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Frakass From Yesterday To... you get the gist By Frakass -- Report

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To go with the uploading of a new version ( ) of this drawing ( ), I decided to also make a comparison piece, like the one I did 8 years ago.
I hope my progress shows ^^

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Posted by TW 5 months ago Report

Keep up the good work. It's amazing to see how you went from great to spectacular!


Posted by Bright 5 months ago Report

A steady but good improvement.


Posted by Jarmelhrax 5 months ago Report

Woah... 1996 was like more then 20 years ago. Hell, 2010 is almost a decade ago now.


I fell o l d


Posted by redgreenandblue 5 months ago Report

I love seeing this kind of post, because it shows how much an artist can improve in a short period of time. Keep up the good work, you make some of the best art in this site.


Posted by SaturniaBlue 5 months ago Report

I just think how it's impressive that these fetishes existed but just very few people knew about them and were most probably niche, but thanks to the internet now they're on the bloom.
In particular vore, I remember just barely 5 years ago there was barely any of it, or was way harder to find, anyway.


Posted by noisekeeper 5 months ago Report

Wow, time sure flies huh! Love to see all the progress you've been making over the years Frakass!


Posted by SerenaBlaze 5 months ago Report

You did bigger bellies back in 2010~ also... WOAH 1996!!!!! O.O your an OG vore artist very much!


Posted by SerenaBlaze 5 months ago Report

Vraiment incroyable! :0


Posted by GingerSnaps 5 months ago Report

mymy ! youvev gone through quite the transformation !


Posted by Dekkard2 5 months ago Report

god damn... I wish I had the discipline to git gud back in the 90s


Posted by neko1992 5 months ago Report

My word 1996 back when I was 4 years old also amazing improvement


Posted by Zen_Coyote 5 months ago Report

I'm surprised vore was a thing in the 90s


Posted by Indighost 5 months ago Report

So much progress!


Posted by SomeoneThatExists 5 months ago Report

Talk about a comparison. You really got better over time.


Posted by Lucky 5 months ago Report


Beautiful progression, I hope you have another 20+ years of improving! n n


Posted by DrakeHillside 5 months ago Report

Your progress certainly shows ~
You have come a long way with your awesome art. :3


Posted by JCA 3 months ago Report

Nice Work!! :)