oozing caress creeping over her the dip of her hips and then ridding up her spine one vertebrae at a time she could do nothing but screech for help in a sound more primal then articulate. In a way this lazy swallow was all the scarier, the predator not making an active attempt to ingest her, instead Twilight’s own plump posterior was carrying her to her doom.

The steamy sauna-like interior of the throat riding up Twilight’s body in a slow meticulous creep, so that every inch of her fur was drenched in the molesting moistness of the dilating gullet.
The clear predigestive soaking into her fur, adding a darker hue to her lavender locks, that was soon set to overtake her entire organised form leaving it in spit stained shambles as she was devoured with impunity. Thinking fast Twilight tried to stop her descent to digestion, shoving her forehooves in an attempt to slow her freefall, the manicured mitts doing nothing but slotting into the small of her hips and slipping into the waiting oesophagus in a streamlined slurp. Panic overcoming reason as Twilight lost over a foot of her body to the dank darkness of the throat in a matter of seconds, as she continued to howl in the hope someone would stop in to stop her slow-motion digestive based dispatching.

the screaming seemed to last for eternity, but this frantic flailing had only gone on for a few seconds before Twilight felt her lips pinched closed by a pair of vice-like claws that clamped her long muzzle closed. The muffled nasal mewls continuing for a few more seconds until the self-inflicted migraine grew to great and Twilight complied to the hissing shush that has wispily crept from Gavin’s hooked beak. The whistling sound followed by a gentle claw booping Twilight’s pursed lips as the griffon made sure he had her attention, his stature shrinking as he continued to follow the unicorn downwards as she sank into his girlfriend like quicksand.

“No point resisting, you have no magic, no one is coming, just relax and slip into the stomach, as is your proper place as a pony,” Gavin mocked at the helpless nature of his guest now demoted to snack, who was visibly shivering as the nature of the situation began to sink in. the finger and claws pulling away as Twilight continued to strain, her horn lighting up and spattering a shimmering of purple sparks that did nothing but leave a coppery smell in the air as the tip of her cranial nimrod steamed from the temperature differential.

Gavin just smiling as he was confident in the strength of the magic suppressing roofie he had spiked the mares drink with, that even now left the powerful unicorn impotent. Her wonderous sorcerous powers replaced by a light show not unlike a dime-store sparkler, showering her scared face in luminous hues. Rainbows of prismatic power dancing from her horn but doing nothing than making a pretty light show that was soon growing dim as Twilight tired. Her face growing haggard, Twilight again looked down to see the smug lower bill and throat of her devourer who was making appeased sounds as the hen griffon was clearly enjoying the flavour of her unicorn treat. The tip of the beak skirting over the sternum, As Twilight looked at the phantom sensation that was her body bulging the griffons gullet, the rippling motions of her legs and hips through the veil of feathers really cementing that in a few minutes she would be little more than a dull bulge in this griffons midriff as it was abundantly clear the hen was capable of taking her as a meal.

“Don’t look so down….” said Gavin, his claw coming to Twilight’s chin, as he tilted her head back up, so they were eye to eye. The kind smile now gone, replaced by a sadistic gleam as he seemed to relish watching his girlfriend taking the pony as little more than protein.

“… we will be having lots of fun together, once your padding Georgia’s ass,” said Gavin, as a cruel joke that unlike his previous jabs caused the hen griffon to laugh, a snort of air running over Twilight’s shoulders as she inched ever closer to enveloping the squirming mare. These psychotic pranks prodding Twilight closer to the edge with their incessant pricks and seeing as her magical escape stratagem was bearing no fruit the unicorn began to beg.

“Please, I know princess Celestia,”

“I can give you anything if you just let me go…”



“A castle……”

“Anything!!!!” Twilight's pleading growing all the more desperate, as she felt the damp inner maw slip like a shawl over her shoulders leaving her but a distraught head protruding from a colourful beak that perfectly framed her frightened face. The moist inner maw cradling the back of Twilight’s head, folding her fidgeting ears down to allow her to slip in, in an orderly fashion as the scared student blurted out promises like a politician on election day.

A few more seconds of this were enough for tears rapidly welling in Twilight’s eyes like mountain springs as she realised her mewling for mercy was falling on deaf ears. The unicorn’s hind hooves slotting through a tight ring of muscle that pulsated as the poofy biological pastry dilated to allow the huge helping of horsemeat Twilight had been reduced to slid into the simmering stomach. her frogs hitting the bottom of the gastric chamber and she began to fold up as her own dead weight coasted her into the soon to be crammed and cramped gut.

Her sinking sensation only stopping when a firm hand grasped her horn like a door handle, holding the door on her digestion for but a moment as Gavin still wished to converse with his girlfriend’s cuisine. Twilight looking at him in silence as his golden eyes looked deep into her as if relishing the terror as he let her sweat for a few seconds as he mulled her weakness. Twilight flinching slightly as she felt Georgia’s tongue lap at her chin tasting the unicorn’s peachy cheeks seasoned with emotional salt, leaving the unicorn to take an uneasy ragged breath.

“Anything?” asked Gavin to reaffirm the offer the pony had spurted.

“A…Anything,” choked out Twilight as she let out a mental sigh of relieved anguish as the hope that she might be getting out of this alive helped alleviate the sweaty stress urging the unicorn’s shoulders down as if wanting to dunk her in the disgusting depths of this already gurgling gut.

“Well seeing my bird swallowing you is getting me rather hot and bothered, if you help relieve this…. Pressure we may be inclined to let you go as something other than a stain in the outhouse,” said Gavin as he forced Twilight’s head downwards so she could see his throbbing cock that was standing resolute like a lighthouse. The meaty staff twitching slightly as if it was a great leviathan being stirred, and Twilight’s face grimaced in disgust at the depravity the griffon had so casually suggested to her.

“No!!!!!” snapped Twilight, as even in these dire straits her dignity won out over the degenerate demands of her demented captor. The moment the words left her lips Gavin just released his grip and Twilight immediately began to sink into the oesophageal quagmire, Gavin’s hand moving so his finger pressed against Twilight’s muzzle as he applied the little force required to scoot her past the uvula and well on her way to her stomach sleepover.

“Shame, you will make a pretty pony pellet,” he said watching her ease backwards as little by little a pink rim began to overtake Twilight’s peripheral vision as she was sucked into the biological machine. The uvula scraping over the back of Twilight’s head, earing mummers from Georgia as the course filaments scrubbed the sensitive tissue. Twilight glancing around looking for some way out of this, but the only clarity she found was her imminent departure to the stomach.

“Okay, I will do it!!!”
capitulated Twilight in a childish shriek as she realised the griffon was not faffing around and performing head to this pretentious pigeon was the only way she was getting out of this in a state other than some post digestion leavings.

“I am glad you changed your mind,” smiled Gavin sinisterly, as he again grasped Twilight’s horn pulling her saliva drenched head a few inches out of the parted maw, to a confused grunt from Georgia. The back of Twilight’s normally straight mane stringy and sticky as it clung to her neck like a soggy tissue, leaving her looking half-drowned from her cavity capsizing. The griffon goading Twilight’s mouth to his musky loins as the mare reluctantly opened her mouth, before with a sudden thrust he parted the saliva strands with a rumbling crackle and the unicorn immediately gagged. The sudden choking lurch as Twilight’s entire body went rigid in a glugging gasp taking Georgia off guard and she stumbled slightly at the internal commotion, as Twilight’s tonsils were tickled by the knobbled knot of Gavin’s engorged member. The cock griffon then letting go of Twilight’s horn and letting the gravitational gulp continue with the only thing limiting the descent being Twilight’s spasming swallows.

“Hold on tight, or this is going to end with a burp,” teased Gavin, as he just let the slut sloppily suck his slong with her desperate swigs to sequester a seminal spillage. The little pony holding on to the ribbed rope relentlessly, as she knew this was the only chance she had to prevent her looming doom. Twilight’s throat tighter than Gavin had expected and it was enough for a low growling moan to rustle from his lungs, as he just savoured the compressing depths of the sucking surf washing over his manhood. The peristaltic portal making him wish Georgia had taken the whore headfirst so that he might have been able to explore the unicorns thighway, as he was sure her suffocating spasms would have milked male tears from his resolute soldier. The thoughts of this mares winking endzone upon his girth enough to make his scrotum squirm as it was a dark depravity cavity that much to his misses’ chagrin was superior for sensual stimulation to a griffon’s looser fen like piping.

He knew this game would be short, Twilight had to breathe, and right now precum was clogging her airways as she tried to drain his junk juice in the vain attempt that he might keep his promise other than just exploiting the mare meat as a responsive and receptive living fleshlight. The mare could feel herself slipping from the long-lubricated lifeline, as again the pink rim began to encase her head as she continued to disappear down the welcoming throat, that gradually eased its way over the back of her head at a snail’s pace. Her task seeming self-defeating as each jerk of the junk further lubricated it with loin leakage removing the little traction her greased gullet had in the first place, leaving her simply slowing her ingestion and soon enough she would submerge past the back of the throat. The stomach grasping at Twilight’s hinds as it groped her flanks with its corrugated surface as if trying to tickle her into releasing the johnson she was slurping on as if she were aggressively drinking a glass of water, as she did her best to maintain her tiny foothold of possible salvation.

Twilight’s tear-drenched eyes trembling in reluctant realisation as little by little her own weight overcame her gullets grip and each segment of the shaft slipped from her parted lips with spunk-soaked squelches. Twilight craning her neck as in her folly she tried to overcome the inevitable, but her biology required air, her chest burning for breath, and with a pop, the phallic bung began to ease free like a congested champagne cork. The fear of failure like a rainbow of doubt in Twilight’s eyes, as she began to drown on the delving dong, leaving her next few swallows as little more the sharp tugs as the unicorn put her all into the rapidly accelerating in rhythm rolls of her flinching throat.

It was too much, the death-grip of the puny pony white-knuckle before with a shuddering shake Gavin erupted a sexual sauce that suddenly sloshed down Twilight’s throat in a swirling surge. The unicorn immediately retching as some of the griffon gravy went down the wrong way, back flowing out her nostrils and hitting her wheezing airbags in a sudden stop. Twilight had to surface, her mouth opening as she coughed up a salty broth of marinated man mustard, and like that she slipped free from her tether and slipped past the precipice of the back of the throat in a hiccupping inhalation from Georgia as she claimed her now crème filled dinner.

Twilight had but a second to look at Gavin as she was enveloped by the smooth interior lumen of the oesophagus, that shrouded her in a claggy darkness. At that moment she looked at him a broken mare, her normally hope-filled eyes a blank as the stark realization this griffon saw her only as a snack truly sank in in a crushing wave of nihilism. Gavin made no attempt to stop it, he was spent so bared the mare’s reduction to food no mind as he just watched Twilight transform from a person to a dull lump tucked up tight in his girlfriend. There was a yelp, from there a few muffled meeps as Twilight was escorted down the tunnel to the stomach where she was bundled up in an uncomfortable fetal position. Georgia placing her hand on the lump that was Twilight's contorting cranium, guiding her in a smooth glide and forcing the fumbling face past the griffons collar bones leaving her just a unicorn-shaped lump that was no different than any other equine the griffoness had partaken in over the years, as all aspects of individuality was sapped from the flailing form leaving just a mass of meat to digest at the leisure of the more powerful predator.

Stowing her supper and suppressing a burp, Georgia wiped some lingering spunk from the tip of her beak, before licking it from her claw like the icing of a cake. The hen savouring the salty secretion upon her palate for a moment as the sauce mixed with the sweet aftertaste of the mare now filling out her middle with a comforting pressure. Twilight wriggling slightly, but in the strained stomach she could find no purchase and instead resorted to folding up neatly into naught but a quaking ball of nerdy flesh. The jism would digest no differently than the ponies meaty form, that had no doubt been padded by the inactive lifestyle of her sedentary librarian nature, though it's tart taste would help add a further zest to the bubbling burps that would manifest once digestion began to take its toll.

Georgia stroking her belly to position Twilight perfectly to stew, so that the pony’s pointy angles were pushed flush to the stomach wall to prevent any prodding pains. The palm stroking her feathers on her breast flat as she hoped to ease digestion, and as if to cement Gavin’s previous prediction, she let out a spittle laced burp concluding her hearty meal which even now was slowing its bumbling tactile resistance. The horn offering a problem as the skull refused to conform to the cellophane seal of the gut, that was until Gavin used his masculine prowess to force the head downwards, so Twilight's horn tucked harmlessly betwixt her thighs, chin to her sternum. The stomach wasting no time contracting to hold her in place like a pressed violet once Twilight had been subdued, leaving muffled mumbles all the unicorn could muster over the grumbling gloorps of the gastric sleeve.

“That was rather cruel,” finally spoke Georgia now her pipes were clear from the obstructing pony, her voice like a spring of flowing honey. Georgia’s gut cramping as she went to move, as Twilight was evidently upset about the loss of her limited air that had gone into the stomach with her, the mare now gasping with the departure of the stale atmosphere she had been hyperventilating on. Groaning and doubling over to dampen her meals death throes, Georgia let Twilight tucker herself out in a mad minute of uncoordinated strikes from the pony drowning in her midsection. The panic enough for Twilight’s horn to stutter to life as little more than an ineffective glowstick, showing a slight radiance through the skin, before like her struggles snuffing out into nothing more than a still silence as the unicorn surrendered her life to the stomach. A second smaller burp coming from Georgia’s gob, as with a press she vented Twilight's last breath as she compressed the no longer moving barrel forcing the postmortal gust from the submitted stiff in her acid flooded gut.

“I know, but it made you wet,” teased Gavin, as he removed himself from his girlfriends’ taut tummy, now that there was little point restraining the cadaver resting in her abdomen. Gavin slipping under her armpit so he could help her up with his broad shoulders, the motion leaving the incriminating wet patch that had drizzled from Georgia’s quim during the festivities. He knew such musky femcum would increase later in the night as the snaps and crackles of magically charged bones decalcifying would surely quake his inamorata’s innards as they discharged like pop rocks, fizzing like Mentos mints over her ovaries.

Bracing the weight of his bird and her bubbling cargo, Gavin helped her to the bedroom so that she might focus on the prudent issue of reducing her dinner to a soup like slurry as the stomach sluiced Twilight into a meaty stew. Ponies were the natural prey of griffons, and Twilight Sparkle was no different no matter how smart she thought she was, as at her core she was nothing more than an attractive bundle of nutrients. Her brain just a lump of fat to be melted from her gormless skull and converted into pudge padding the striking silhouette of Georgia’s shapely frame. Gavin already imagining the buxom boost this little flat tooth was going to add to her womanly features as he helped his stuffed sweetheart onto the shoddy mattress, they called a lovers bed. The old springs squeaking at the weight as the frame bowed slightly as Georgia settled, a sloshing in her midriff like a half-full barrel of water rolling down a hill as the gut was already hard at work liquidating Twilight's soft tissue assets. The skin peeling and sloughing off in hunks of hissing flesh that was beginning to fidget as the enzymes penetrated the nerves and snipped them like fine twine, starting a caustic cyclone, that began to rage as Georgia’s morphology prepared to juice the hefty helping of horse meat she had requisitioned.

“Yeah, but not as hard as seeing me take her made you,” teased Georgia, as she gave his cock a tap with her tail from the reclined position she had assumed to sleep off Twilight without her pressing uncomfortably against the griffon's lungs as she was converted from a solid to a slop. The fuzzy contact of her tail tuft causing Gavin’s cyclops to tremble, as the thought of popping the corpse in his girlfriend’s belly was enough to summon a half-mast from his trouser serpent. Gavin climbing onto the bed next to his lover, slotting behind her so his hips spooned hers and his entire front was graced by her warm fuzzy form, as he reached over her waist and cupped a feel on her stiff stomach as he began to molest the melty body within.

“You’re so sexy when you're stuffed,” he whispered in Georgia’s ear, as they just soaked in each other’s presence as they basked in a twin afterglow. Gavin’s a sunbeam of post-coitus dopamine, Georgia from the sated feeling of a feast of flesh nearly her own weight, urging both to go catatonic and sleep off the evening’s events. The tingling of unicorn bones thawing their magic tickling Gavin’s fingers as he just enjoyed the intimacy, waiting for his mates response to how he felt she was a living Madonna, but instead he just heard a gentle snoring as the excitement had gotten the better of his misses and she had gone off to have a lucid digestion induced dream.

This caused Gavin to give a long loving exhale, as he nuzzled up to his lover and closed his eyes, sleep coming quickly as he looked forward to rooting through Twilight's purse in the morning for hockable valuables. His hand draped over Georgia’s burbling middle, the distended abdomen slowly deflating with popping crunches, causing Gavin’s grip to pull ever closer as his girlfriend metabolized the meaty mass within her. By morning her middle was a small muffin top that was gently lapping at Gavin’s palm when the sun began to rise, and Georgia had to carefully slide his arm from her hip as to not rouse her significant other. Gavin’s hand feeling for her, as he subconsciously knew his beloved was no longer beside him and was blindly feeling for her form to continue the lovers embrace.

The motion of her getting up causing the weight in her bowels to shift making her feel rather green, as now the majority of a processed pony seemed to be sitting in her lower gut as a bloated pressure straining her intestinal lumen. The feeling familiar as this had not been Georgia’s first rodeo and she was well acquainted with the process of disposing of reconstituted equine, and she knew she was going to be spending a lengthy amount of time in the outhouse depositing this girthy turd occupying her large intestine. The process was hard and strenuous but normally a smooth session, as millennia of evolution had honed the griffon’s gastrointestinal biology perfectly to sorting ponies into their useful components.

Feeling her stomach complaining, a hand reminded her of the one undesirable quirk of eating ponies whole, taking form as a turgid mass pressed back as a phantom sensation in her interior. The hen looking out on the bleak morning sky and deciding she would rather not take the short external walk to the outhouse to expunge her velvety lower tubing, as the risk of a chocolate tail growing from her rear port was not currently an issue. Rolling her eyes, Georgia began to retch, the urge to pass the troublesome indigestible taking priority as it was giving her an acute morning sickness as the grotty furball loitered in her stomach and needed a prompt eviction.

Wheezing she felt the mass shift and begin to crawl back up through her sphincter as it brute-forced its way into the deflated crop and began to trickle along the throat in a slow-motion vomiting. The griffoness stooping over, hand grasping the wall, as she felt the dense mass prickled it's way up the undulating pipework. The process of passing a pellet hard on the in comparison to her stocky partner svelte avian, and she always had to strain herself to eject the technicolour leavings of her prismatic prey. Though Twilight had slid to the stomach smoothly, she was being stubborn coming back up and Georgia began to gag as the ruined mass of hair lodged in her throat leaving her to dry heave.

And like that Georgia could not breathe, her airways clogged by the impacted mass of Twilight’s corporeal form, the griffon’s eyes going wide as her mouth became flooded with drool in a hope it might dislodge the obstructing object with enough natural lubricant. Her chest heaving, ribs aching Georgia began to panic, as she realised there was a very real possibility that she had devoured would get the last laugh as she choked to death on her like a chicken bone. This fear passing in an instant as she felt a strong pair of arms take her from behind and with an abrupt compression, she felt her body jolt from a hymlic, as her partner had evidently woken and come to her aid.

The motion fluid and in an instant a comet of ruined hair flew from Georgia’s maw landing with a wet splat upon the floor in a small puddle of stomach secretions. The mass of hair and bones like a neat present of indigestible evidence of her attendant naughtiness, as it left little doubt to the person, she had reduced to protein the night prior. Twilight’s skull embedded in the pellet so its gormless grin peaked from a gristly veneer of the mares now scummy fur, a few teeth missing that would either be hidden in the messy mass or would be let out later when the remainder of Twilight was released out the back door. The spiralled horn shattered as it had been no doubt eroded by the hail of other stubborn bones grinding against it in the spin wash of the stomach, that left all the remaining calcium deposits that had been the mares skeletal system acid pitted and well-worn as they protruded from the surface of the purple orb the unicorn had been converted to. The only other vestiges of the self were a few off white hooves, the soft flesh melting away leaving the small cup-like keratin remains to litter the unigrades spin washed indigestibles, as Georgia left the egg-shaped mass to steam as she turned to her mate.

“Thanks,” she said with a deep breath, taking in the cold morning air like it was free.

“It’s no problem, you know I like to see what’s left after you dominate them,” replied Gavin as he preened Georgia’s face lovingly. The Griffoness returning the affection, as she had another browner load to deposit, and she suspected she would be servicing her boyfriend as she pinched off the butt butter Twilight had been relegated to. Not that she minded, that salty spurt would help to wash away the taste of her own bile, so taking his hand she led him to the W.C leaving Twilight neglected on the floor to cool…………..


Today we have something rather special, this is an art trade with  stanku who did the lovely story that can be found here: . I want to apologize that this took longer then I was expecting, but I ended up rewriting this about 5 times, and it ended up as a 7k word monster, so I hope you enjoy.

In addition to the lewd scrawlings of my demented mind, I managed to scrounge a commission from Crazy water ( ). Who is currently doing a sale on Commissions to pay for a parking ticket, so if you're after a Doom lemon now is the cheapest its probably ever going to get as I am giving him a hand to remove his debt to the man.

Aside from that, I hope you guys enjoy this monster of a story and the picture :)

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Posted by Stanku 5 months ago Report

Well, this was indeed an amazing story and all-too-worth the wait! The mood-setting was exemplary, really felt like a exerpt from the show itself with all the details, griffon coins and so on. Made Twilight sound exactly like she might in that situation, leading to the slow gulp sequence with delightful bullying and teasing. That was simply marvelous, among the best I'm read from you yet!


Posted by doomfister 5 months ago Report

I am very glad it met your expectations, it just kind of morphed into its own thing, hence why it took longer then i was expecting, as i kept having ideas that i somehow managed to fully shove into this story.


Posted by Speedyblupi 4 months ago Report

Where you've said "corporal" it should be "corporeal". Other than that, nice story.


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

fixed, and glad you liked it :)


Posted by sevensix 4 months ago Report

doomfister wrote:
In addition to the lewd scrawlings of my demented mind, I managed to scrounge a commission from Crazy water ( ). Who is currently doing a sale on Commissions to pay for a parking ticket, so if you're after a Doom lemon now is the cheapest its probably ever going to get as I am giving him a hand to remove his debt to the man.

I'm confused. What's a "Doom lemon", and how will commissioning art from Crazy water get me one?


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

A doom lemon is the short story in the description. I am doom and that is a lemon, hence a doom lemon.

The reason Crazy is mentioned is because we have an option in his commissions sheet that allows for a lemon to be added in to the comm as a nice picture story combination.


Posted by sevensix 4 months ago Report

Makes sense. (Although I don't actually see that option on his Derpibooru page.)


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

Information can be found here: :)


Posted by sevensix 4 months ago Report

I just see the same sheet. Am I blind?


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

its offered under the doomwaffer setting.:)