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Nita #1
Nita laid on her couch, her arms outstretched as her squirming stomach shook with muffled cries of mercy.
  “You should have thought about bothering me in the middle of my game!” Nita snapped, as she struck what she believed to be the poor pizza girls skull, this got the reaction Nita was wanting, as her pale face carved itself into a smile.
  “That’s better…” Nita grumbled, withdrawing her fist from where she had caused impact, reaching over lazily for another slice of meat lovers pizza. Naturally, this wasn’t the first pizza of the day, nor was it the first delivery girl of the day, as random boxes for different fast food places littered the sadistic hedonists room.
  “Oh shut up! I can’t hear my anime!” Nita screeched, her husky voice getting lower as she threw her hand at the TV as if to show the struggling prey what she was doing, by doing this, Nita caused flecks of cheese and slices of pepperoni to splutter on the ground. It didn’t cause much of a difference.
The Pizza girls face was the definition of cute… Well, cute in the same vein a rabbit is, even though it is savagely being eaten by a larger predator. The poor girl, unknown to her, was currently soaking in the remains of a couple dozen other delivery girls, ranging from Chinese places, to burger joints.
The red soup of all the girls was slowly seering its way into the blondes flesh, the same fate befalling her like it did all of her sisters in service. Her vision was starting to go black, especially after another completely unprovoked punch landed squarely on her back.
Nita had a tired look on her face, even more so than her usual face advertised as her pupils slowly shrunk as the final death gurgle called out.
“Seriously? Game over for you already?” Nita scoughed, agitation in her voice, not realizing that she had basically broken the girls spine, and caused her victim to drown in cutie remains.
“Whatever… Guess I’ll just have to call another… Hope she lasts longer this time.” Nita snarled, picking up her cell phone, and giving the next place on her cravings list.
Michiko #1
  “What do you mean the pizza place doesn’t have anyone they can spare?” The pudgy, purple dragon girl whined as she draped her fat body over the couch. Her tail was trying its best to twitch like an annoyed cat, but it simply smashed the calmly painted vase that had been sitting on the stand right next to the couch.
  “I asked every one of your favorite places sister, and they said that they were all out…” Kiyomi frowned as she walked over to where the vase she had been keeping her cherry blossoms in had scattered its pieces.
  “Wait, did you ask about girls? Or food?” Michiko’s eyes widened as a glimmer of hope as she thought for the splittest of seconds Kiyomi had made an error.
  Kiyomki looked up at stary eyed fatass and sighed, sweeping up the last few pieces of glass. Michiko knew what the answer meant, and let her face flap down into the soft guest pillow they had sitting on the couch.
  “You do remember that Mimi is baking you cookies this afternoon… Right?” Kiyomi said, standing up as she walked over to the closet, grabbing a similar, yet differently colored vase and set it down where it’s fallen brethren had been.
  Michiko gasped, quickly jumping up, her tail whipping around in excitement and throwing the brand new vase down to the ground, the quick sound of the vase exploding was punctuated with Kiyomi trying her best to cover her worn out groans with her hands as Nita excitedly ran out of the house.
  “Michiko… Great… I guess I will clean it up again.” Kiyomi moaned, but as she was stretching down, a ring at the doorbell called her attention.
  “Oh right! Michiko had that toy arriving today…” Kiyomi’s eyes shifted with a look of intense interest once she realized what this meant.
  “Coming~” Kiyomi called out, her tail waving from side to side.
Mimi #1
  “Tut tut, you know good students get a brownie, and bad students get detention.” The motherly bear said, her body radiating warmth, but that might be because she had a couple students currently brewing away in her stomach, their complaints and name calling slowly turning to other noises.
  “Mmmmm, yet another batch done~” Mimi beamed as she leaned over, her stomach sloshing a little as it sagged to the floor. Mimi opened up the oven and carefully pulled out the chocolate chip cookies and pan they were situated in out with her cartoon bear covered oven mitts.
  “I do hope Michiko dear enjoys these~” Mimi said smiling as she talked to the slowly processing trouble makers. As she whiffed in another breath of baked sweets, the classical ‘ding dong’ of the doorbell made her soft ears perk up.
  “Oh! Goodness, I guess she is here!” Mimi quickly set the cookies down, and rushed over to not leave Michiko waiting. Outside of Mimi’s front door, Michiko was bouncing up and down, her tongue snaking in and out of her mouth as she playfully pumped her fists.
  “Hello Michiko dear, how are-” But Mimi was talking to the wind, as the moment Mimi opened her pleasantly white door, Michiko rushed past her, her only goal the cookies.
  Michiko picked up the tray, much to Mimi’s concern, but simply watched as Michiko swallowed all of the cookies in one big gulp, letting out a fiery belch.
  “Thank you Mimi, those were delicious!” Michiko licked her lips and Mimi smiled, giggling at the ‘younger’ women's craving for the sweets. As Michiko started to realize how far she ran, and how quickly she did, she started to notice her skin was sweatier and greasier than usual.
  “Wait…” Michiko started, noticing Mimi’s larger than usual tummy, with some off lumps.
  “Don’t tell me… Did you get to eat someone as well?” Michiko asked, her face the complete opposite of the bashful Mimi’s
  “Well, you know it’s my job to discipline naughter students-” But Michiko stuck up a clawed finger as cell phone indicated an incoming facetime call from Kiyomi.
  “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” The dragon NEET screeched as she saw what her sister wanted to show off. Mimi just gently shaking her head with a smile over the sisters antics, just happy that her baking was enjoyed.
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Smut, Vore, And OC's. Episode #1. By radmann -- Report

Welcome to the first part in this NEETflix original series haha.

Basically every now and then, I am going to write up SUPER short (usually under 500 words for each) stories involving my friends and my own OC's getting into all sorts of situations ranging from comedy, horror, action, sci-fi, fantasy, and just flat out sexy vore smut.

In this first line up we have my own OC Nita FINALLY getting a nice feast of her own, but at the expense of  maniacalfork own dragon NEET missing out on some important food. Thankfully  404error loving momma bear is there to save the day, before a final goof happens.

These will be a semi-consistent thing with lots of different characters coming in for the fun. They will be at random, and only when I have the time to do them, but I hope you all enjoy :)

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