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Chris sat in a room looking at a picture of Ashley his girlfriend, he turned it around and read the little message it had. His blonde hair was spiked up and he was only wearing underwear. A knock came at his door and he said come in, he thought it was Ashley but instead Emily came in. She was Asian decent and wore only a see through white shirt and pink panties.
 "Oh Emily what are you doing coming in here in that" said Chris
 "Because I'm horny and you are gonna give me some" said Emily
 Chris stood up and walked toward her
 "Get out" said Chris
 "If you don't fuck me then I will eat Ashley, remember that pile I made of Jessica, you want that to be Ashley" snarled Emily
 Chris stopped and thought about it. He remembered the shit covered skull and bones sticking out of the pile. He hated it and it haunts him to this day and he would never forgive himself if that happened to Ashley
 "Okay okay you got me" said Chris
 Emily smirked and took her shirt off revealing her fat tits. Chris watched her slowly take her panties off and throw them away. He looked at her pussy and she walked to him slowly until she had a grasp of his cock. She took his underwear off and pushed him onto his bed, she got on top of his dick and sat on it making it go up her slimy ass. She moaned and started to ride him going up and down.
 "Oh fuck Chris you are so big" said Emily
 Chris hated that it felt so good but had no choice. Emily was making him feel way to good that he cummed in 5 minutes. She stopped riding him and cum dripped from her ass.
 "Okay I fucked you now leave" said Chris
 "There is one last thing to do" said Emily
 She stood in front of Chris and smiled, she then held onto his shoulders and unhinged her jaw. He tried to scream but she stuffed his head in the waiting maw and closed. Emily moaned and swallowed, she was horny but her stomach longed for Chris. Her strong throat muscles pulled Chris in very quickly. In 3 gulps she was got to his abs, the sweat from sex made him a little salty but she didn't mind. His cock still with cum on it slid down her throat and his legs kicked as they went down her as well. One last swallow and Chris was sent to be fat for Emily. Her bulging gut moving and already starting to process him.
Emily burped and then sat on the bed, Chris punched the walls and made hand imprints for Emily to chuckle at.
All the movement was making her gassy.
 "Hey stop moving and just melt, you are my shit" said Emily
 He didn't listen of course resulting in another belch
 Ashley entered the house she was staying with Chris and others and went upstairs to see him. She really missed him and couldn't wait to finally see him Ashley reached the room and opened the door, to her surprise she saw a pile of clothes and a giant gut Emily was sporting.
 "Um I dont know what to say other then Chris is mine now" said Emily
 Ashley saw the screaming face of her boyfriend and just got angry
 "Jessica was one thing but you did it this time" said Ashley
 Ashley took her hat off letting her red hair drop and took her short jean shorts off. She went to Emily's feet and stuffed them in her mouth. Emily laughed as it kinda tickled
 "You cant get past my gut so have fun" said Emily
 Ashley was furious, Ashley rapidly started to pull Emily toward her and swallowed the thick legs down. Emily's fat ass took some time but ended up as bulges in Ashley's throat. It was time for the guy, Ashley started to open her mouth wider then Emily has ever seen. Ashley started to eat the big belly which sent Emily into a panick. She started to scream and thrash as slowly Ashley gulped the giant gut that used to be Chris down. Ashley finally ate the big belly and easily gulped down the rest of the screaming Emily. With Emily's face going down her throat Ashley took her spot on the bed and just started to rub her belly.
The giant squirming meal made Ashley belch and she was fine with that as long as Emily digests. Inside Emily, Chris was all mush already and Emily pushed down to crack him the rest up and have more room inside Ashley. The wet squishy walls pushed and rubbed against the fat belly of Emily breaking Chris up even more.
 "This serves you right for eating Chris and Jessica" said Ashley
 "Fuck Ashley I'm sorry I..I don't want to die oh god please let me out" said Emily
 Ashley looked at the face that started to bulge at her, and Ashley thought maybe this was wrong but then she remembered Emily ate Chris. Ashley started to hit her belly trying to make Emily in more pain. Emily started to scream as the fists and acid together were a combo which she never wanted to feel. Emily looked at her body which was mostly in acid, her belly shrunk a lot and poor Chris was only bowel movement to Emily. Emily instinctively spread her cheeks under the acid and started to push Chris out, logs of shit came out and floated to the top. Emily let Chris's skull out and screamed one last time before drowning. Ashley pushed against Emily's body grinding it up into paste. With the human shape gone Ashley sat back and farted, she chuckled and slapped her belly.
A loud belch shot out of her and she just passed out. The rest of Emily was churned up and thrown into the intestines of Ashley. Emily became part of Ashley's brand new fat tits and ass. Ashley woke up with pain in her rectum and squatted on the ground in her room. Her asshole opened up and a large brown bone filled turd fell to the ground. Her gaping ass stayed open for logs to pile up with bone and hair, the soft shit splattered her legs but she felt good. Giant loafs of shit just made Ashley moan, her ass never felt such pleasure when taking a shit. A hard object passed through and Emily's skull filled with feces fell on top and nicely completed it. Ashley wiped with clothes and left the pile for Sam to deal with.
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