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Claustrophobia By LoneCatboy -- Report

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“Are you sure it's safe to be doing this? I long has this place been abandoned?” Mandy asked, gazing at the old warehouse, before looking over to her boyfriend and their friend who had talked them into this whole thing.

“Don't worry, they haven't condemned it, yet. Hell, I don't even think they turned off the utilities to the place. They just kinda forgot about it, just like most of the old buildings in the city,” their friend Jaden replied with a nod of assurance. “We won't even be in there for very long, just long enough to look around and see if they left anything worth while. Look, we can fit right through the space between the those old boards there. Just squeeze right in, and squeeze right out.”

“I can maybe barely fit through that!” Mandy protested, stomping her foot.

“Come on, Jaden said, we won't be very long. When this is done, we can head over to my place and cuddle up with a movie or something. How does that sound?” Mandy's boyfriend Robbie inquired with a charming grin.

“Robbie...I don't like any of this. It's an old, creepy building, and I don't think we're even supposed to be here. But...fine. Let's just hurry and get this over with,” Mandy gave a defeated sigh, following Robbie and Jaden as they made their way through the small space between the boarded-up entrance and into the abandoned warehouse. As she had predicted, getting through the space was something of a chore, but it was manageable. Little did any of them know that they were not alone in the area. Someone else had invested interest in their plans.

In the alleyway across from the warehouse in question, a creature remained in the shadows, searching for something to quell the never-ending hunger she constantly felt. The voices of the bickering trio caught her attention, though she kept far enough away so as not to let them know she was around. “Ooh, those little morsels look mighty tasty. Don't go too far, my snacks...Trisha's coming to make a meal of you,” the devious garbage girl giggled, lightly rubbing her stomach while she formulated a plan to snag her next source of sustenance. How would she go about capturing her prey this time? It was far too boring to simply walk in behind them, announce her intentions, then try to chase them down. No, she wanted to have fun with them before they met their malodorous fate. Scanning the building with her dark green eyes, Trisha settled upon a storm drain that just so happened to be quite near the entrance of the warehouse the three explorers used. Surely she could think of a grand entrance coming from down in the sewer. With a plan in motion, Trisha checked to make sure the coast was clear before crossing over to the storm drain and slinking inside.

Landing with a thick splash, Trisha took a deep breath and smiled, “Oh, it smells almost as strong as the dump down here. If I ever get tired of life on the surface, I could always make this place my stinky domain.” The garbage girl took in her surroundings to see how she could begin her hunt, spying a drainage pipe overhead that seemed to lead straight up to the warehouse she was looking to enter. Now that she had a way in, she had to figure out how she was going to get up there. Luckily her body was malleable enough to push through virtually any space, but she needed some propulsion. Her sensitive nose guided her to another pipe nearby that was spewing out a copious amount of foul gas. “Ah, I think I might have an idea as to how to get my meal. This is bound to be fun!” Trisha laughed to herself, kneeling down in front of the pipe that belched out the rancid fumes. Licking her lips, she leaned in close, letting the rotten air invade her senses, “Mmm, so you're the one causing all that stink, huh? Mind if I have a taste? Hang tight up there, my meals...I'm gonna have a little appetizer before dinner.” With an eager moan, the garbage girl gave the pipe a few affectionate strokes and caresses, placing her lips around it and gulping down mouthful after mouthful of the noxious blasts emanating from within. The gas began to fill her smooth, stretchy body, pressing against her lining to the point where she began to inflate like a black, shiny, smelly balloon. This was exactly what she was hoping would happen. In mere moments, her ever-growing body was squeezing through the drainage pipe coming from the warehouse. It would not be long until she made her dramatic entrance.

Meanwhile, Mandy kept mostly to herself, standing in the middle of the desolate building while Jaden and Robbie looked around for anything useful. So far, nothing really seemed to be turning up. “Man, this is kind of a let down. I was hoping the workers would have forgotten some things when they were clearing out. What kind of work did they do in here, anyway?” Jaden asked with a frustrated grunt, kicking a piece of debris across the floor.

“I have no idea, but they must have either had to do a lot of cleaning, or there was a lot of liquid byproduct left from whatever they were making,” Robbie noted aloud, noticing the large number of drains he was seeing on the floor.

“Do all those drains lead under the building, Robbie?” Mandy inquired, trying to seem interested in what was going on. Oh, how she wished they would just leave and go do something, anything other than what they were doing.

Robbie nodded in response, “Yeah, but I have a feeling they probably all merge together before pouring out into the sewer.”

“Ew, that's gross.” Mandy gagged, trying not to think about where the drains ended up.

“Why did you even bring her, Robbie? She's only gonna stand there and give us shit for...wait, what's that? You guys hear that?” Jaden stopped mid-sentence as his ears flicked, a faint hissing sound coming to his attention that was not present before.

Mandy stood still for a moment, trying to listen in, “I don't hear anything.” It was then that, not an odd sound, but a terrible smell caught her attention. The scent was pungent and penetrating, like that of a long-forgotten dumpster or an unkempt bathroom, forcing her nose to scrunch up in response. “Eugh, but I do smell something awful. You didn't do that, did you Robbie?” She asked, grimacing at her boyfriend.

“Me? Why does it have be me? I....oh, there it is. Yeah, my body doesn't make that kind of smell. Ugh, that reeks! What is it?” Robbie had many questions, none of which would get to be answered, for all three of them would notice the sound of the drain caps in the floor being lifted up and knocked aside, as if something was coming up from underground. Further investigation would find that something was indeed pushing its way through the floor and expanding into the warehouse.

“What the fuck is that?!” Jaden gasped, pinching his nose as the awful stench of which the others were speaking found his nostrils. “It looks like a bunch of balloons or something.” His eyes darted around the large room, noticing the black, shiny sacks billowing up from every drain on the floor.

“Or giant trash least that's what they smell like,” Mandy wretched, making sure she was keeping her distance from any of the drains, though as the invading material grew, that would become a harder feat to accomplish.

“I think it's time for us to get out of here, now. We've already overstayed our welcome,” Robbie nodded, turning to the direction from which they had entered, only to see it gradually being obscured as two of the inflating bladders coming up through the drains began to meet and block off their escape. “Come on, we need to hurry! We're being cut off!” He screamed, making his way as close to Mandy as he could.

Once again glancing around the warehouse, Jaden saw no other means of escape; nothing other than the way they came in. Gritting his teeth, he prepared to do something he hoped he would not regret. “Right; wish me luck, I'm going to make a run for the door. I think I can squeeze past the ones blocking our way out,” he explained, taking off at a half-sprint to attempt to plow through the blockading bags.

“Jaden, don't! Those things smell terrible! I don't think it's a good idea to go near them!” Mandy called out to her friend, watching anxiously while he collided with the shiny, inflating sacks. At first, his progress seemed to be looking good; Jaden had pushed halfway through the smelly obstacles, but that was where his progress ended.

“Ngh...gruh...I'm...I'm stuck! These things are clinging to me! Get off...” Jaden grunted, pushing at the swelling black blobs and causing a plethora of squeaking sounds. It was as if they were made of plastic or latex, folding in on his advances to push them away, slowly but surely enveloping his form. Unlike a balloon or bag of any other type, these strange sacks were holding him in place once they made contact with him, making sure he was going nowhere ever again. “M-Mandy! Robbie! Help! I can't....mrrrrph! Hmmmph! Ummmfff....”

Robbie and Mandy watched in horror, frozen with fear at the sight of Jaden being smushed between the still-inflating mystery material until he could no longer been seen. His muffled cries and screams melded with the squeaking and popping his struggles were causing, making for quite the disturbing scene for them to witness. Stranger still, the two growing sacks seemed to morph into one, as if their surface tension fused together to make one large inflating bag. They would be able to see Jaden's features pressing out from inside the structure, meaning he was no longer outside of the expanding object, but inside it! Somehow, the nasty, inflating invader had absorbed him! His muffled screams of disgust and anguish could still be made out above the increased hissing sound filling the room. The two left in the warehouse realized they had just witnessed their future if they failed to find a way out.

“Robbie...what happened to Jaden? What did those things do to him?” Mandy cried out, nearly hysterical seeing as how she had just watched her friend get squashed by reeking, inflating blobs of some sort and somehow pressed inside as they merged into one object.

“I don't know, but we're going to find out if we don't get out of here, now! I'm going to look for a rear exit,” Robbie reported, dodging a few of the expanding, stinking horrors that threatened to fill the entire warehouse in little time at all.

“Robbie, don't leave me! I think I'm going to be sick...” Mandy whimpered, overwhelmed by what she had just seen, coupled with the oppressive odor attacking her. Panic set in quickly, the hissing of the inflating nightmare coming from every side, the black shroud growing closer and closer by the second. “Robbie? Are you alright?” She called out, having not heard from him for a moment.

“I'm still looking for...ack! Oh no no! Urgh, it's stuck to me! Mandy! You've got to get out here! Hurry, before it's too late! smells awful...” Robbie's message to his girlfriend was then interrupted by a torrent of crinkling and squeaking, she could only imagine caused by his increased struggles.

“” Mandy whimpered, shrieking suddenly when she felt something smooth and blubbery press against her, “Eep! No! Let me go, please!” She now knew what Jaden and Robbie were talking about when they described their experiences with being captured. The bizarre plastic/latex-like material felt like nothing more than an extra-durable garbage bag or balloon, but once it made contact with her, Mandy found that it seemed to stick to her body, folding over her form like tar or dough. The more she pressed against the advancing menace, the more it welcomed her into its mass. The sacks kept inflating, covering her more and more with each passing minute, the stench growing ever more offensive, offering no escape, and no way to shield her nose from the relentless scent thanks to her hands being occupied trying to peel the rubber-like bladders away. Soon, the creeping black mess had almost entirely filled the warehouse, Mandy finding herself almost completely covered in whatever it was that had her. Tears began to fall from her eyes, the setting sun bathing what little was left of the warehouse interior with a copper light. It would be the last thing she saw before her face joined the rest of her body being pressed between the inflating sacks, suffocating darkness consuming all, her very being finally pushed inside with a heavy “BLOOP!” With Mandy engulfed, there was nothing left of the inside of the warehouse but the dark shroud that had enveloped it.

The gigantic mass filling the interior quivered happily for a moment or so, a giggle heard resonating from somewhere inside, “Mmm, you three were yummy! And what a fun way to eat you!” Obviously, Trisha had enjoyed her methods quite a bit, her pride in herself swelling about as much as her body had. As fun as the hunt had been, it was time to return to a more normal form, the garbage girl letting the noxious sewer gas escape her body in a rather lewd-sounding manner. Any passers by would have thought someone inside was breaking wind so noisily that the windows were shaking from the stress of the added pressure. In reality, that was essentially what Trisha was doing: she was full of gas, so she was letting it out. The potent stench filling the room because of her methods only added to the effect. Once the gas was was mostly evacuated, Trisha was left in her humanoid form, sitting against one of the walls in the warehouse, nursing an exorbitantly rotund, distended stomach. There was almost nothing left of the three meals she had devoured, but she felt the desire to possess a large, corpulent midsection to dote over and remind her of the fun she had. The filling of her bulbous belly: a bit of what was left of her feast, but mostly some sewer gas she had yet to expel.

“Ah, all mine...yum yum yum,” Trisha snickered with a happy sigh, giving her bloated gut a few presses and squeezes. Her lining had quite a bit of give thanks to the gas inside of it, giving the impression of a large, squishy orb resting atop her relaxing form. A quick slap caused it to wobble back and forth comically, getting a laugh out of the playful garbage girl. “Urrap! Oof...'scuse me,” she giggled, letting some more of the gas escape her body by way of a hearty belch, “After a quick nap, I think I might have to go back and explore that sewer for a bit. It was so dark and stinky...perfect for a girl like me!” With her meal completed and mostly digested, Trisha needed to conserve the energy she had gained and rest, opting to do so in the garbage bag form of which she had become quite fond. If anyone else were to enter the abandoned warehouse to investigate what had just happened, they would find nothing more that a single, potently-stinking trash bag resting in one of the corners...and it would be the last discovery they ever made.

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Posted by ALAMOS123 2 weeks ago Report

can we do an rp with my character encountering trisha?


Posted by LoneCatboy 2 weeks ago Report

Sorry, but I do do not RP any longer.


Posted by ALAMOS123 2 weeks ago Report

thats cool