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“I know it’s hard accepting someone new into your life, sugar.” The mossy-green lemur smiled warmly at the boy before her. She clasped her nearly-black fingers together and held them infront of her impressive bosom. “But I wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing a fantastic job. Your father and I have seen improvements in your behavior as of late. So I’ve decided to make you dinner!”
Meanwhile, John sat idly in his chair. His headphones had been set on his desk and he had turned himself towards her. He listened with a smile on his face - this woman definitely filled the mother-figure hole in his life. He swiped the can of soda up and took a huge swig. Upon mentioning dinner, he matched her excitement. “That sounds great! Did you have anything in mind?” He asked.
John blinked, clearly bewildered by her answer. He let out a confused and awkward laugh before rubbing the back of his neck. “That’s great! I’m sorry. That’s funny. But I was leaning more towards pizza or something like that?” He wasn’t sure why he was starting to blush, and he hoped that she wouldn’t notice. She did. A delighted giggle escaped her delicate maw. Amelia’s nose crinkled and she grinned widely at her stepson.
”You’re so silly! I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear baby. I’ve decided to make you dinner. My dinner.” She patted her soft belly through her dark blue v neck. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while and it just sounds like a good idea.”
John was startled, to say the least. He pushed himself back in his computer chair and gripped the arms of it. Emelia stepped forward, clasping her hands over her large bosom. “But! If you don’t want to get eaten, then there’s something else you can do!” The large lemur offered.
The boy blinked and looked towards the door, almost considering making a break for it. She blocked his view, and his gaze went up to hers. John swallowed hard and offered his step-mom a lopsided smile. “...H-Haha- okay. I uh- what is it?”
He then turned his chair, following his mother’s actions. She plopped herself down on the edge of his bed, and wiggled her socked feet. John blinked, clearly confused, his gaze then lowering to her flailing appendages. “...Uh-” He found himself at a loss for words. He hated that there was a blush rising to his cheeks.
“I want you, to come worship my feet!” The forest green lemur giggled, leaning back against the covers. “Come take my socks off, and worship my feet. If you’re a good little boy, maybe mommy will give you a foot job~”
A hard throb shot up John’s cock. He exhaled shakily and hid half of his face with his hand. This was wrong- right? Where was his dad? His sister? “...Are we the only ones home?” He asked, looking towards his step mother again. She nodded and gave him a warm smile. She curled a dark finger towards herself in a ‘come hither’ motion. He wet his lips and looked towards the door again. He pushed himself up out of his chair, went to it, and then shut it. The lock even clicked- little did he know that he had just sealed his fate.
John kneeled before her pulling each white sock down slowly. He tossed them to the side and took her slender left paw into his hands. His fingers rolled over the leathery footpads, practically drinking every little detail. Her feet were warm to the touch, and her fur was contrastingly soft compared to her soles. He took notice of the green webbing between her toes. She wiggled them teasingly infront of his face, making sure to curl her toes slowly and dramatically. The boy’s cheeks tingled with heat as he gazed slowly up at her. However, something else was grabbing his attention.
A bulge was beginning to form under her skirt. Was it a bulge? Or was it just his imagination? Either way, he leaned in and pressed a kiss to the balls of her feet. Amelia giggled and put a delicate paw up to her lips. She smiled down at him, her tail curling slowly to the side. “Awh! So sweet! Why don’t you clean my cute little feet hm?” The lemur leaned back a little, showing off the bulge between her legs again.
He nodded, getting up to stand. A strong paw clapped down on his shoulder, and made him kneel before her a second time. “Nah ah ah!” His step mother scolded, wagging her finger as if he were a child. “Why don’t you clean my cute little feet with your tongue hm?” He frowned and gazed to the side, not entirely enjoying being called out like this. John scooted forward and gently took her ankle.
He pulled it back and gazed at her sole, studying every crease within her cute pawpads. Her webbed toes wiggled, and then booped him on the nose. John responded by popping the toe in his mouth, and giving it a gentle suckle. His eyes shut tight as he revelled in the taste of her feet. He released the toe and lathered the rest of them in his spit. He loved the way the folds felt against the tip of his tongue. A moan left him as he took hold of her foot. Her toes spread apart and wiggled before his very eyes.
Another kiss, and another kiss. Amelia giggled and lifted her leg. John was able to peek underneath her white skirt. A bulge could be seen- was that…? Her other foot suddenly squished against his face. He exhaled sharply and turned, pressing a kiss to her sole. Gentle fingers ran over her ankle and over the top of her foot. Toes wiggled once more, and it brought a shy smile to John’s face. Amelia pressed her pawpads to his lips, letting the folds rub against them. Another moan, another throb. He swore he could see something throb underneath her skirt.
“Distracted, are we?” His step mother cooed. Her nimble fingers took the hem of her skirt, and lifted it up. John’s eyes widened as he saw a massive cock- starting to get hard. It throbbed gently as he continued to stare. “You like this more then my cute little toesies?” She giggled, swaying her equally-large balls. He swore he could not only see, but hear the cum sloshing within. A hard blush began to rosy his cheeks, and he looked to the side. “I uh…” He began quietly.
“Don’t be afraid, Baby. Go on and touch Mommy.” Amelia smiled and lifted her cock. She pumped herself slowly, sighing in delight as her balls papped against the floor. He was speechless- he was now gazing upon her glory, enamoured by how it still grew. Slowly but surely he scooted forward. He took her cock in both hands, and pressed his lips against her shaft. He felt her throb, and another sigh left her. “There we go baby, just like that.”
John nodded, looking up towards Amelia as she combed her fingers through his hair. He ran his tongue up her member, and kissed the tip. A salty bead of pre smeared against his tongue. His heart was pounding in his chest- he swore he was going deaf by the way it made his ears pulse. He tilted her cock upwards and found himself mesmerized by the tip. His tongue swirled around it gently, even managing to dip inside.
A delighted squeak left the small lemur as he licked within her tight walls. He could taste the pre that was starting to slide up to her head. Amelia moaned and leaned back, taking one of her breasts in her hand. She began to pinch her nipple as she watched her stepson worship her. A smirk suddenly flashed over face and she pressed her toes against his bulge. John shivered and pressed up into her touch. Yes- yes- yes… He wanted more.
He was distracted by the toes that were kneading his cock. His eyelids fluttered as he focused on the way her feet rubbed him back and forth. He shifted his pants and boxers down, moaning aloud as he felt her warm soles against him. Amelia squeezed her feet together and let him thrust up between them. Little did he know that her own cock was throbbing just as hard.
His eyes suddenly opened as he felt a warmth over his face. His eyebrows raised in shock as he saw her urethra pulse around his nose. He tried to pull back, but a powerful throb sucked his face in even more. He quickly took hold of her cock and tried to shake his head, but it was of no use. Amelia had her step-son in her grasp, and she wasn’t going to let him go anytime soon.
“Mmn!!! MM-MM!” Came from John as he pushed his feet against her swollen balls. How was she so strong?! There was no way he was being swallowed by a cock! His ears reddened as he heard a loud ‘shlick’. Heat flooded his head as he was sucked down in deeper. Amelia reached down and rubbed her cock, smiling as she watched it pulse and gulp him down more.
It took a moment or two, but John was finally swallowed up to his hips. The lemur huffed as she lifted her boy-filled cock, and let gravity help her even further. On the inside, John’s vision was completely obscured. The walls around him were tight and slippery, and his mouth and nose were filled with cum. Amelia jerked her cock with both hands, watching with lidded eyes as the bulge that was her step-son slither down into her.
John could hear her moan, despite being within her meaty cock. He wiggled to and fro, despite knowing that it was absolutely useless. His own cock rubbed against the inside of her heat, threatening to bring him to his peak. His brain was conflicted- he was overwhelmed with both pleasure and fear. What was going to happen to him? Would she ever let him out? He coughed hard as a final throb shot him down into her balls. A loud slosh could be heard as he fell into her cauldron of cum. He felt around, desperate to find some sort of escape. Nothing. ...There was nothing.
His step mother licked her lips and kept her cock lifted upwards. Her smirk evolved into a grin as she watched the bulge squirm within her. Oh yeah. That felt nice. Her feet kneaded against the struggling boy, making sure every one of her toes pressed against his skin. John moaned aloud as he was squished around within her thick sack. His cock continuously rubbed against her hot walls. So close, so close, so close. The warmth within his core became overwhelming. His hips jerked forward, and he released his own seed within his step-mother’s balls.
Amelia moaned with him as she watched him buck within her. The idea of their cum mixing within her shot a powerful throb down her massive cock. “,” She whispered to herself. “There we go baby… Don’t forget. Mommy loves you so much…”
John squeezed his eyes shut as his heart pulsed in his throat. “W...Will you let me out?” He asked, trying to raise his voice incase she couldn’t hear him. Amelia put a finger to her lips as she pressed her feet against her sack. She did hear him- she just wasn’t going to answer. Instead, she continued to pump her hard cock with both hands. He wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
He didn’t hear a reply.
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