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By the Fire (Part 2) - Mini Animation By CakeInferno -- Report

Uploaded: 2 years ago

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And the follow up from last month's animation loop. Looks like Zoe was busy all night delivering noms left and right! I personally like the thought of the viewer having gone fishing with her all night and she gobbled up all the catch, but it's fairly ambiguous, so you can make up your own theory! <:

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Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 2 years ago Report

this is pretty hot


Posted by TheDarkStar 2 years ago Report

CakeInferno makes some of the best 3d vore animations out there. This looks so incredible.


Posted by KraGo 1 year ago Report



Posted by CarnivorousVixen 2 years ago Report

Excellent and sexy as always~


Posted by Badfurson 2 years ago Report

I'm a great fan of the three separate bulges-an' the squish, of course!


Posted by Ignoreme79 2 years ago Report

Those are some big fish!


Posted by Foxgut 2 years ago Report

Lovely work, as always.


Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report

So adorable the way she burps!
I definitely have a huge art-crush on her. -w-

My goal for the upcoming months is to get some extra cash to support ya and one day make it onto the credits list at the end of a precious Zoe video. >w<


Posted by MaskedSinner 2 years ago Report

Oh... Some sound over this would be so delightful, regardless amazing work as usual, Cake. Can't wait for your next video.


Posted by MaskedSinner 2 years ago Report

I am very sorry about the multiple comments there seens to be a malfunction, i will fix the damage done as soon as possible.


Posted by MarkTheW0lf 2 years ago Report

Great work


Posted by Kartomic 2 years ago Report

I'm such a big fan of how animated her stomach is, and how aggressive she is when she squishes it. Always such a treat to see stuff from you. <3


Posted by Kirbster231 2 years ago Report

id love to take zoe on a fishing trip now that you bring it up xD


Posted by Dragonjaj 2 years ago Report

I wounder what its like inside


Posted by testuser 2 years ago Report

Good stuff as always cake, and good to see zoe being a cute nommer again.

I'm a little curious now, will we ever see digestion from you, Like a shrinking belly?


Posted by Sunkissedlover 2 years ago Report

I love your videos so much.


Posted by MirceaKitsune 2 years ago Report

So beautiful and gorgeous! Those bulges are getting better and better ^_^


Posted by Ratchet 2 years ago Report

Nice work mate


Posted by moonlightshy 2 years ago Report

must suck being tightly cramped, slapped and squished in there


Posted by TyronneVB 2 years ago Report

Awesome, sexy and beautiful belly, i want be inside her too


Posted by kernac 2 years ago Report

Very nice~


Posted by thespyfurry69 2 years ago Report

I wish there was sound


Posted by StormyRange 2 years ago Report

Woah amazin O:


Posted by orca13 2 years ago Report

Super hot!!!!!!!


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 1 year ago Report

Mf-f, Gosh, Zoe is such a hawt pred! Wish there was more stuff with her! :3


Posted by EmmE 1 year ago Report

Your belly animations are always so beautiful!


Posted by Seblennon 9 months ago Report

She is truly sexy