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The Buttsnack Formerly Known as a Prince By ItsSongxing -- Report

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“A-Akira...?” Kaishi gasped out as his black-and-blue-haired friend pulled off of his cock. Aching and drooling with precum, he was denied release just at the final critical moment. With chest-heaving breaths, he watched his friend slide forward over his body, until his cheeks pressed against Kaishi’s feet. “What are...”

Akira said nothing. He only reached behind himself, and pushed Kaishi’s feet together, before...


“Mmf!” Akira grunted as he felt those feet breach his rear hole.

“A-Akira?!” Kaishi could feel the warm, tight confines around his feet. He even felt his precum lubricating their entry. Immediately, he could tell something was wrong. “Hey, answer me! What are you doing?!”

“Just something I should have done long ago...
my dear friend.”

Kaishi tried to sit himself up and push his way out, but by the time he managed that, his legs were all the way in, and his hips were quickly following. “Akira! Stop this!” He placed his hands on those cheeks and pushed all the same, but before long, he was forced on his back again, as that fat bottom sucked in his hips. “W-We’re friends! We’ve been together since childhood! Please, stop!”


Deeper yet Kaishi was pulled, and his hands slipped into that tight hole awaiting him. “Akira, for the love of the gods, stop!” Akira’s ass sucked him in past his belly-button. “What did I do?! I-I promise I’ll stop doing it!” Up to his ribs. “Just—Please!” Past his nipples! “Stop!” Past his shoulders! “L-Let me out!”

“You’ve been such a dead weight to my business. I’ve lost so much money because your clients just never seem to pay. You’re the only one I consistently have this problem with. Quite frankly, I can’t keep you around if I expect to make a profit. Perhaps...” Akira turned back towards his friend. “...You’ve actually been pocketing payments? What, bounty hunting isn’t enough for you, on top of your slice of the treasury? How many taxes have I paid for you to keep for yourself, hmm...?”

“I-I’ll give everything back and more!” Kaishi pleaded. “I’ll pay back everything! I’ll give you tax exemption! I’ll give you anything I can give, just...Just...Please, not this!”

Kaishi’s words were met with a hand clasping onto his scalp. Then, Akira turned away. “Then give me your tears as you die.”


Schlrk~! “Mmmmm~”

In went the head. The screaming stopped; or at least, it was so muffled through the walls of Akira’s insides that he couldn’t hear it. And now, all that was left was Kaishi’s hair. Hanging out of his rear end like a tail, Akira spread his legs and dipped his rear end down as low as he could go, resting on his stomach to let his butt finish the job. Slurp, slrrrrp~ The hair vanished into that pucker as the rest of the prince before it, and so the hours-long journey through Akira’s guts began. And thus, Akira rolled himself onto his back, and brought his hands to his cock. Gripping the precum-covered shaft, he stroked and stroked himself to the sensation of his once long-time friend winding through his intestines...

For Kaishi, it was hours of agony. His body forced to twist this way and that, as he was slowly, yet forcefully dragged through those meters of hot, smelly tube of meat. He could feel Akira’s villi rubbing against him, pulling him in, stroking him, trying to digest what they could...His blue-balled cock was forced against his body, and the stimulation from the villi did nothing to soften him, but not enough to grant him release.

But Takamuko was getting plenty. Load after load of thick, hot cum spurted from his cock as he stroked and stroked, making a puddle below him. “H-Haah...You f-feel so good in there! You’re m-making me ruin this beautiful dress...~” Akira teased.

It was a while before Kaishi’s feet entered that eager stomach, and the rest of him followed in short order. When he realized that he could at least move somewhat freely again, he took advantage of it, pushing and punching at the walls that contained him. “Akira!” Kaishi cried, before coughing and hacking on the acrid air within that stomach. “Please...! It burns in here!”

Akira’s hands only moved faster on his cock, making sure to slosh his stomach. That, at least, would keep Kaishi from being able to put up a fight.

“Are you masturbating?!” Kaishi screamed as he realized that rhythm of that sloshing. “What is wrong with you, Akira?”

“Just t-trying to enjoy my f-food! Now shut up!” Akira removed one of his hands from his cock, to punch the bulge that was formerly a prince. “And digest!”

Unfortunately for Akira, Kaishi didn’t shut up. Yet more unfortunate for Kaishi; the blow didn’t knock him out. As those sloshing, splashing acids worked their way into his supple skin and started to eat through, he started to scream and cry and sob; pleading for life with what little air was left in that stomach. But, as Kaishi became more and more liquid, burned more and more by the acids, his bones laid bare by flesh rended from them, the air became less and less breathable than it already had been. The continuous blows from the one he considered his closest friend did little to make him feel better.

“Feeling...Faint...” Kaishi mumbled. Another punch from Akira; but by this point, he was so melted and soft that it hardly did anything besides shake that acid-filled chamber more. It wasn’t much longer before Kaishi finally collapsed, plunging into that pool of acid.

The pool of cum at Akira’s legs grew as he felt the remains of Kaishi draining back into his intestines for processing. It’s at this point that Kaishi started to become fat; and oh, did Akira enjoy watching his thighs stretch their stockings and snap them, the feeling of his hips stretching wider and wider until his panties snapped. “Nnh~! So...Good~!” Akira continued to moan, feeling all that gooey mass pushing through him, becoming smaller and smaller, his round, sloshy belly soon becoming a paunchy gut.

One last orgasm painted the door white, before Akira felt a pressure at his back door. “Haa...How many h-hours has it been, and you finally want out? Heh...Alright.~”

Nobody except Akira would know what quite happened to Kaishi, but King Fuyusuke and Queen Ami vanished not long after. Of course, the whole royal family was sent to the sewers; starting with the buttsnack formerly known as the Prince~


It was about time for my boy Takamuko to get some proper vore art, but couldn't think of anyone for him to eat besides Kaishi himself! So...Here we are~ Betrayal is hot, isn't it~?

This was done by the talented  Zaou! They're an exceptional artist with a real knack for drawing fat in a stylized way that really makes you feel how soft they are~

So yeah! Not much else to say about this one. Figured it was hot to show Kaishi as the prey through no other means than his hair. He's so proud of it, after all~

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Posted by Lurio4231 1 year ago Report

This is amazing. The picture combined with the story makes this easily one of my top favorites on this site!

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Posted by ItsSongxing 1 year ago Report

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed both the image and the little story attached~

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Posted by Attilan 1 year ago Report

Oh so when my char noms kaish or taka its evil but they are allowed to betroy nom each other huh?

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Posted by ItsSongxing 1 year ago Report


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Posted by Attilan 1 year ago Report


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Posted by ItsSongxing 1 year ago Report

It's totally fair!

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