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“Ah! My child! I am so glad that you decided to stay with me!” Toriel beamed towards John. The unfortunate boy had wound up in the Underground, and the beloved goat mom stumbled across him. However, when he held her hand and walked behind her, he swore he could see big, white, fuzzy balls swaying underneath her dress. His curiosity remained silent as his now adopted mother continued. “We will have a delicious treat of Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie when we get upstairs!” She offered her hand as always, which John excitedly took.
The hallway around them was dreadfully quiet and cold. It was so different than the mammal beside him. No! This wasn’t what he wanted! He wanted to explore the Ruins! He wanted to see the world! John looked towards his hand and tugged it free, much to Toriel’s surprise. Despite the large, furry balls of temptation, he found himself sprinting to the end of the corridor. He skid to a stop, and booked it to the left.
The doors were horribly heavy. He used all of his strength to push one open, while he heard the clopping of hooves behind him. John glanced over his shoulder to see his Goat Mom turn the corner. The dress swayed upwards, revealing a gorgeous snow-white cock, and matching balls. He blinked in surprise before escaping out into the cold.
“My child!” Toriel called to him, her arm outstretched at one final attempt to plead to her adopted. The door slammed shut, leaving her behind. The human pressed himself back against the metal doors. His heart was violently thumping from the mere sight of his step-mom’s juicy cock. He shook his head and pulled his beanie down over his ears. It was dreadfully cold, the tip of his nose was freezing, and he could see his breath.
He readjusted his jacket and hunched his shoulders forward. John glanced back at the door one last time before trudging on. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but he knew he needed to get home. Home home. Not… a fake home.
Warmth came to him in a bath of bright light. Grillby’s cozy interior brought a crowd in from all around, John included. He had collected a few spare coins on his shenanigans towards the city. He figured that he could get an energizing meal before moving on. He chuckled to himself as the dogs to his left played poker. The big pup seemed like he was winning, despite his blank stare. Even his boots creaked against the old wood floor.
It might have been his first time in Grillby’s, but it already felt like home. John pulled himself up on one of the barstools and read the menu hanging on the wall. He ordered a Diner’s Special, consisting of a Big Burger, a Mega Soda, and A Tonne of Fries. He waited patiently after he paid, leaning gently against the bar. His hand went to his stomach and he sighed softly. He was far more hungry than he thought. Time passed by quickly. Apparently staring at dogs playing poker made the day go by faster. Who knew?
His food was presented to him. It was steaming hot, and fresh off the grill. John’s mouth flooded with saliva, but he resisted the temptation to dig in. It was too hot anyways. So instead, he leaned against his fist and continued to Monster-watch. He picked at a fry or two, and found them to be totally delicious! Yet— the moment he looked down, the door jingled. The human finished wiping the soda spill from his pants and glanced back up. A familiar, white, furry face was at the other side of the bar.
John’s eyes widened and he scrambled off his bar stool. “H-hey!” He whisper-called to Grillby. The fire-man’s attention went towards the desperate human. “My meal is for her!” He pointed towards Toriel. Grillby cocked an eyebrow before calling her over. But when the two looked over, John was gone. She was incredibly flattered that someone would pay for a whole dinner, and just for her!
He watched as his step mom sashayed over to his seat. She sat herself down and spread her legs, letting her soft cock flop down between her legs. John found himself staring at his mother’s family jewels, before hiding in the men’s bathroom. The only two exits were on the other side of the building. ...Which was a horrible safety hazard despite Grillby being on fire. He locked himself in one of the stalls and pulled his legs up on the seat.
Think John, think! He could always wait it out. Toriel would finish her dinner eventually, but when? It would look weird if he kept peeking out of the door. Surely she’d find him! John rubbed his temples as he desperately tried to hatch some sort of plan. He couldn’t run past her- the dogs would catch him. The boy thought of a million and one plans, and each of them ended up with him being caught. Except one.
Waiting it out.
So he did. John remained in the bathroom, loitering within the third stall. A myriad of monsters and who knows what used stall after stall. His eyelids grew heavy. He irritatedly sat up and tried to keep himself awake. This was his one way to escape! He needed to be as sharp as a tack for this to work! Yet, his eyelids were heavy. A snort left his nose. He could do this. A five minute nap wouldn’t hurt.
He woke up what he assumed to be about five or so minutes later. Little did he know that a certain monster had come into the men’s room to pick at her teeth. John scrambled to sit up properly on the toilet, and he let out an involuntary squeak. Toriel was studying her maw in the mirror. The dinner was super yummy, but it was making her stomach gurgle. She wasn’t too used to greasy food, but she loved it! Her long, cow-like ears flickered at the squeak.
Surely that was nothing. Nobody else was here. A dainty claw plucked a strand of lettuce from between her molars. There. Now that was better! Meanwhile, in the stall, John was scrambling to hide himself completely. Sadly enough, this ended up with him slipping and falling onto the floor. The boy let out a cry of pain, which made Toriel ask aloud, “Oh my goodness! Are you alright?!” She shuffled over towards the stall door and jingled the lock.
He held his breath and positioned himself upright. “I’m okay!” He answered, swiping a hand through his hair. The silence that dwelled between them was heavy. The door was then yanked open, and his Goat Mom stood before him, her hands on her hips.“My child!” Toriel scolded, walking into the stall with him. She expertly locked the door and helped him to his feet. John blushed horribly as he was pulled close, his face pressing tight into her breasts. He could feel her hard nipples pressing against his cheeks. There was little room, and her moving around wasn’t making this situation any better.
A tender gasp left the large woman as John moved his face to the side. What in the world was that wetness? And why was it warm? “Oh my child,” Toriel murmured to the one within her clutches. Two thick arms had wrapped around him and molded his body to hers. He wriggled from side to side, turning this way and that, in a futile attempt to free himself. “You must be starving. Look at how thin you are,” She continued to murmur.
“N-No, I’m alright- I…” John frowned and tried to pull his hands free. Toriel took a hold of his wrists, and pulled her dress up above her large breasts. Her pink nippled had hardened completely, knowing full well that she was about to breastfeed her young one. He blushed horribly as he was yanked close, a tender rosey bud rolling over his tongue. He pulled his hands free and tried to push himself back- but he was held closer once again.
Warm, creamy, goat milk squirted from her soft tits. He was forced to swallow, and found himself enamored by the taste. His cock hardened quickly against his thigh. John’s cheeks burned even further as he realized just how horribly this turned him on. Toriel quickly noticed the pressure against her jiggly inner thigh. She glanced down, running her fingers through his hair and squishing him further against her breast. He swallowed squirt after delicious squirt-- he ...almost wanted more.
“My child…?” The goat mom cooed, her knee brushing against his inner thigh. “Are you getting aroused? From your mommy?” John tensed at that, a violent throb shooting down his cock. He shook his head, but was clearly distracted by the way her hard nipple pressed against the roof of his mouth. She grabbed one of his hands and stuffed it against her tits. He instinctively groped her, and was quickly rewarded with a moan. In return, she received another hard throb. “What’s this? Is Mommy’s milk making my little boy hard?”
John responded with a defeated groan. Furry paws shimmied his pants down, and grabbed his cock. Her pawpads were hot and wet from the hand washing moments ago. He pulled back and gasped in, white trails of milk trickling down his lips and his cheeks. Toriel gazed down at him with loving red eyes as she started to pump his dick. His hips bucked forward instinctively, and he gasped into her large breasts. His cheek squished against her tit, which squirted some milk out over his face. He didn’t mind. This felt incredible.
But it was so taboo. This was so wrong. He didn’t want this. Toriel was his ‘adopted’ mom. He didn’t want this. He didn’t-- John moaned and continued to thrust into her hand. “That’s it baby,” She soothed, encouraging her little one to go faster and faster. “That’s it. Now then- Mommy’s going to do something very special, okay?”
The human blinked, not entirely sure as to what was happening. John’s senses were filled with the scent of fur and milk, the creaminess in his mouth- the way her pawpads squished against his hard dick-- He gasped in loudly. That was an entirely new sensation. He looked down, and watched as Toriel lead his throbbing cock to her folds. She had already pressed him in slightly, and she was letting him subconsciously do the rest.
His tip pierced her soft sex, and John groaned loudly into her chest. She pulled his head back and pressed him against her breast again, forcing him to suckle her. He obliged-- reluctantly-- and tried to thrust up into her as easily as he could. It didn’t take long for his entire cock to be buried inside of her. He whimpered into her fur and nuzzled in close, trying his best to chase his own orgasm. A sudden weight was against his hips. What in the world was that?
John looked downwards, and saw Toriel’s cock hardening from the penetration. When did she have a dick? A violent throb shot up into her sex as he took a hold of her big cock. He pumped it as he fucked her, absolutely loving the way it pulsed and grew from his touches. His eyes squeezed shut, yet he could feel her massive balls swelling too. “Ohhh… my child,” Toriel moaned down towards him. Her juices began to dribble down his length and over her fat thighs.
Apparently he wasn’t going fast enough- John was shoved back against the ground, and she plopped down right on his cock. He barely had time to recover before her plump ass slammed down on her hips.He scramble to push himself up, but was forcibly shoved down every time she thrusted. He could feel her huge balls squishing against the inside of his legs, and her cock was leaking a healthy amount of pre. He wiped his hands off on his shirt the best he could, and gripped her fat ass.
Her rear jiggled with every thrust, and he marveled at the beautiful white for before him. Her tail was even raised, and he could see her cute, pink, puckering tail hole. It was wonderful, seeing his step-mother’s sex squirting from riding his cock. A deep pulse began in his stomach. A hard warmth was building in his stomach. He was going to cum, and soon.
John covered his face and hopelessly threw his head back. He rested it against the bathroom floor and covered his eyes, feeling himself get closer and closer and closer. Toriel seemed to be enjoying herself. Pre was oozing down the boy’s leg, and her pussy was starting to clench around his length. A defeating groan left him as he reached his pique. Her eyes sparkled as she heard his whimpers, and she moaned right along with him. She loved the way his cum filled up her pussy.
She clenched her walls and pulled up, making sure to ‘suck’ every drop of cum off of his cock. Toriel leaned forward and showed him her freshly fucked hole. John slowly moved his hands from his face and gazed over towards her. A pained grunt left him as his body throbbed, seeing his cum spill over her pink folds. Her furry, white, balls hung loosely between her thick thighs. They were huge- and no doubtably, filled with cum. She stood herself up and licked her lips, smiling down at the spent kid on the floor.
“Do you feel good, My Child?” She asked, reaching down and taking a hold of John’s foot. He nodded, not even acknowledging the fact that she was pulling him up. “Good,” Toriel cooed as she untied his shoe and tossed it to the side. Her thick fingers hooked underneath his sock, and discarded it as well. His other leg received the same treatment. He didn’t even process the fact that she was undressing him. The poor boy was trying to recover from such a powerful climax.
“Y...Y-Yeah,” Was finally breathed out from the tired young man.
“Yeah?” Toriel put a hand to her hip, holding his ankles with one hand.
“Yes Ma’am-” He corrected, finally looking up to her.
An eyebrow cocked upwards as he finally saw what she was doing. Her cock was as hard as it could be, and a healthy stream of pre was leaking onto the floor. “...M-Mom?”
Toriel smiled and clasped his feet together. She lifted her heavy cock with one hand, and relaxed herself. Miraculously, his toes easily slipped into her urethra. ...Much to his horror. John blinked and shook his head, wiggling his toes to see if this was a dream or not.
She moaned from the wonderful stimulation. This made her cock walls throb and suck him in. “W-Wait what?!” He breathed out, trying to pull himself back. Toriel was at a loss for words. Now that her big cock got a hold of him, she knew that he wouldn’t escape. She was busy stroking her throbbing dick, and sucking her step son up inside. He squirmed and cried out, kicking his legs this way and that. There was no way this was happening! There was no way!
He then realized that he never thought that he’d fuck his step mom-- but that happened. John blushed horribly as he heard the delicious squelching noise that slicked from her cock. She had already swallowed up to his knees, and his back was starting to arch up off the floor. It was a painful position, but at least he got to see the way Toriel stared at the bulge in her length- the bulge that her baby was making. She moaned at the thought and bucked forward, grabbing John by the arm.
His eyes widened as he was pulled up, and her cock lifted with it. Toriel hugged around her pounding cock, letting gravity do the work for him. Half of him was now tucked away inside her tight length. He stared as the bulge that was his still-squirming legs traveled down her slick, pink, cock at a snail’s pace. His hands were then forced to his sides, and his hands were tucked inside of her pulsing tip.
Toriel leaned in and kissed John-- gently at first. He found himself leaning into the affection, almost as if he were pleading for her to let him go. This ended up distracting the poor boy, as his hands and forearms were pushed down inside. Her soft, dog-like tongue slipped past his lips and into his mouth. This wasn’t the kind of kiss he was expecting.
Toriel plopped down on the bathroom floor and leaned her cock towards her again. Her tongue slipped past his throat and down into his esophagus. She moaned as she worked her lips against his, making sure to swirl around within his gullet. John’s cock hardened within his step mom, he shamefully squeezed his eyes shut. Slowly but surely he was sucked lower and lower and lower into her pink cock.
Her tongue finally left his mouth as his neck was swallowed up. John’s eyes fluttered as he tried to recover from this latest action. He wriggled his shoulders to and fro, before feeling his toes press against a tight sphincter. What in the world was that? As he glanced downwards, he was able to see her meaty walls throb around him, pulling him into her cock. His vision then went black, and her tip closed around the top of his head.
John tried to twist around- to struggle- to do anything, but it was of no use. He could hear the throbbing of her cock around him, and the happy moans from his step mom. A hard pressure was suddenly felt around him as Toriel began to jack herself off. She watched as her step son slid down slowly into her cock. Now she would be able to take him back home.
His toes were then shoved into a tight sack- a tight sack filled with a thick, gooey substance. Toriel’s hips bucked forwards as she felt him enter her swollen balls. A moan left her as she started stroking faster and faster. John held his breath as he was kneaded down into his step mom’s furry sack. With a violent throb, His head was finally squeezed through that very same sphincter from before. His world was pitch black, yet he knew exactly where he was. John couldn’t get a proper footing, and slipped around within her.
Toriel breathed in deeply and held her cock upwards, watching him squirm. She was softening, thanks to finally having enveloping her son. As she softened, her balls began to pull up against her. She was careful as she pulled her blue dress over her head. Her nipples had put wet patches on the beautiful fabric, but she didn’t mind. She stepped out of the stall and checked herself in the mirror.
Her balls swayed between her legs, gently kneading the boy within. They were big enough to hold him safely, but also tight enough to hide under her dress. Toriel nodded, huffed, and brushed her hands off on her chest. She swayed her hips side to side, gently rolling her prey inside. John held his breath again as the cum covered him in waves of warmth. Once she stopped swaying, he was able to breathe again. It was warm, and delightfully snug, much to his dismay.
His world then began to move as she walked. John was able to faintly hear the inside of the bar. Toriel greeted and thanked many customers before leaving. The last thing he would hear, would be the tender ringing of the bell, signaling that she was gone.
They were going back home.
Whether he liked it or not.
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loving motherly predators always was my cryptonite, just so damn heart warming and sweet!

Toriel is, and forever shall remain, among my favorite motherly figures in video games.